How to use "implode" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "implode" in popular movie and book plots

  • Kirk initiates Spock's backup plan to implode the rift, but it damages the ship and knocks Alana unconscious.  - World Enough and Time
  • When a petty argument nearly pushes sixty-five-year-old identical twin sisters Mina and Minerva to fisticuffs, decades of unaired baggage threatens to implode their already strained relationship.  - Mina.Minerva
  • His report brought up astounding conclusions that the current research on the radiation phenomenon was inaccurate and that if they were actually able to create these black holes, the level of radiation would be so significantly lower than anticipated that they would literally implode in on themselves, taking all surrounding matter with them.  - Collider (film)
  • Outside, King Coal sets off explosions that cause the cave to implode around everyone.  - Batman and Robin (comic book)
  • However, McKay develops an alternate plan to enhance the attractive forces between the Asuran nanites, pulling them together into a superdense mass that the Expedition can then implode by overloading ZPMs around it.  - Be All My Sins Remember'd
  • They lie and wait for a number of gargoyles to enter the open bunker and implode it.  - The Terror Within
  • But as the spell is now, he claimed even trying to break it could cause reality to implode upon itself.  - X-Men: Endangered Species
  • Faraway destroys the mechanism, causing the superweapon to implode and form a gravity well.  - Project Sylpheed
  • Due to water pressure, the park is estimated to implode after 119 hours; the water pressure also ensures that the characters cannot escape by swimming, as it would crush their lungs.  - Ever 17: The Out of Infinity
  • The Planet Express crew will use one of Professor Farnsworth's doomsday devices to implode the nebula, creating a black hole which will prevent the further release of chronitons.  - Time Keeps On Slippin'
  • All of the characters implode inside as their problems condense.  - X-Day (manga)
  • The Doctor rigs the scanner to implode upon itself and grabs the now dormant skull, leaving with the others only just before the priory is destroyed, along with the Fendahl core and the remaining Fendahleen.  - Image of the Fendahl
  • Scans reveal that the Shadow device on the carrier caused its reflex furnace to implode when triggered by the enemy's disrupter wave.  - Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
  • If the core is not repaired within the set time limit it will implode causing a chain reaction which will destroy the entire universe.  - Starquake (video game)
  • Sasha tells Kate that time and space are distorted where they are, that the tesseract will implode and reality is collapsing.  - Cube 2: Hypercube

Example sentences for "implode" in interesting articles

Meaning of "implode" in English

  • burst inward

Meaning of "implode" in Hindi

  • अंतः विस्फोट होना ( Antah visphot hona, antah visphot honaa, antah wisfot hona)
  • अन्तःस्फोट ( Antahsphot, antahsfot)
  • अंतः विस्फोट होना

Synonyms of "implode"

  • go off

Antonyms of "implode"

  • burst
  • explode

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