How to use "indolent" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "indolent" in popular movie and book plots

  • Returning home, Yancy's life is complicated by the reappearance of Bonnie Witt/Plover Chase, who left her husband and traveled back to Oklahoma to "re-connect" with her teenage lover, Cody, now an indolent 30-year-old dimwit.  - Bad Monkey (novel)
  • Two twenty-something expatriates (Wilson Bethel and James Jagger) spending an indolent summer in Buenos Aires meet a beautiful American girl (Sophie Auster) who reveals a stash of illicit money hidden at her Argentine boyfriend’s (Mariano Martinez) apartment.  - Stealing Summers
  • Stuck in a loveless marriage, So-hyun wants to have an affair with Dal-soo, while indolent chaebol Tae-joon gradually finds himself attracted to Ji-ae.  - Queen of Housewives
  • Eva (Maduro) works as a seamstress in a sweatshop where she dreams to become a fashion designer and own a room to marry her longtime partner Angel (Almirante) an indolent yet charming islander.  - Habana Eva
  • She is horrified to find out how indolent and scheming her staff are, and - with more than a hint of Margaret Thatcher about her mannerisms - sets out turn the Consulate around.  - Farrington of the F.O.
  • Edward Bromberg), the indolent heir of his father, Mohammed Ali (Maurice Moskovitch), the Viceroy (ruler) of Egypt.  - Suez (film)
  • The members of the commune are seemingly aimless, indolent or melancholy while waiting for the world to end; one member (Gillian Spencer) lives her life in a burlap sack, with only her bare feet protruding.  - What's So Bad About Feeling Good?
  • It has been revealed that he has moved back north of 8 Mile Road to the rundown trailer home in Warren of his alcoholic, co-dependent mother Stephanie (Kim Basinger), his little sister Lily (Chloe Greenfield), and Stephanie's indolent semi-live-in boyfriend Greg (Michael Shannon).  - 8 Mile (film)
  • To further this end, she brings the family from their country home to London and introduces herself to a distant relation, the selfish and indolent Marquis of Alverstoke, asking him to sponsor her sister into "the ton" and the subsequent Season.  - Frederica (novel)
  • The town consists of three classes: the Lords, the ruling class, who live in a separate area of the town; the kinless, essentially a slave class forbidden to carry weapons, descendants of a people conquered by the allied ancestors of the Lords and the Lordkin; and the Lordkin, proud, uneducated, undisciplined and indolent knife fighters organised into street gangs, who live by "gathering" whatever they wish from the kinless.  - The Burning City
  • Bill is indolent and insinuating and at the village cricket match he catches Anne's eye.  - Separate Lies
  • Dame Isabel’s indolent and aptly named nephew Roger Wool (one of a long line of Vancian put-upon nephews) tags along also, smuggling his new girlfriend Madoc Roswyn, who claims to be a simple girl from Merioneth in Wales, aboard the ship as a stowaway.  - Space Opera (novel)
  • In the absence of the Federator, who rules over the three-planet Federation, his indolent son Lon is to have a major role in the celebration, supported by his mother the Lady Tanha and the archaeologist Ambril, who is an expert in the Sumaran period.  - Snakedance
  • The new Governor, Sir Richard (Cecil Parker), arrives with his charming and cheery but indolent nephew, the Honorable Charles Adare (Michael Wilding).  - Under Capricorn
  • Sandow is jolted from his wealthy, indolent lifestyle by a series of messages, each accompanied by a picture of one of a number of people once important to him, and all dead for many years.  - Isle of the Dead (Zelazny novel)
  • Charles is a spoilt and indolent young man who is having an affair with an older woman.  - Eugénie Grandet
  • It is her thesis that the superabundance of robotic labor has caused humans to become indolent and nearly incompetent at accomplishing even trivial tasks.  - Isaac Asimov's Caliban
  • His second wife is the indolent Brenda, decades his junior, suspected of having a clandestine love affair with the grandchildren's tutor.  - Crooked House

Example sentences for "indolent" in interesting articles

  • it's all about the information! - Cosmos, Sneakers, 1992 winter • May 21, 2013 7:13 AM "It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active.  - Surveillance and the Internet of Things
  • These are harms that ought to be avoided.To be fair, it is asking a lot of a screening programme to tell the difference between an indolent cancer that will not progress and an aggressive one.  - Is Preventive Medicine Its Own Health Risk?
  • A recent review concludes that, depending on the organ involved, anywhere from fifteen to seventy-five per cent of cancers found are indolent tumors—turtles—that have stopped growing or are growing too slowly to be life-threatening.  - Unnecessary medical care is harming patients physically and financially

Meaning of "indolent" in English

  • (of tumors, e.g.) slow to heal or develop and usually painless
    - leprosy is an indolent infectious disease
  • disinclined to work or exertion
    - an indolent hanger-on
    - too lazy to wash the dishes
    - shiftless idle youth
    - slothful employees
    - the unemployed are not necessarily work-shy

Meaning of "indolent" in Hindi

  • आलसी ( Aalasi, aalasee)
  • निष्क्रिय ( Nishkriy)
  • अकर्मण्य ( Akarmany)
  • गब्बर

Synonyms of "indolent"

  • otiose
  • faineant
  • slothful
  • lazy
  • work shy

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