How to use "introspective" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "introspective" in popular movie and book plots

  • Savka, a lazy and strangely introspective man of great physical force and sexual charm, as well as some bizarre habits, is seen as a despicable outcast by the village's male community.  - Agafya (short story)
  • She spends time in rehab, and is only released during her stay for two recording sessions with Tionne and Chilli, during which she contributes an introspective rap verse to what will become the group's biggest hit, "Waterfalls", after seeing a rainbow on the ride to the studio.  - CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story
  • As they walk and talk, Nate goes all introspective about how he's had a tough time and needs to find himself.  - Yes, Then Zero
  • Various quiet, introspective scenes show them doing things such as making coffee, smoking a cigarette, and reminiscing over nostalgic items.  - Come Rain, Come Shine
  • An introspective astrophysics major, Frank (Jeter Rhodes) visits a remote lab to work with his mentor, dr Roberts.  - Nightfur
  • Birotteau is an other-worldly, gentle, introspective type; Troubert, who is ten years younger than his fellow boarder, is very much of the world: he is a careerist devoured by ambition.  - Le Curé de Tours
  • While Kristen copes with depression the old-fashioned way — with pharmaceuticals — her teammates Jimmy Olson, Jorge Blanca and Gayle Ring are also dealing with introspective mental states as they await the final stage of the Anita's approach to the Earth.  - The Unselfish Gene
  • The narrator of the story is Bertrand Russell, who stands as an icon of many of these themes: a deeply sensitive and introspective man, Russell was not just a philosopher and pacifist, he was also one of the prominent figures in the foundational quest.  - Logicomix
  • They had four children, eldest son, Sean (Clark Brandon); introspective second son, Jack (Jimmy McNichol); only daughter Maureen (nicknamed Mo) (Michele Tobin) and youngest son, Max (Sean Marshall).  - The Fitzpatricks
  • A fast paced, introspective look at the enigmatic life of a most influential ancestor.  - Ten for Grandpa
  • After some years I realized young people are getting more emotionally damaged, their capacity as human beings of being introspective and relating to each other is every time more deteriorated, this is precisely what the movie tries to reflect.  - El búfalo de la noche (film)
  • The film ends with Emilia in an introspective moment.  - Familia rodante
  • The film ends with his father's death and burial and a long introspective look at Ariel Perelman's life in his 30s.  - Family Law (film)
  • These include spoiled but introspective heiress and Southern belle Catherine Simms and the man to whom she is somewhat reluctantly engaged, the Reverend David Lee, a seemingly good-natured preacher with a dark side.  - The Foreigner (play)
  • The only older boy to voice dissent to the idea is Don Egriss, a thoughtful and introspective African-American boy who is one of the only minorities present at the camp.  - The Butterfly Revolution
  • Ranald starts to despise the Viking way of life, and he soon turns very introspective and isolated, contemplating the meaning of life along emerging Christian principles.  - Vinland (novel)
  • An introspective person, Brian becomes increasingly aware of the class differences and racism in his town when the junior prom becomes segregated as the black and white students can't agree on the theme song.  - Hairstyles of the Damned
  • Snake Woman is the story of Jessica Peterson, a young introspective midwestern girl who has moved to Los Angeles where she works as a waitress in a downtown LA dive-bar.  - Snake Woman (comics)
  • Through introspective monologue on both sides of the fight, we learn of the history of the attacking imagos and "vampires", and the reasons behind the invasion.  - The Tain (novella)
  • When shy and introspective Mary arrives as a new freshman student at an all-girls boarding school, she shares a dorm room with two seniors, an American named Pauline (nicknamed Paulie) and a Canadian named Victoria (nicknamed Tori).  - Lost and Delirious
  • Festival attendees are particularly touched by Barney Gumble's artistic introspective film about alcoholism, titled Pukahontas, which Jay foresees to be the eventual winner.  - A Star Is Burns
  • Davenport) as he travels from Kentucky with his girlfriend Estelle across the country, in a patient and introspective 1963 VW Bus, Urge.  - Divine Right's Trip
  • The introspective Kenji asks the extroverted Noi if he can stay with her, unwilling to spend time with the two corpses in his apartment.  - Last Life in the Universe
  • Tyne and Ward are baffled about what to do next when Windy (John Ireland), a calm, introspective soldier suggests circling around the farm via the river and blowing up the bridge without first taking the house.  - A Walk in the Sun (1945 film)
  • In the opening chapter, Hans is symbolically transported away from the familiar life and mundane obligations he has known, in what he later learns to call "the flatlands", to the rarefied mountain air and introspective little world of the sanatorium.  - The Magic Mountain
  • This storyline is largely introspective and deals with Urania's memories and her inner turmoil over the events preceding her departure from the Dominican Republic thirty-five years earlier.  - The Feast of the Goat
  • Mike is the no-nonsense, serious, but unassuming leader; Steven the loving, groom-to-be, pecked-at by his mother; and Nick the quiet, introspective man who loves deer hunting because, he likes "…the trees…the way the trees are".  - The Deer Hunter

