How to use "impassive" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "impassive" in popular movie and book plots

  • He performs these daily tasks with a stoic, impassive expression, seemingly having been numbed by the daily horrors.  - Son of Saul
  • Kate is constrained, distracted, and remains impassive during Geoff's speech in which he professes his love for Kate, while saying "the choices we make in our youth are most important" and bringing himself to tears, just as Kate's friend Lena has predicted men always do at weddings and anniversaries.  - 45 Years
  • David Ormsby volunteers to dissuade to McGregor from further organizing but cannot communicate his point to the impassive McGregor.  - Marching Men
  • Look Back in Anger is a love triangle involving the brilliant-but-disaffected young Jimmy Porter (Branagh), his upper-middle-class, impassive wife Alison Porter (Thompson), and her aristocratic best friend Helena Charles (Redmond).  - Look Back in Anger (1989 TV drama)
  • Look Back in Anger is about a love triangle involving an intelligent but disaffected young man Jimmy Porter (Malcolm McDowell), his upper-middle-class, impassive wife Alison Porter (Lisa Banes), and her snooty best friend Helena Charles (Fran Brill).  - Look Back in Anger (1980 film)
  • The torture ceremonies are viewed by an impassive cloaked figure.  - The Big Doll House
  • After having impassive sex with his girlfriend, Jennifer (Taylor Momsen), he breaks up with her.  - Paranoid Park (film)
  • The Voyager crew offer several technology options to reduce and minimize the water loss and other more efficient technologies, but Burkus seems impassive about them.  - Thirty Days (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • He must snatch a sleeping farmer named Ernie under the watchful eye of his impassive examiner, a gelatinous blob named mr Working from memory, Stu is expected to use an array of thousands of identical unlabeled toggle switches for this purpose; mr B's stoic expression gives no hints of which ones to use.  - Lifted (2006 film)
  • Rechristened "Remo Williams" (after the name and location of the manufacturer of the bedpan in Makin's hospital room), his face is surgically altered and he is trained to be a human killing machine by his aged, derisive and impassive Korean martial arts master Chiun.  - Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
  • The survivors are turned into impassive dedicated fighting machines with no exposure to or understanding of the outside world.  - Soldier (1998 American film)

Example sentences for "impassive" in interesting articles

  • Here he was still, staring out into the night, with his full lips and firm chin, broad nose and prominent forehead, his expression impassive but pensive and philosophical, a man both monk and monarch.Jayavarman built his temple in the twelfth century, the same century that brought the Turks to India—the beginning of the end of the long period of Indian cultural influence throughout the region that had started seven hundred years earlier in Afghanistan at Mes Aynak.  - The Great and Beautiful Lost Kingdoms of India

Meaning of "impassive" in English

  • deliberately impassive in manner
    - his face remained expressionless as the verdict was read
  • having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily aroused or excited
    - he remained impassive, showing neither interest in nor concern for our plight
    - a silent stolid creature who took it all as a matter of course
    - her face showed nothing but stolid indifference

Meaning of "impassive" in Hindi

  • सुख दुःख रहित ( Sukh duhkh rahit)
  • क्लेश हीन ( Klesh hin, klesh heen)
  • उदासीन ( Udasin, udaaseen)
  • भावना शून्य ( Bhavana shuny, bhaavanaa shoony, bhawana shuny)

Synonyms of "impassive"

  • unexpressive
  • expressionless
  • stolid
  • poker faced
  • deadpan

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