How to use "insensible" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "insensible" in popular movie and book plots

  • It is seen that Myra has got into a local news channel which telecasts insensible news.  - Bin Kuch Kahe
  • The show appeals to populism by airing vacuous, mindless and insensible stories which are offensive to sects of society.  - Ei Chheleta Bhelbheleta
  • Philip and Lars dislike Claude and always use abusive Dutch language to describe "the insensible mammoth-looking woman".  - Come as You Are (film)
  • Winona on the other hand, seems to be also showing interest in Bong, but he is too insensible to notice this.  - My Only Ü
  • Unlike La Princesse insensible and Ciné si, Tales of the Night is on 35 mm film.  - Tales of the Night
  • But he is not insensible to the attention Émilie gives him and he accepts the invitation of Émilie’s father, the Comte de Fontaine.  - Le Bal de Sceaux
  • The kind elderly man frees him from his chain and conveys him to a small bark below, while entirely insensible to what is passing around him.  - The Revolt of Islam

Meaning of "insensible" in English

  • unresponsive to stimulation
    - drugged and senseless
  • barely able to be perceived
    - an almost insensible change
  • incapable of physical sensation
    - insensible earth
  • unaware of or indifferent to

Meaning of "insensible" in Hindi

  • अचेतन ( Achetan)
  • अतीन्द्रिय ( Atindriy, ateendriy)
  • अनभिज्ञ ( Anabhigy)
  • असंवेदनशील
  • अर्थशून्य ( Arthashuny, arthashoony)
  • अर्थहीन ( Arthahin, arthaheen)
  • इन्द्रियातीत ( Endriyatit, endriyaateet)
  • जड़ ( Jad, zad)
  • अलक्ष्य ( Alakshy)
  • असंवेदनशील ( Asanvedanashil, asanvedanasheel, asanwedanashil)
  • विवेकहीन ( Vivekahin, vivekaheen, wiwekahin)
  • स‌ंज्ञाहीन ( Sangyahin, sangyaheen)
  • संज्ञाहीन ( Sangyahin, sangyaheen)

Synonyms of "insensible"

  • indiscernible
  • undetectable
  • senseless

Antonyms of "insensible"

  • sensible
  • sensitive

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