How to use "insinuate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "insinuate" in popular movie and book plots

  • He goes through nightclub singer Zoe Crane (Hale) to insinuate himself with a Houston mobster, Paul Atlas (Arnold) to get financing for his scheme.  - The Houston Story
  • They insinuate that Krishna is trying to entice Pintu and her father is behind it.  - Afsar Bitiya
  • The couple are in dire need of money, and Olivia is persuaded to insinuate herself into the home of her wealthy former schoolfriend Susan Courtney (Fitzgerald) and her older husband Henry (Raymond Huntley).  - So Evil My Love
  • Barnabas decides to insinuate himself into the aristocrats' social circle to uncover the real thief.  - The Amateur Gentleman (1936 film)
  • Finally the Kalchev's right hand - the lead engineer (Partsalev) insinuate that the dolphin, as a matter of fact, is actually a kind of an whale.  - Whale (film)
  • She has her eye on Vianne's life, and begins to insinuate herself into the family.  - The Lollipop Shoes
  • He has a morbid, obsessive relationship with money and he uses it to insinuate himself into other people's affairs, pretending to be the "family friend".  - The Family Friend
  • When she goes to her conservatory lessons instead, she discovers that he has lied to the professor to insinuate himself as her tutor.  - Confession (1937 film)
  • Rachel and Trudy insinuate to Ted about their plans for a threesome (or as Ted puts it, "tricycle") and Ted explains to Lily and Marshall about the ongoing competition between himself and Barney for 'the belt', a replica wrestling belt that Barney bought some time ago, which would be awarded to the first one to pull off 'the tricycle'.  - Third Wheel
  • His attempt to insinuate himself into their lives works at first, although the creepy neighbor (and huge Philly fan) Gene is the only one who distrusts him.  - Hider in the House (film)
  • Molly uses her sex appeal to insinuate herself into their group, and she spends the rest of the night having sex with all of them.  - I Drink Your Blood
  • The Refugee tries to insinuate himself with the various women and gives them (at various points throughout the act) each a "magic stone" that he says will cure their individual travails.  - Flight (opera)
  • Disguising themselves as southern officers and taking the names Lieutenant Duck (Larry), Captain Dodge (Moe) and Major Hyde (Curly), they insinuate themselves into the mansion of southern officer, Colonel Butts (Bud Jamison).  - Uncivil Warriors
  • Coming into her inheritance at age 21, Russell takes on the role of a young heiress to insinuate herself into the Temple’s leadership.  - A Monstrous Regiment of Women
  • Now an army captain, Ronald Merrick, a self-made man of the lower middle class and the former police official in charge of the Daphne Manners case, begins to insinuate himself subtly into the Layton family.  - The Day of the Scorpion
  • The Old Gentleman, now referring to himself as "Tremayne of Barham," proceeds rapidly to insinuate himself into high society, despite the fact that his claim is, as yet, unproved.  - The Masqueraders
  • Their professional respect for each other's abilities, and their need for mutual support as they navigate the precarious political landscape in the Star Kingdom, has led them into the very romantic embrace the High Ridge government tried to insinuate during War of Honor.  - At All Costs
  • While Esch fulfills himself through a sect, Huguenau cheats him out of his newspaper and attempts to insinuate himself into the favour of Major von Pasenow, the military commandant of the town.  - The Sleepwalkers (Broch novel)
  • Their motive is to cripple the British economy and enable subversive forces to insinuate themselves into government.  - High Treason (1951 film)
  • During this same time, the failed wizard Akar Kessel, left to die in the Spine of the World, found Crenshinibon, the Crystal Shard, a magical, sentient crystal with the ability to lend power to its wielder, make tower sanctuaries in the likeness of itself, and insinuate itself into the minds of others, including that of its wielder.  - The Crystal Shard
  • Makiko is called as witness, and while reading a mendacious diary entry for November 29, she manages to cleverly insinuate that Isao was not only planning to abandon the conspiracy, but that he was merely a schoolboy in over his head, boasting and play-acting all along.  - Runaway Horses
  • He tells him that he thinks Joe is beneath him, and then begins to insinuate that he and Jo Ann had a sexual relationship.  - The Long Night (1947 film)
  • Dick, smitten, seeks to insinuate himself into her life and affections, but Fancy's beauty has gained her other suitors, including a rich farmer and the new vicar at the parish church.  - Under the Greenwood Tree
  • Finally, they decide to insinuate themselves in her house.  - Andaz Apna Apna
  • The security men that harass Woods insinuate that their orders to visit Woods came directly from Kruger.  - Cry Freedom
  • Zenia has given each woman a different version of her biography, tailor-made to insinuate herself into their lives.  - The Robber Bride
  • The young girl professes her adoration and begins at once to insinuate herself into Eve's life, offering to pack Eve's trunk for Hollywood.  - All About Eve

Example sentences for "insinuate" in interesting articles

  • I insinuate that Atari Corp.  - The 68000 Wars, Part 4: Rock Lobster
  • “Instead, borrelia manages to insinuate itself into parts of the body that have fewer circulating antibodies, where it is harder for antibiotics to reach.” The relationship between the tick and borrelia can be compared to the deadly, symbiotic partnership of Plasmodium falciparum parasites and the anopheles mosquitoes that transmit malaria, which have evolved together for thousands of years.  - The Lyme Wars (2013)
  • I insinuate that the day will come when an employer will hire them on the basis of test scores, even though my own experience is that employers are (rightly) indifferent to such things.  - The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher
  • I insinuate that the day will come when an employer will hire them on the basis of test scores, even though my own experience is that employers are (rightly) indifferent to such things.  - The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher
  • Graham seemed to insinuate that Facebook had won it all and that there was no other social network.  - Zuckerberg Tells Startup School: MySpace Had Chance To Succeed
  • He said he feared that if he didn’t tell me about his letter, someone, perhaps at the Vatican, would leak word of it to insinuate yet another motive for forgery.  - The contested papyrus “The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”
  • They also insinuate that binge drinking causes crime.  - Confessions of a Binge Drinker
  • there is boundless condescension in the way you insinuate that my attempt to define myself is somehow pointless and inarticulate.  - The Sexual Is Political
  • And come 3pm, a nasty thought is already beginning to insinuate itself.  - How to eat healthily on 1 a day

Meaning of "insinuate" in English

  • give to understand
  • introduce or insert (oneself) in a subtle manner

Meaning of "insinuate" in Hindi

  • दिल में जगह करना ( Dil men jagah karana, dil men jagah karanaa, dil men zagah karana)
  • अपने ऊपर दयावान करना ( Apane upar dayavan karana, apane oopar dayaavan karanaa, apane upar dayawan karana)
  • ह्रदय में बिठाना
  • पैठना या पैठाना ( Paithana ya paithana, paithanaa yaa paithanaa)
  • जी में डालना ( Ji men dalana, jee men daalanaa, zi men dalana)
  • इशारा करना ( Eshara karana, eshaaraa karanaa)
  • लल्लो पच्चो करके घुस जाना ( Lallo pachcho karake ghus jana, lallo pachcho karake ghus janaa, lallo pachcho karake ghus zana)
  • चालाकी भरा संकेत करना ( Chalaki bhara sanket karana, chaalaakee bharaa sanket karanaa)
  • कटाक्ष करना ( Kataksh karana, kataaksh karanaa)
  • उपक्षिप्त करना ( Upakshipt karana, upakshipt karanaa)

Synonyms of "insinuate"

  • intimate
  • adumbrate

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