How to use "interregnum" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "interregnum" in popular movie and book plots

  • When pursued by the anthropophagous, plural Wendigo, they are rescued by Bert, with whom they travel aboard the ship Indigo Dragon (captained by Bert's daughter Aven), to Avalon, and then to Paralon, the capital of the Geographica's 'Archipelago of Dreams', where they discover this Archipelago in an interregnum and discover that its social order can be restored by a descendant of Arthur Pendragon.  - Here, There Be Dragons
  • As the king has failed to name a successor, Karegia enters an interregnum at his death.  - Tales of Rebirth
  • Seldon and others, most notably Yugo Amaryl, finally develop psychohistory to the point that he can initiate what will come to be known as the Seldon Plan, the road map for drastically shortening the interregnum between the First and Second Empires.  - Forward the Foundation
  • An understanding of the drama of Boris Godunov may be facilitated by a basic knowledge of the historical events surrounding the Time of Troubles, the interregnum of relative anarchy following the end of the Ryurik Dynasty (1598) and preceding the Romanov Dynasty (1613).  - Boris Godunov (opera)

Meaning of "interregnum" in English

  • the time between two reigns, governments, etc.

Meaning of "interregnum" in Hindi

  • अंतराल
  • अराजक काल
  • राज्य का राजा से खाली रहने का काल
  • मध्यावकाश
  • राजा-अंतराल

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