How to use "immutable" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "immutable" in popular movie and book plots

  • There are three immutable laws of gravity for this two-planet system: The societies of the two worlds are segregated by law.  - Upside Down (2012 film)
  • Krishna gets to learn through the headmaster on the journey to enlightenment; eventually learning to communicate to Susila on his own, thus concluding the entire story itself, with the quote that he felt 'a moment of rare immutable joy'.  - The English Teacher
  • Ishmael goes on to help his student discover that, contrary to what the Takers think, there are immutable laws that life is subject to and it is possible to discern them by studying the biological community.  - Ishmael (novel)

Example sentences for "immutable" in interesting articles

  • I mean, OOP was good back in the days, and it still has its uses today, but now everyone is realising modifying states is equivalent to kicking babies, so now everyone is moving to immutable objects and functional programming.  - How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016
  • It also has a bunch of language features that I love from Erlang — pattern matching, actor style concurrency, immutable variables.My history with C/C++ is limited — to be honest, my history with any strongly typed language is limited.  - Rust and Go
  • CouchDB’s COW B-trees) or only periodically persisted as an immutable data structure (e.g.  - NoSQL Databases: A Survey and Decision Guidance
  • However, an alternative approach leveraging unikernels and immutable servers will result in smaller, easier to manage, more secure containers that will be simpler to adopt by existing enterprises.Next CloudAs DevOps matures, the shortcomings of cloud application deployment and management are becoming clear.  - After Docker: Unikernels and Immutable Infrastructure
  • Isaac Cambron has written and reviewed a lot of code, closed many of the 2000+ issues, and has been an integral proponent of moving to an immutable api.  - Moment().endOf(‘term’)
  • No need for shouldComponentUpdate or immutable data structures — it just works.In addition, Vue 2.0 applies some advanced optimizations during the template-to-virtual-DOM compilation phase:It detects static class names and attributes so that they are never diffed after the initial render.It detects the maximum static sub trees (sub trees with no dynamic bindings) and hoists them out of the render function.  - Announcing Vue.js 2.0
  • It is based on language features like modules, pattern matching, immutable data and how functions work.  - Interview with Robert Virding, Creator of Lisp Flavored Erlang
  • Created by transitively resolving all the dependencies from the manifest into concrete, immutable versions.  - So you want to write a package manager
  • Ownership also means if you forget to put child state machine in your new state, child machine will shut down and release resources.Rust move semantics allows to work with a state machine as with immutable value (it’s hard to break state by modifying only a half of state).  - Asynchronous IO in Rust
  • The core abstraction of Spark are distributed and immutable collections called RDDs (resilient distributed datasets) that can only be manipulated through deterministic operations.  - Scalable Stream Processing: A Survey of Storm, Samza, Spark and Flink
  • This gives you convenient immutable classes without the need for builders.But if you do need to construct complex structures, a clever intersection of language features makes builders clean and type safe (read: auto-completable).  - Why Kotlin is my next programming language (2015)
  • The show’s producers, akin to the immutable voice of the gods, declared that Ross must end up with Rachel, the one who shops.  - How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
  • It’s also immutable and does not require any installation nor configuration.  - Runtime.js – JavaScript library OS
  • mmutable URLsIn many computing languages there is the concept of the immutable object.  - Immutable URLs
  • They are immutable facts, which, once known, can be built upon to enable further discoveries.John helped me better appreciate what Bill was saying: when faced with a tough decision, seek out the first principles.  - How to lead by first principles

Meaning of "immutable" in English

  • not subject or susceptible to change or variation in form or quality or nature

Meaning of "immutable" in Hindi

  • अचल ( Achal)
  • स्थिर ( Sthir)
  • अपरिवर्तनशील ( Aparivartanashil, aparivartanasheel, apariwartanashil)
  • अपरिवर्तनीय
  • अपरिवर्तनीय ( Aparivartaniy, aparivartaneey, apariwartaniy)

Synonyms of "immutable"

  • changeless

Antonyms of "immutable"

  • mutable
  • changeable

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