How to use "histrionic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "histrionic" in popular movie and book plots

  • Irving loves Sydney, though is hesitant to leave his unstable and histrionic wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence), fearing he will lose contact with her son Danny, whom Irving has adopted.  - American Hustle
  • Ironically, she mothers Bradley who possesses a histrionic diva-esque attitude.  - Khumba
  • Gul makes a tremendous and successful effort to match their histrionic talent but it is Babrak Shah, good looking with the right build to play the lead in our films, who has an extremely difficult time.  - Kyun Tum Say Itna Pyar Hai
  • She is feisty, outspoken and precocious and tries to shock other people with her histrionic behaviour, vulgar and saucy tongue (her favourite insult is "Up yer bum").  - Wish You Were Here (1987 film)
  • Downs was diagnosed with three cluster B personality disorders: antisocial, histrionic and narcissistic.  - Small Sacrifices

Example sentences for "histrionic" in interesting articles

  • That just wouldn’t do. We expected the histrionic media backlash to be short-lived.  - Weddings Used To Be Sacred And Other Lessons About InternetJournalism
  • Last summer, for example, Blackstone’s Schwarzman caused an uproar when he said an Obama proposal to raise taxes on private-equity-firm compensation—by treating “carried interest” as ordinary income—was “like when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.” However histrionic his imagery, Schwarzman (who subsequently apologized for the remark) is a Republican, so his antipathy toward the current administration is no surprise.  - The Rise of the New Global Elite
  • Jews, of course, have millennia of experience in having reason to be scared—which perhaps explains why some studies have suggested that Jewish men are more likely to suffer from neuroses than are men in other groups.My mother’s cultural heritage, on the other hand, is heavily WASP; she is a proud Mayflower descendant who until recently subscribed to the notion that there is no emotion and no family issue that should not be suppressed.Thus, me: a mixture of Jewish and WASP pathology—a neurotic and histrionic Jew suppressed inside a neurotic and repressed WASP.  - Surviving Anxiety
  • But I agree that it’s an almost necessary first step–without it, women are labeled as hysterical, histrionic and overemotional.) So what now? Some people explained that they felt it wasn’t fair that such a good joke get taken away because it’s offensive.  - Notes from UPenn's Forum on Brogramming and Sexism in Computer Science

Meaning of "histrionic" in English

  • characteristic of acting or a stage performance; often affected
    - an attitude of melodramatic despair
    - a theatrical pose

Meaning of "histrionic" in Hindi

  • नाटक संबन्धी ( Natak sanbandhi, naatak sanbandhee)
  • नाटकीय ( Natakiy, naatakeey)

Synonyms of "histrionic"

  • melodramatic

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