How to use "harangue" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "harangue" in popular movie and book plots

  • Unimpressed, Karl continues to harangue him for his inadequacies.  - Stretch (2014 film)
  • This, along with a daily harangue from the cantankerous Sam, forces Molly to finally pack a bag and go to son Joel's home, which sets the stage for the family to fight through this bump in the road and get life back on track.  - A Fish in the Bathtub
  • The other adults in the village harangue Na'i about taking Bashu in, often deriding his dark skin and different language, and making comments about washing the dark off of his skin.  - Bashu, the Little Stranger
  • Tewke begins praising Bradford's sermon, leading the latter to resume his harangue against the evils of the world, with which the older man concurs.  - Merry Mount (opera)
  • Brun storms down to Esmay's quarters to harangue her, accusing Esmay of not wanting to do the field exercise with her and getting her forbidden; Esmay is more than willing to reciprocate as she has learned of Brun's attempts to woo Barin away from Esmay.  - Rules of Engagement (Elizabeth Moon novel)
  • In Ithaca, Jerry's assistant invites the pilot to his comedy routine, then warns Jerry not to be nervous about it, which makes Jerry extremely nervous, causing him to perform poorly, leading the officious assistant to harangue the pilot.  - The Diplomat's Club
  • Incredulous and overwhelmed with fury, he loses interest in reconciliation; Diane's self-empowering harangue is sharply interrupted by Steve slapping her across the face.  - Lunch at the Gotham Café
  • He is eventually dragged off stage by six officials, but he somehow manages to escape and returns to briefly continue his harangue before being dragged off again.  - Demons (Dostoyevsky novel)
  • After several misadventures, and escaping from Pontius Pilate, Brian winds up in a line-up of would-be mystics and prophets who harangue the passing crowd in a plaza.  - Monty Python's Life of Brian

Example sentences for "harangue" in interesting articles

  • There’s your choice: constantly risk clicking on dangerous malware, or live under an overpass, leaving notes on the lawn of your former house telling your children you love them and miss them.Security and privacy experts harangue the public about metadata and networked sharing, but keeping track of these things is about as natural as doing blood panels on yourself every morning, and about as easy.  - Everything Is Broken (2014)
  • Ergo, your attempts at disinformation here will fail. Your standard method of operation is to harangue with drivel until people get tired of you.  - Why I decided not to enter the $100k global warming time-series challenge
  • And when city commissioners gathered to hash out North Port’s annual budget, Fritz—a tall, lean man with chiseled features and dark hair, to judge by a video of the meeting—sat through hours of tedious discussion for a chance to harangue the elected leaders about a proposed recession-year tax hike.When I ran Fritz’s name through a database of Florida incorporations, I found that the auto-parts firm wasn’t the only business he had ties to.  - The contested papyrus “The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”

Meaning of "harangue" in English

  • a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion
  • deliver a harangue to; address forcefully

Meaning of "harangue" in Hindi

  • वर्णन ( Varnan, warnan)
  • वाक्य ( Vaky, vaaky, waky)
  • उग्र भाषण
  • वक्तृता ( Vaktrita, vaktritaa, waktrita)
  • भाषण ( Bhashan, bhaashan)
  • प्रभावशाली भाषण ( Prabhavashali bhashan, prabhaavashaalee bhaashan, prabhawashali bhashan)
  • आवेशपूर्ण ( Aaveshapurn, aaveshapoorn, aaweshapurn)
  • उग्र भाषण ( Ugr bhashan, ugr bhaashan)
  • उच्च भाषण ( Uchch bhashan, uchch bhaashan)
  • उग्र भाषण देना ( Ugr bhashan dena, ugr bhaashan denaa)

Synonyms of "harangue"

  • ranting
  • rant

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