How to use "innocuous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "innocuous" in popular movie and book plots

  • Casey (played by Elma Begovic) returns home from her Bachelorette party in Costa Rica with a seemingly innocuous insect bite but is too preoccupied with her issues at home to take note.  - Bite (film)
  • Fortunately, he did not kill the man, who was in fact only an innocuous accountant.  - Captain Jan
  • The film begins with in a seemingly innocuous radio talk show.  - Known Strangers
  • It follows four separate stories and the seemingly innocuous decisions that lead them towards a terrifying and life changing conclusion.  - 96 Minutes
  • Earlier, Taylor made a seemingly innocuous comment to one of her classmates, Lindsay Fordyce (Nastassia Markiewicz), to which Lindsay took great offense.  - Cyberbully (2011 film)
  • A seemingly innocuous and respectable elderly lady is knocked down and critically injured by a bus on a London street.  - Strange Boarders
  • Martin proceeds to drop seemingly innocuous but loaded observations into the ears of the three suspects, hoping to provoke doubts and foster mutual suspicion.  - The Late Edwina Black
  • Iris’ flagrant sexual advances toward Eric seem innocuous enough, and at first flatters Eric, but when the late night loud music turns into tequila, gunshot mornings with Alex, Eric tries to take matters into his own hands to end the madness.  - Permanent Vacation (2007 film)
  • During her trek, a wandering Aiel named Nakomi visits her and asks to share her fire; after beginning an innocuous conversation, the mysterious woman muses to Aviendha about the fate of the Aiel, once their toh to the Dragon has been met.  - Towers of Midnight
  • Trying to avoid anything controversial, the Captain forbids any discussion of politics and begins with some innocuous questions about cows chasing after trains and if the Moon is inhabited.  - Folly to Be Wise
  • Upon returning to his flat, he finds that the photos are innocuous modeling shots.  - Following
  • Using first an innocuous story about Sam and the doll, then a darker one implying that Lisa has been murdered and that Sam will be suspected, the men persuade Susy to help them find the doll.  - Wait Until Dark (film)
  • An apparently innocuous argument between Jahāngir and Royā, married already for twelve years, thus leads to an intense and emotional flow of exchanges revolving around the subject matter of how well even closest individuals know each other and the reason why Jahāngir reacts nervously to Royā's curiosity regarding his past.  - Unruled Paper (film)
  • Some of what they say, which the enemy finds useful, seems innocuous but is used by the Germans as pieces to solve the larger puzzle.  - Resisting Enemy Interrogation
  • She develops a crush on Jay, but in each conversation Jay takes issue with some entirely innocuous comment Claire has made and storms off in disgust.  - Expired
  • By asking the guards a few innocuous questions and putting their answers together, the POWs realize that they are in a place less than 200 km from the Indo-Pak border.  - 1971 (2007 film)
  • Grace, unable to extricate herself gracefully from what she saw initially as an innocuous white lie, finds herself pretending that her parents are an old couple whom she visits as a volunteer.  - Falling for Grace
  • The meetings are arranged with innocuous envelopes that look like advertising, but with Martha's name and address written in scarlet typewriter ink.  - The Scarlet Letters
  • He remembers while the day before, Blake told him about innocuous way of his escape to his cousin Virginia in Yorkshire.  - The Francis Blake Affair
  • The decanter with the drugged drink has been replaced with an innocuous duplicate, and some mysteriously disappearing items include a suitcase full of clothing and an ink-pad.  - The Judas Window
  • Later on the dinner table, Dharamdas spots a diary, which seems innocuous to him, but Anand's facial expressions grow serious on reading the diary's contents.  - Gumnaam
  • Kirby and his newly found girlfriend only use this awesome power for relatively innocuous practical jokes such as completely undressing women who "tease men by wearing very small bikinis" and laughing to see them escape in panic.  - The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything
  • Ranmaru begins an innocuous investigation, not really expecting to find anything important.  - Divi-Dead
  • The letter seems innocuous enough—a request for a meeting to discuss marble—but there is a note which, though half burned, seems to say that the sending of the letter led to "the destruction by fire of the entire World", followed by a missing word.  - Time and Again (novel)
  • The original "threat" is proven to be innocuous and recall orders are issued.  - Fail Safe (2000 film)
  • Momoko does not notice it until they go swimming together, and she gives the "N" an innocuous interpretation.  - The Decay of the Angel
  • Harold's watch stops working and he resets it using the time given by a bystander; the voice narrates, "little did he know that this simple, seemingly innocuous act would result in his imminent death".  - Stranger than Fiction (2006 film)
  • But Billy will let Rachel perform her innocuous Bible dances, thus humiliating Fowler.  - The Night They Raided Minsky's
  • Reckless radio commentator Andy McCaine (Ronald Reagan) gets into trouble when he attacks a corrupt city government, and his boss forces him to host an innocuous kiddie program.  - Love Is on the Air
  • After practicing a cheerful mask and some innocuous remarks to make in conversation, she visits the grocer and chats blandly with him about what to make for Patrick's dinner.  - Lamb to the Slaughter
  • Finally, with a renewed hope for success William devises a backdoor method of slowly weakening the slave trade through seemingly innocuous legislation.  - Amazing Grace (2006 film)
  • The psychic ingests it, blurts out the innocuous ingredients and discovers that she accidentally drank a truth serum.  - Selma's Choice
  • Once back inA, the airline dictates that Buddy run a series of innocuous ads to ameliorate the tragic consequences of the crash, even winning a Clio award.  - Bounce (film)
  • After working for a while, Cal receives a seemingly innocuous mission in which he is sent to spy on a number of corporate cruisers in the Gagarin Cluster.  - Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos
  • Dorian demonstrates a device called an E-Rat-icator which emits a soft, high pitched whine that is supposed to be innocuous but annoying to rats, which is an abysmal failure.  - Disturbing Behavior
  • Here the tone changes from the innocuous and normal beginning to seemingly hallucinatory visions and surrealistic visuals and events, before reaching a chaotic finale where some of the issues come to a head.  - Nowhere (film)
  • Claiming to have had a vision of Serena Butler herself (possibly a hallucination caused by her illness), Rayna begins smashing anything resembling thinking machines, including even innocuous devices, and desperately needed medical equipment.  - Dune: The Battle of Corrin
  • When it comes to Totsky's turn he tells a long but completely innocuous anecdote from the distant past.  - The Idiot
  • While the source of the phrase turns out to be innocuous enough — the governor picked up the expression as a crewman on INSS MacArthur on the expedition to Mote Prime — the memories dredged up are too much for Bury.  - The Gripping Hand
  • However, the Shangri-La holiday camp is happy to accommodate the visitors led by the Burton, who assures the travellers of a warm welcome while they wait for the driver, Murray, to repair their innocuous seeming transport.  - Delta and the Bannermen
  • Though at first Edward appears to be highly irritated by Lee's typos and other innocuous mistakes, it soon becomes apparent that he is sexually aroused by her obedient behavior.  - Secretary (2002 film)
  • The guilty pair poisoned Emily by adding a precipitating agent, bromide (obtained from Mrs Inglethorp's sleeping powder), to her regular evening medicine, causing its normally innocuous strychnine constituents to sink to the bottom of the bottle where they were finally consumed in a single, lethal dose.  - The Mysterious Affair at Styles
  • In the apparently innocuous moments when he apparently went to the water closet, he actually changed into this jacket to pose as a steward.  - Death in the Clouds
  • At the start of his long stay in the Needle, Peter manages to send a note to the judge who convicted him, Anders Peyna, with the seemingly innocuous requests to have his mother's old dollhouse and napkins with his meals.  - The Eyes of the Dragon

