How to use "implicit" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "implicit" in popular movie and book plots

  • He had implicit faith in him, call of the city beckoned him.  - Yaar Mera
  • In general, ancient Greek tragedy - not only the lost Promethean trilogy - has been used by Sikelianos for the rendering of other persons through an implicit link with characters of ancient drama (Emperor Michael III, Monk Hilarion).  - The Death of Digenis
  • The implicit cause of the rejection was Captain Grant being a Scottish patriot who dreamed of independence for Scotland.  - The Children of Captain Grant (film)
  • He learns the identity of the man Arrah was protecting, and rejoices to see his implicit trust in her vindicated, putting Fanny's lack of faith to shame.  - Arrah-na-Pogue
  • The twin threads of “spiritual” exploration and cybernetic innovation imply an unspoken and implicit hidden connection.  - Computer Chess (film)
  • The novel emphasizes the need of implicit confidence and trust, if two persons united in wedlock are to live happily together.  - The Pilot and His Wife
  • Calling his death heroic, the narrator asserts that "that youth gave his life – the life which should not be surrendered – for all that is implicit in the one word 'poetry'".  - Kusamakura (novel)
  • Historical events in this world and their significance are often implicit and left to player interpretation rather than fully shown or explained.  - Dark Souls
  • When Walter realizes William is not with them, he takes this as an implicit sign of William's consent to his plan, and activates the portal.  - Peter (Fringe)
  • The arrival of modernity in Iceland, including democracy, feminism, and new technologies and fashions, is an implicit theme throughout the text.  - The Seagull's Laughter
  • The episode picks up at the press conference immediately where last season's cliff-hanger (Two Cathedrals) left off, and what was then only implicit is here made clear: President Bartlet is running for a second term.  - Manchester (The West Wing)
  • Jerome and Alissa, cousins, as 10–11-year olds make an implicit commitment of undying affection for each other.  - Strait Is the Gate
  • Frank is also told that he is in the running for a large government contract for his firm, with an implicit undertone that he not make waves about his son's death.  - The Whistle Blower
  • Meanwhile, with an implicit rape threat the thief has forced the lady to reveal the safe concealed behind a picture.  - The Telephone Girl and the Lady
  • Then, the grand Val du Val makes his entrance and performs his sexually implicit song ("Boom-Boom") with his "Val du Val-ettes".  - Little Me (musical)
  • However, their surveillance does reveal the disquieting fact that Felix regularly cheats on his wife, with the female houseguests, the young slave girls, and several women from the nearby town of Baiae (whilst there are no explicit depictions of sexual activity in the novel, there is certain implicit material).  - The Sirens of Surrentum
  • This carries the implicit threat that Darcy will have Wickham sent to debtors' prison if he misbehaves.  - These Three Remain
  • The implicit motivation for their return is the search for spiritual nourishment, and so the émigrés sacrifice the material comforts of their villas and Western civilization to journey to their ancestral past, the timeless village of Golotvin.  - Poor Relatives
  • Blevins has assigned Scully for the implicit purpose of using her scientific knowledge to discredit Mulder's work, although Blevins never directly tells Scully this and is evasive when she asks if such is his intent.  - Pilot (The X-Files)
  • This implicit guilt becomes stronger as in the coming months Bruno makes appearances demanding that Guy honor his part of the bargain.  - Strangers on a Train (novel)
  • At the novella's end, Dürrenmatt offers to the reader an implicit acknowledgment of the existence of the Es geschah am hellichten Tag version of Matthäi's story, by having dr explicitly mention that the tale of Matthäi would make a perfectly suitable entry into the genre of detective fiction, if only the ending were changed such that the killer arrived for his appointment with Annemarie and fell into Matthäi's trap.  - The Pledge: Requiem for the Detective Novel
  • Ryun-Hwa tries to remain strong, but submits to rape by the prison guard captain Lee Myung-Soo under implicit threat to her family.  - Yoduk Story
  • He responds to the implicit call for reconciliation from Emmi and asks her to dance again.  - Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
  • One hint, given by the author Chabon, is that the numbers are often recited in the presence of trains: the implicit suggestion is that they are the numbers of the cars and indeed, the parrot calls it "the train song".  - The Final Solution (novel)
  • With the Nazi collaborator Zednicek winding up the disciplinary hearing, dismissing the Czech people as "nothing but laughing hyenas" (a phrase actually employed by the senior Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich), the implicit retort to his jibe comes in the form of a huge series of explosions that destroys the train.  - Closely Watched Trains
  • However, Nelly, with her petty grievances and implicit demands that the daily life of running the house which is Virginia's domain, be observed, overwhelms Virginia.  - The Hours (novel)
  • Thorne and Alice bond through the ordeal, forming an implicit attraction.  - Proof of Life
  • The play follows out this implicit rejection of the romantic comedy of his peers.  - Every Man in His Humour
  • Hoping to draw the killer out, Connor and Smith send fax Morton stills of the footage showing his implicit involvement in the murder.  - Rising Sun (film)
  • (The implicit argument is grounded earlier in the story, when Sostratos had benefited from Gorgias' kindness, and Knemon had benefited from Sostratos' kindness).  - Dyskolos
  • There is an implicit code of behavior between sœurs, especially in the Yamayuri Council—the student council of the school: quietness, measure and respect towards each other; values deeply attached to traditional Japanese education.  - Maria-sama ga Miteru
  • 's support for the first eugenics practices (see Buck Bell ); the German-Vatican Reichskonkordat of 1933, which the Nazi-dominated German government exploited as an implicit foreign recognition of Nazi leadership; Stalin's part in the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939, which removed the last major obstacle standing in the way of Germany's invasion and occupation of western Poland, initiating World War II; and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the final stage of the war in August 1945.  - Judgment at Nuremberg
  • According to Geoffrey O'Brien, "whether or not commercially distributed 'snuff' movies actually exist, the possibility of such movies is implicit in the stock B-movie motif of the mad artist killing his models, as in A Bucket of Blood [1959], Color Me Blood Red [1965], or Decoy for Terror [1967]" also known as Playgirl Killer.  - Snuff film

