How to use "impecunious" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "impecunious" in popular movie and book plots

  • An impecunious poet, Parwana, runs away from home in company with his pal Jagu to join a theatrical company.  - Bazaar (1949 film)
  • Balking at this idea and remaining faithful to her impecunious sweetheart Lawrence Selden (Henry Kolker), Lily is desirous of maintaining her luxurious lifestyle: she accepts the financial "favors" of some married millionaires but refuses to surrender her virtue in return – until she discovers that her sainted Selden has been fooling around with another man's wife.  - The House of Mirth (1918 film)
  • Daniel Arnault (Gielgud), an impecunious sculptor, is in love with the beautiful Genevieve (Isobel Elsom).  - Who Is the Man?
  • Two impecunious English sisters, Ellen and Agnes Isit (Dulcie Gray and Margaret Johnston), unexpectedly inherit a Neapolitan villa from a deceased uncle and move to Italy to view and sell their property.  - A Man About the House
  • Because of his "help" (in secret) to Izabela's impecunious but influential father, the girl becomes aware of his affection.  - The Doll (1968 film)
  • It is her first intimate love affair, but when the aristocratic but impecunious Edouard discovers that Billy is just a poor relative of the Winthrop family, he shows his true colors and ends the relationship.  - Scruples (miniseries)
  • Pretending to be a wealthy widow, she finds herself pursued by an impecunious ex-guardsman and his predatory aunt.  - Diana of Dobson's
  • It is her first sexual affair, but when the aristocratic but impecunious Edouard discovers that Billy has no money, he shows his true colors and ends the relationship.  - Scruples (novel)
  • As if two potential suitors weren’t enough, Crystal has yet another admirer, Maurice de st Genis, whose impecunious state (her father sees him as a penniless, out-at-elbows, good for nothing) has precluded him from obtaining her hand in marriage.  - The Bronze Eagle
  • Two impecunious young men of good family, Harry Marsland and Douglas Cattermole, plot to escape their creditors with the unwitting help of the innocent young clergyman, Robert Spalding.  - The Private Secretary
  • The publisher offers the impecunious Reese $100,000 for a series of letters written between her mother and father at the height of their careers.  - Winter Passing
  • The story begins by alluding to Flush's pedigree, and birth in the household of Barrett Browning's impecunious friend Mary Russell Mitford.  - Flush: A Biography
  • George, sixth viscount Uffenham, a typically impecunious and absent-minded Wodehousian aristocrat, mislays his niece's fortune in diamonds and is forced to let out his family pile, returning there disguised as a butler named Cakebread to seek the gems.  - Money in the Bank (novel)
  • In a working-class district of Paris, Albert, an impecunious street singer, lives in an attic room.  - Under the Roofs of Paris
  • Shortly after arriving in Italy, Dracula befriends Marchese di Fiore (De Sica), an impecunious Italian landowner who, with a lavish estate falling into decline, is willing to marry off one of his four daughters to the wealthy aristocrat.  - Blood for Dracula
  • The trio (Pierre, Isabel, and Delly) find rooms in a former church converted to apartments, the Church of the Apostles, now populated by impecunious artists, writers, spiritualists, and philosophers, including the mysterious Plinlimmon.  - Pierre; or, The Ambiguities
  • Books One and Two constitute a realist Bildungsroman beginning in pre-War Glasgow, and tell the story of Duncan Thaw ("based on myself, he was tougher and more honest"), a difficult and precocious child born to impecunious and frustrated parents in the East End of Glasgow.  - Lanark: A Life in Four Books

Meaning of "impecunious" in English

  • not having enough money to pay for necessities

Meaning of "impecunious" in Hindi

  • निर्धन ( Nirdhan)

Synonyms of "impecunious"

  • penurious
  • pinched
  • hard up
  • penniless
  • in straitened circumstances

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