How to use "invective" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "invective" in popular movie and book plots

  • This follows the loss of his job as a history teacher in London, following an outburst in class in which “he found himself pouring forth a torrent of wild, indecent invective upon every aspect of modern civilization”.  - Wolf Solent
  • All the while he pours out a stream of inappropriate invective and obscenities.  - Recep İvedik
  • They all do, except for Chris, who instead hurls a vicious invective at Carrie.  - Carrie (musical)
  • They go on a field trip to Cork, where they are directed to a man in the west who will not let them in his home; rather he shouts invective at them for an hour until they leave.  - Portuguese Irregular Verbs
  • Through a megaphone, he barks strident, racist invective ("Waiting to put on a black shirt.  - Waiting for the Worms
  • Ned tries to calm down, knowing that the townspeople tried their best, but is unable to contain his rage and finally snaps, lashing out at all the residents of Springfield, and directing his most vehement invective at Homer (who believes he got off easy because he wasn't yelled at, nor had any specific flaws pointed out).  - Hurricane Neddy
  • A hysterical crowd gathers outside the courtroom, as Tom Watson spews invective ("Hammer of Justice") and Hugh Dorsey begins the case for the prosecution ("Twenty Miles from Marietta").  - Parade (musical)

Example sentences for "invective" in interesting articles

  • Chat rooms, Web threads, editors’ letter boxes and Dyson’s own e-mail queue resonate with a thermal current of invective in which Dyson has discovered himself variously described as “a pompous twit,” “a blowhard,” “a cesspool of misinformation,” “an old coot riding into the sunset” and, perhaps inevitably, “a mad scientist.” Dyson had proposed that whatever inflammations the climate was experiencing might be a good thing because carbon dioxide helps plants of all kinds grow.  - The Global Warming Heretic - NYTimes On Freeman Dyson
  • Some regarded the North’s dire warnings as a signal that some military response was looming. Advertisement Continue reading the main story “The higher decibel of invective is a bit worrisome,” said Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico and presidential candidate, who has traveled to North Korea eight times, most recently in January.  - New Sanctions Imposed on North Korea as it Warns of Pre-emptive Nuclear Attack
  • At the same time, a mob of Internet trolls, eco-zealots, and other angry folk from every corner of the Internet unleashed a fury of vulgar insults, flooding our email and Facebook pages. This was the sort of angry invective normally reserved for genocidal dictators. These reactions were so extreme, so maniacal, so deeply drenched in expletives, they seemed wasted on us; this was the sort of angry invective normally reserved for genocidal dictators.  - Weddings Used To Be Sacred And Other Lessons About InternetJournalism
  • A jury awarded Obsidian and Padrick $2.5 million in damages for the libel.The New York Times’s media reporter David Carr wrote about the case that year, ruling it less about journalism than Right and Wrong: “She didn’t so much report stories,” he said of Cox, “as use blogging, invective and search engine optimization to create an alternative reality.”Other things were going on in the case.  - U.S. Court: Bloggers Are Journalists, even when they're libeling you

Meaning of "invective" in English

  • abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will

Meaning of "invective" in Hindi

  • आक्षेप ( Aakshep)
  • निंदा ( Ninda, nindaa)
  • अपवाद
  • अपवाद ( Apavad, apavaad, apawad)
  • गाली ( Gali, gaalee)
  • ताना ( Tana, tanaa)
  • दोष ( Dosh)
  • बोली ठोली ( Boli tholi, bolee tholee)
  • अपशब्द ( Apashabd)
  • फुटकर ( Phutakar, futakar)
  • प्रतिवाद ( Prativad, prativaad, pratiwad)

Synonyms of "invective"

  • vitriol
  • vituperation

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