Example sentences for "introspective" in interesting articles

  • Having the integrity and introspective accuracy to distinguish what one likes from what is good, useful, meaningful is vital; we do not work for ourselves but for our users.  - Designer Duds
  • But that’s really never been the mindset I’ve been in while I’ve been creating these things.When you’re alone in a room with an instrument, more times than not, at least I feel very introspective because I’m alone and playing something on an instrument.  - Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard Deconstructs the Science of Songwriting
  • With thirty employees, millions in revenue, a Rackspace-like commitment to customer service (we employ more WordPress experts per 1000 customers than anyone),  an SEOMoz-like commitment to honesty and transparency, and a HubSpot-like obsession on introspective measurement, not just on marketing and growth but on customer happiness and retention, we’re experiencing fantastic growth, but in a way that I believe is sustainable. So now it’s your turn to think about this with your own company.  - The rise of the successful unsustainable company
  • That’s why he is right now doing something that makes him feel good, rather than take a good introspective look at what he is doing. If you think there’s something I haven’t expressed yet, feel free to ask. Regarding your proposals; I would say they are fine, but this is not the medium to propose them.  - Another user/developer banned from GNOME's bugzilla without any warning
  • My dad was a pastor, and although very conservative, is thoughtful and introspective to a point.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • My dad was a pastor, and although very conservative, is thoughtful and introspective to a point.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • The former are members of what Warren Buffett famously dubbed “the lucky sperm club.” These inheritors sometimes display the stereotypical arrogance of privilege—the fast cars and wanton lifestyles—but the more introspective among them contend with worries that they’ll lack the motivation to accomplish anything in life or to escape the shadows of their parents.  - Secret Fears of the Super-Rich
  • Unfortunately, the makers of technology are generally not encouraged to be introspective or reflect too deeply on what they are making, and this really worries me.Once any sort of technology has users, it becomes extremely difficult to change it -- even if you know it should or must be changed.  Usually the only thing you can do is tack on more features, but it can be impossible to change the core structure.  - Today's Inventors Need to Read More Science Fiction (2013)
  • Which gears turn and unwind to produce oblivion? How do they turn back into place? These questions, as important as they are for preventing anesthesia awareness, are dwarfed by a central riddle that has puzzled scientists and philosophers—not to mention most mildly introspective people—for hundreds, if not thousands, of years: What does it mean to be conscious? Doctors began investigating how anesthesia affects consciousness during the 1960s, shortly after the first reports of awareness.  - Awakening (during anesthesia)

Meaning of "introspective" in English

  • given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences

Meaning of "introspective" in Hindi

  • आत्मविश्लेषी
  • आत्मविचार-सम्बन्घी

Synonyms of "introspective"

  • introverted
  • self examining

Antonyms of "introspective"

  • extroverted
  • extrospective

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