How to use "interpolate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "interpolate" in popular movie and book plots

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Example sentences for "interpolate" in interesting articles

  • Scales can interpolate symbol sizes, font sizes, stroke widths, colors in various color spaces, geometric transforms, shapes and even deeply-nested objects.  - Introducing d3-scale
  • I must have walked into his office thousands of times to ask random questions like, “how can I smoothly interpolate from one rotation matrix to another?” or “how should I implement moving capsule-to-cylinder collision detection?” Years later, he would join Google one month after me.Each of my mentors changed something about the way I approached problems or viewed the world.  - Four Steps to Google, Without a Degree
  • Instead of changing the document instantaneously, transitions smoothly interpolate the document from its current state to the desired target state over a given duration.Transitions can be heterogeneous: sometimes you want to synchronize a transition across multiple selections.  - What Makes Software Good?
  • Or you can just move the beam a few more points, make a table of galvo input versus pixel position, and let your software interpolate between table entries.  - Laser Fence Zaps Mosquitoes In Flight

Meaning of "interpolate" in English

  • insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby
  • estimate the value of

Meaning of "interpolate" in Hindi

  • प्रक्षेप डालना ( Prakshep dalana, prakshep daalanaa)
  • प्रक्षेपण ( Prakshepan)
  • अंतर्वेशन ( Antarveshan, antarweshan)
  • बीच में डालना
  • क्षिप्त करना ( Kshipt karana, kshipt karanaa)

Synonyms of "interpolate"

  • falsify
  • extrapolate
  • alter

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