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Example sentences for "hieroglyphics" in popular movie and book plots

  • In the dilapidated warehouse where she lives there are hundreds of books and papers that she brings from her walks through the city libraries, all of them with apocalyptic themes, Romanesque paintings books, books of Masons, witchcraft, alchemy, notes of prophets and seers, oriental writings, Aztec and African art, reproductions of paintings from ancient times, Greek mythology or Egyptian hieroglyphics studies.  - Malefic Time
  • Coker, Smith and Untermensch solve the crime by realizing the clay tablet was also a fake, and decoding the message from Sir William using Garamantian hieroglyphics to give a rebus that reveals he had changed his will in Sir John's disfavour.  - The Golden Child (novel)
  • Inside the pyramid, Kakababu discovers the lost mummy of an Egyptian queen with the help of the hieroglyphics code written by Mufti Muhammad.  - Mishawr Rawhoshyo
  • She discovers that they contain hieroglyphics meaning either "because what Ibis" or "because what Thoth".  - You Have to Stop This
  • Their original mission is to recon, rendezvous and extract Bravo team who are protecting Dr Stein, a scientist carrying hieroglyphics believed to contain instructions for powering up the Time-Lock.  - Serious Sam 3: BFE
  • Dongalor wants to use the Eye of Gulga Grymna to destroy a random village, but Barnabus tells him they have not yet figured out how to unlock the weapon's power, although he says decoders are working to decipher hieroglyphics on the Eye to learn its secrets.  - Wench Trouble
  • After designing the Emperor's Tomb, he used Rongorongo, Sikkimese and Peruvian hieroglyphics to conceal the secret to open it; he believed that only after the peoples of the world reach a certain point of peace and cooperation, they would be able to use joint knowledge and understand it.  - Ripley's Believe It or Not!: The Riddle of Master Lu
  • While dr Hughes finds an alien corpse with a fossilized diamond, dr Campbell finds hieroglyphics at the cost of the party except for Hughes and himself.  - Yonggary (1999 film)
  • It's an obsession that takes him from the hieroglyphics of Egypt to a Midwestern shopping mall at Christmastime, as his friends and family wonder whether he's lost his mind.  - Stalking Santa
  • Nila, an Abistahnian criminal, and Spade Gordon, an American gangster, conspire to form a super-mob dubbed Underworld, Incorporated, funded by the treasure of Kurigal I of Abistahn, instructions for the location of which are contained in hieroglyphics written on two golden statues in the shape of hands, found in Kurigal's tomb.  - Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc
  • The moon is full in Mapleton as Professor Norman studies the hieroglyphics on a case of tana leaves.  - The Mummy's Ghost
  • Banning is convinced it is an authentic ancient Egyptian relic, and his interpretation of the hieroglyphics on the piece lead him to believe it contains clues to the location of the Princess Ananka's tomb.  - The Mummy's Hand
  • This team and the European team each also possess a child, one of the only two people who can read the "Word of Thoth", a special hieroglyphics system used in the booby-traps (the other person is her twin Alexander, who is being brainwashed by the Vatican).  - Seven Ancient Wonders
  • In an undercover mission, Major Sloane kills Professor Ragheeb, an ancient hieroglyphics expert at Oxford University, and steals a hieroglyph-encrypted message.  - Arabesque (1966 film)
  • The military began investigating then wreckage to look for weapons, and in the 1980s Malloy came in to the project to attempt to decipher the hieroglyphics on the craft.  - The Pandora Directive
  • The hieroglyphics at the entrance warn that all should avoid the place as it has been abandoned by all that is holy.  - Tale of the Mummy
  • The hieroglyphics on the wall led Corbeck and Trelawny to believe that the mummy was possessed with some sort of black magic and that Queen Tera had immense power over the Upper and Lower Worlds.  - The Jewel of Seven Stars

Example sentences for "hieroglyphics" in interesting articles

  • The use of the emoticon represents an equally simple substitute for complex communication – who needs to carefully process feelings and logically organize thoughts before finally communicating a state of mind, when a simple hieroglyphics can convey everything…and nothing?” Our need for speedy and immediate communication has caused us to abbreviate and over-simplify language to our own detriment.  - How the Internet Changes Our Thoughts and Behaviors for the Worse (2011)
  • It’s like an enormous Rosetta Stone, the calcified hieroglyphics of minds once at work.“Did we sit down when we built Watson and try to model human cognition?” Dave Ferrucci, who led the Watson team at IBM, pauses for emphasis.  - The Man Who Would Teach Machines to Think
  • Tales of debauched nights behind its locked glass doors -- which showcase a rack of traditional North Korean clothing and some half-hearted hieroglyphics -- are rare enough to be semi-legendary.  - Getting drunk in North Korea

Meaning of "hieroglyphics" in English

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Meaning of "hieroglyphics" in Hindi

  • चित्रलेख
  • चित्रलिपि

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