How to use "inundate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "inundate" in popular movie and book plots

  • Boxes placed in the choir room turn out to be glitter bombs, which inundate the room and destroy the piano.  - We Built This Glee Club
  • As floodwaters inundate the lower levels of the hospital, a brilliant young surgeon, dr Foster (Rick Schroder), makes the decision to move the patients to safer ground, including a young couple whose premature baby is struggling for life, as well as, a girl and her mother, severely hurt in a car accident.  - 14 Hours (2005 film)
  • Houses, trains and people inundate in flood water and Siddharth (Mahesh Babu), a young man, and his friends, save the people up to their maximum effort.  - Sainikudu
  • Kenner's niece, Jennifer Haynes, joins the group for the final leg as they travel to a remote island in the Solomons to stop the ELF's "piece de resistance", a tsunami that will inundate the coastline of California just as Drake is winding up the international conference on the "catastrophe" of global warming.  - State of Fear
  • Floods inundate the countryside, and Wimsey climbs the tower as the bells are ringing the alarm.  - The Nine Tailors

Example sentences for "inundate" in interesting articles

  • It included terms like “psycho-epistemology” and other doctrinal patois that modern philosophers favor to give even the most mundane claims a metaphysical sheen, yet it also addressed, rather nakedly, the self-help impulse that accounts, in large part, for Rand’s continued popularity.Happiness, Ghate explained, is the “moral purpose” of life, and the role of philosophy in that quest is to ensure that you are “fully thinking” about the views that inundate you on a daily basis.  - Meeting Ayn Rand on the Las Vegas Strip

Meaning of "inundate" in English

  • fill or cover completely, usually with water
  • fill quickly beyond capacity; as with a liquid
    - The images flooded his mind

Meaning of "inundate" in Hindi

  • डुबोना ( Dubona, dubonaa)
  • बाढ आना ( Badh aana, baadh anaa)
  • बहना ( Bahana, bahanaa)
  • बह निकलना ( Bah nikalana, bah nikalanaa)
  • बाढ़ आना ( Badh aana, baadh anaa)
  • बाढ‌़ लाना ( Badh lana, baadh lanaa)
  • पूर लाना ( Pur lana, poor lanaa)

Synonyms of "inundate"

  • flood
  • swamp
  • deluge
  • submerge

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