Example sentences for "implicit" in interesting articles

  • Now I can go from prototype to running on an arbitrarily large dataset without too much barrier in between. rpcope1 on reddit: [Scala] may be slow on the compilation, but it’s both safer and far faster than CPython (barring using code that’s not bytecode and calls to C/Fortran libraries), and has a number of concepts that I am really missing in Python now, like Option[T], the implicit modifier, non-crap map/reduce/filter, non-crap lambdas, etc. Have feedback on this post? I would love to hear it.  - Python, Machine Learning, and Language Wars (2015)
  • “The radical code sharing that’s implicit to GitHub was an inspiration,” Cunningham says. But is it too nerdy to catch on? To run The Simplest Federated Wiki, you’ll need your own web server, which Cunningham thinks is an important part of the project.  - Wiki inventor Ward Cunningham develops federated wiki
  • There's an agreement and an understanding from the get-go that at some point this may come to an end, and we'll stop paying our subscription. But with games that include single-player components, that implicit agreement doesn't exist.  - Steam Removes Game 'Order Of War: Challenge' From User Libraries
  • Function in the Public Realm” was the official title of a panel discussion last night at the Museum of the City of New York, but The New York City Subway Map as Ideological Battleground was the implicit subject.  - The New York subway-map wars, continued
  • He also came up with a decent number of rap lyrics with which I could prefix each section, but I didn't have the heart. Jacob Eisenstein made several great points about what matters, and about how I might have gotten lucky by being at a funding-rich school like MIT (direct quotes below): "There's another guide to grad school from two of my colleagues." "This is implicit in what you wrote, but I would add: come to lab every day, and make friends there, even if you think you are too cool for school.  - The N=1 Guide to Grad School: Advice for Aspiring PhDs
  • This works remarkably well, because it contains an implicit letter of recommendation that the recipient will take seriously.  - Why Go to Graduate School and Getting into the Program of your Dreams
  • The problem — says Rice — is implicit rather than explicit bias.  - Discrimination starts even before grad school, study finds
  • These are the explicit rules; those which we can easily write books about. 💞📚 There are also the implicit rules.  - Taking the Robots to Design School

Meaning of "implicit" in English

  • being without doubt or reserve
  • implied though not directly expressed; inherent in the nature of something
    - there was implicit criticism in his voice
    - anger was implicit in the argument
    - the oak is implicit in the acorn

Meaning of "implicit" in Hindi

  • अन्तर्निहित ( Antarnihit)
  • विवक्षित ( Vivakshit, wiwakshit)
  • अव्यक्त ( Avyakt, awyakt)
  • पूरा समझा हुआ ( Pura samajha hu, pooraa samajhaa huaa, pura samazha hu)
  • असांशयिक ( Asanshayik, asaanshayik)
  • विश्वास योग्य ( Vishvas yogy, vishvaas yogy, wishwas yogy)
  • एतबारी ( Etabari, etabaaree)
  • अंतर्निहित ( Antarnihit)
  • निहित ( Nihit)
  • अटल ( Atal)
  • अप्रत्यक्ष ( Apratyaksh)
  • परोक्ष ( Paroksh)
  • निर्विवाद ( Nirvivad, nirvivaad, nirwiwad)
  • उपलक्षित ( Upalakshit)

Synonyms of "implicit"

  • unquestioning
  • inexplicit

Antonyms of "implicit"

  • explicit
  • expressed

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