How to use "inveterate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "inveterate" in popular movie and book plots

  • Her father, who brought her to Macau from mainland China, was an inveterate gambler who has since died, leaving her with a large pile of debts and a gambling habit of her own.  - Book of Love (2016 film)
  • And when her father and mother returned, she brazened it out before them, and became the Deepa of old, the inveterate thief who could not control her impulses, and had thus stolen the money and wasted it away.  - Chorni
  • Alistair succeeded (by co-producing a hit play), but the marriage has since imploded to the point where Alistair is having a relationship with Patricia Smith (nicknamed "Polly Seedy-Stockings") and Epifania is spending time with Adrian Blenderbland (a self-styled intellectual and inveterate gourmand).  - The Millionairess (play)
  • Alan Lloyd (Hill) is an inveterate gambler who accumulates a lot of debt and therefore is forced to flee, pursued by shady employers in the area.  - Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure
  • Ashok’s friend Bansi (Johnny Walker) sabotages the marriage when the girl comes to visit (in a very funny scene) by insinuating that Ashok is an inveterate gambler.  - Dulhan Ek Raat Ki
  • If he is "attached to the step of a woman whose costume announced a deep, radical, ancient, inveterate misery, who was no fairer than so many others he saw each night at the Opéra", it was his eye that was literally spellbound.  - Gambara (short story)
  • Zaritskiy is an inveterate gambler, and playing against Telepnev, he has lost a huge sum of money.  - Be silent, sorrow ... be silent
  • This time he heads for the hills with an inveterate prospector, Jimmo McCann.  - The Naked Hills
  • Joseph Poacher ("Jojo") and his wife Lucienne ("Lulu"), a nagging shrew and inveterate alcoholic, lead a married life for the less confrontational, in their farm located in a place called "Paradise".  - A Crime in Paradise
  • Once they start living together, Jin-ho gradually embarks on a mission to transform the inveterate tomboy/slob, Kae-in.  - Personal Taste
  • The year is 1853 when inveterate gambler Jim Smiley (Edgar Buchanan) returns to his hometown of Dawson's Landing in Missouri after being away for a decade from his wife and son.  - Best Man Wins
  • He describes his workspace, and meditates on his marriage, his book, and his colleagues, specifically Culp, an inveterate dirty limerick writer and the leader of Kohler's sons' boy scout troop.  - The Tunnel (novel)
  • Indeed, Karunagaran, inveterate player of poker, killed a player accidentally during a game in which the player wins him by cheating, shocked to realise that he is the reason for his death Karunagaran escapes from that quickly.  - Dheiva Thaai
  • Bruno Fioretti, known as "Mandrake", is an inveterate gambler who never misses a day at the horse racing track in Rome.  - Febbre da cavallo
  • They are inveterate gamblers who have joined forces to trick local bookies, by taking advantage of delayed broadcasts of horse races.  - Came a Hot Friday
  • The film is a tribute to Naples, where director De Sica spent his first years, this is a collection of 6 Neapolitan episodes: a clown exploited by a hoodlum; an unfaithful pizza seller (Loren) losing her wedding ring; the funeral of a child; the impoverished inveterate gambler Count Prospero being reduced to force his doorman's preteen kid to play cards with him (and losing regularly); the unexpected and unusual wedding of Teresa, a prostitute; the exploits of "professor" Ersilio Miccio, a "wisdom seller" who "solves problems".  - The Gold of Naples
  • Surprisingly, Brett finds love in the most unexpected place: Kara Whalen, and confides in the most unexpected person: Heath Ferro, an inveterate gossip.  - Unforgettable (novel)
  • Chemluth, who is an inveterate womanizer, becomes smitten with Fredda and decides to stay with her and the Invisibles, but Bluebear elects to remain behind with the Troglotroll as he has no desire to leave Earth.  - The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear
  • An inveterate womaniser, Asim meets the failed comedian Superman impersonator Samet (Tolga Cevik) while fleeing from an angry husband.  - Magic Carpet Ride (film)
  • Outside of the house, few know of Agnes' madness (though knowledge of it spreads during the length of the story), who presents herself as an inveterate hostess and socialite to the world during each season.  - The Crimson Petal and the White
  • On his way, they visit John's parents who are upset about his liberal views because his father (Richard Blackburn) is an inveterate Republican supporter.  - Blue State (film)
  • His Aunt Ming, a football fan and inveterate gambler, has just won the lottery and had intended on donating her winnings to the Thai team.  - Lucky Loser
  • Here she meets Leslie, an inveterate poker player who has lost all her money.  - My Blueberry Nights
  • An inveterate womanizer, he has affairs with the real estate agent who found his apartment, and whose husband, a successful businessman, covets their maid.  - Welcome to L.A.
  • Sandra Rubini (Leonora Ruffo), elected "Miss Siren of 1953", suddenly grows upset and faints: rumours fly that she’s expecting a baby by inveterate skirt chaser Fausto Moretti (Franco Fabrizi).  - I Vitelloni
  • She grows up to become a kleptomaniac, inveterate liar, and eventually a murderess.  - The Locket
  • The Englishman Bonaparte Blenkins is an inveterate liar and confidence trickster.  - The Story of an African Farm
  • He is an inveterate gambler and is having his bets placed by Mick (Harry Locke), the orderly.  - Carry On Nurse
  • In tow are Titta’s grandfather (Peppino Ianigro), a likeable old goat with an eye on the family’s young maid, and a street vendor, Biscein (Gennaro Ombra), the town’s inveterate liar.  - Amarcord
  • Among the other passengers are fellow coaster Hui Fei (Anna May Wong), Lily's companion; Christian missionary mr Carmichael (Lawrence Grant), who at first condemns the two "fallen women"; inveterate gambler Sam Salt (Eugene Pallette); opium dealer Eric Baum (Gustav von Seyffertitz); boarding house keeper mrs Haggerty (Louise Closser Hale); French officer Major Lenard (Emile Chautard) and a mysterious Eurasian, Henry Chang (Warner Oland).  - Shanghai Express (film)