Example sentences for "innocuous" in interesting articles

  • To most readers, the Tweet was innocuous enough, but Biddle tortured and twisted it so disingenuously (into a narrative about how outsiders weren't welcome at Twitter) that he was attacked in the comments by none other than former Valleywag editor Owen Thomas. “You're completely misreading the tweet," wrote Thomas.  - Inside Nick Denton's phony, hypocritical class war against tech workers
  • Stop Online Piracy Act, which bans innocuous tools such as DNSSec—a security suite that authenticates domain name information— because they might be used to defeat DNS blocking measures.  - Lockdown - The coming war on general-purpose computing
  • The best-selling author of the science histories Big Bang and Fermat’s Enigma knew he was heading into controversial territory when he switched tracks to cowrite a book investigating alternative medicine, Trick or Treatment? What Singh didn’t count on, however, was that writing a seemingly innocuous article for London’s The Guardian newspaper about especially outrageous chiropractic claims—one of the subjects he researched for the book—would end up threatening his career.  - Author Simon Singh Puts Up a Fight in the War on Science
  • Sometimes the scorn comes long before the change actually makes it into a final release, so there are no release notes yet; sometimes the change is innocuous enough not to make a big deal over.  - We Have Always Been at War with UI
  • I don’t particularly care for mandatory minimums and I’m not a huge fan of the criminalization of innocuous drugs like marijuana.  - How the Drug War Disappeared the Jury Trial
  • Hopefully, digital devices can make life hard out there for a pimp—but the case also reminds us just how much data smartphones generate on even innocuous users. Pimpin' Hoes Daily In 2005, San Diego's Dante Dears was sentenced to state prison for founding and running a group called "Pimpin' Hoes Daily" (PHD).  - FBI, stumped by pimp's Android pattern lock, serves warrant on Google
  • The objects, dubbed Kosmos-2491, -2499 and -2504, might just be part of an innocuous program developing techniques to service and refuel old satellites, Weeden says, though they could also be meant for more sinister intentions. Treaties offer little assurance Chinese officials maintain that their military activities in space are simply peaceful science experiments, while Russian officials have stayed mostly mum.  - War in Space May Be Closer Than Ever
  • A bit more than half are pathetic superlatives (“great products”, “great progress”, “we feel great about…”), some are innocuous (“greater visibility”), but there’s an interesting twist: The snippet display showed that six were part of the phrase “Greater China”:“Greater” or not, China is mentioned 71 times, much more than any other country or region I checked (Korea = 1, Japan = 6, Europe = 12).(In the interest of warding off accusations of a near-obsessive waste of energy, I used a command line program to generate some of these numbers.  - Apple is losing the war of words
  • The hallmark of Carlsen's play has been to mesmerize opponents from seemingly innocuous positions and to make them commit mistakes.  - Carlsen beats Anand in Game 5 of World Chess Championship
  • However, proving seemingly innocuous statements can require long proofs using only the above eleven axioms.  - Tarski's high school algebra problem
  • They indulge in banter as they wait for a pizza delivery to arrive.This innocuous depiction was a far cry from the less-neutral coverage that was to come.  - The great 1980s Dungeons and Dragons panic

Meaning of "innocuous" in English

  • lacking intent or capacity to injure
  • not injurious to physical or mental health
  • not causing disapproval
    - confined himself to innocuous generalities
    - unobjectionable behavior

Meaning of "innocuous" in Hindi

  • अहानिकर ( Ahanikar)
  • सीधा सादा ( Sidha sada, seedhaa saadaa)
  • हानि न करने वाला ( Hani n karane vala, hani na karane vaalaa, hani n karane wala)

Synonyms of "innocuous"

  • innocent
  • unobjectionable
  • harmless

Antonyms of "innocuous"

  • harmful
  • noxious

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