Example sentences for "inveterate" in interesting articles

  • What started as a means of investing my inveterate wanderings with more purpose has become an exercise in ego-massage, and a burden: each turn in the road reconnoitred in advance, the camera never far from my side.The life my stories project has little basis in my daily reality.  - Has Travel Become Another Exercise in Narcissism?
  • Iraq was boiling over, the Pentagon and the Bush administration were in denial, and he was operating within a confused command structure. An inveterate micromanager, Sanchez sank into the details of his job, constantly correcting subordinates but failing to provide overarching guidance.  - General Failure: How the American military rewards failure at the highest ranks
  • Perhaps wearied by the responsibility of caring for him, his wife, my great-grandmother, a formidable and brilliant woman, died from an overdose of scotch and sleeping pills in 1969, a few months before I was born.My mother, Chester’s granddaughter, is, like me, an inveterate worrier, and, though she enjoyed a productive career as an attorney, she suffers from some of the same phobias and neuroses that I do.  - Surviving Anxiety
  • The idea of building something to improve vision first struck me during my childhood, not long after my grandfather (an inveterate tinkerer) taught me to weld.  - What Ive learned from 35 years of wearing computerized eyewear
  • While working together at Softdisk (Shreveport, La.), a small software publisher, these inveterate gamers began moonlighting on their own titles.  - The Wizardry of Id: a profile of John Carmack's programming (David Kushner)
  • You carefully presume, as is common to inveterate ideologues, to speak on behalf of “most humans”.  - The Sexual Is Political
  • And others never even activated their cards; they told me sheepishly that they were \"too busy.\" \u003C\u002Fp\u003E\u003Cp\u003EI'm an inveterate networker, and I thought the Latitude might be a good networking tool.  - My Year in San Francisco’s $2M Secret Society Startup

Meaning of "inveterate" in English

  • habitual
  • in a habitual and longstanding manner

Meaning of "inveterate" in Hindi

  • हठी ( Hathi, hathee)
  • जिद्दी ( Jiddi, jiddee, ziddi)
  • गहरा ( Gahara, gaharaa)
  • दिनी ( Dini, dinee)
  • पुराना ( Purana, puranaa)
  • पक्का ( Pakka, pakkaa)

Synonyms of "inveterate"

  • confirmed
  • habitual

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