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Example sentences for "irascible" in popular movie and book plots

  • Another subplot revolves around the irascible Andrés, who is revealed to have an estranged daughter living in Spain.  - Off Course (2015 film)
  • A former soldier and champion of pool and his gigantic and irascible friend accepted, for $50000, to investigate arms trafficking that would take place between the US and Mexico.  - Carambola!
  • Having to endure Seok-gu's constant lashing, criticism, and various other rhetoric, Ji-yeon nevertheless is able to stand up and change him into a less irascible person, even managing to make him play the piano again, an activity that used to be his hobby until his family's demise.  - Perfect Proposal
  • Baudu, an irascible old man, runs a small fabric shop in 1860s Paris.  - Shop Girls of Paris
  • Just as Eddie (Joe DeRita) and his bride Betty (Christine McIntyre) are getting settled into their new home, her irascible family comes to visit.  - Wedlock Deadlock
  • His irascible father who beat him merciless and the sexual adventures of his classmates, who went skinny seeping in a river comparing the size of their penises and have sex with farm animals.  - El sacerdote
  • José has to share a small bedroom with his two hormone crazy younger brothers, while Antonio and Rosario have to deal with their irascible mother, Herminia.  - Colegas
  • One night she invites her ex-lovers for dinner: Simon, an irascible singer who involves her in his artistic endeavors and with whom she constantly fights; Patrick, a young saxophone player who naively conquers her heart with his doe-eyed glance while accompanying one of Simon's songs; Julien, a tame and shy man who falls for Alice while helping her push her stalled car to a roadside during a thunderstorm.  - Je vous aime
  • He discovers that the irascible McKinnon and his colleagues, including Swedish Professor Lars Bergman, American engineer Spike Stranahan, science student Janet Campbell, Cockney housekeeper Madge Smith and engineer Kurt Oppenheim, are building an atomic-powered spaceship to travel to Hesikos, the wandering 'lost planet' which is now within a few days' flight of Earth, and which is known to have near-Earth gravity and a breathable atmosphere.  - The Lost Planet (novel)
  • They meet the irascible dr Anirudhan (Sreenivasan), a widower with a baby girl.  - Ennum Nanmakal
  • When he returns to New York following a try-out of a new show, Bronson arranges for the irascible producer, Max Merlin, to put them in the show and the story develops around the mutual interest which grows between Eddie and Ruth.  - Too Much Harmony
  • Over the course of their journey, Shea counsels the irascible genius successfully.  - Sir Harold of Zodanga
  • His mother (Diane Tasca), an irascible self-made billionaire, refuses to fund Cody's project, leaving him resentful yet determined.  - Our Feature Presentation
  • Alas, the kids' bulky fishing equipment causes nothing but discomfort for the rest of the passengers, to say nothing of the irascible bus conductor.  - Goin' Fishin'
  • Bramson (Dame May Whitty) is an irascible elderly woman who holds court in a small English village.  - Night Must Fall (1937 film)
  • Harry, their irascible Producer, is highly critical of the play, which has been foisted on him by the Directors of the Company and is unenthusiastic about its prospects.  - Curtain Up
  • Ross Harte, newspaperman and friend to The Great Merlini, has finally fallen in love—with Kathryn Wolff, daughter of irascible millionaire Dudley Wolff.  - No Coffin for the Corpse
  • However, his creeping self-doubt grows by degrees; he is reassigned from his post as scouting officer once on the Somme, knowing he cannot face another night patrol, and earns the wrath of his commanding officer – an irascible Regular colonel – over a trivial incident.  - The Secret Battle
  • Back in his present time, Ryan finds changes to history; Doc is more irascible because her husband was "killed in the war".  - Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision
  • For instance, Sir Kay's characterization harkens back as much to the heroic version of the early Welsh legends as it does to Malory's irascible boor, and Gawaine's more to the high-minded champion of Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight than the narrow and clannish bully of the Morte.  - The Idylls of the Queen
  • A minor subplot of the story involves a barroom meeting between Daily Planet publisher and WGBS network chief Morgan Edge and Daily Bugle editor Jonah Jameson, in which the two irascible boss figures compare complaints about their employees Kent and Parker, and their respective propensities to suddenly disappear in the midst of crisis situations.  - Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man
  • With irreverent wit, he rattles on, in his irascible humorous style, burning his spicy stories into the imagination of a young neighbour kid, Danny Himes (Gregory Smith).  - The Climb (1999 film)
  • Upon arriving in Austria, Caroline meets her father and his crew, which include the ubiquitous director's assistant Marcus, the irascible sound manager Steven, and the aged, gentle special effects manager Otto.  - Summer with the Ghosts
  • Agnes ends up working for irascible Gordon Webb (John Laurie).  - Laughter in Paradise
  • But before long, Sadao's irascible father shows up with a shotgun, causing Pan to jump into the river to escape the shotgun blasts.  - Monrak Transistor
  • A diffident fellow, he’s in love with Pat Wyvern, the daughter of the irascible Colonel Meredith Wyvern.  - Money for Nothing (novel)
  • Cyril and Shirley are portrayed as the most decent characters in the film, despite Cyril's irascible nature.  - High Hopes (1988 film)
  • Ann turns to Amos Walker the irascible private-eye from Detroit but then disappears and Walker is out to find out what happened and where she is.  - Angel Eyes (novel)
  • The characters of these two plots are surrounded by various "humorous" characters, all in familiar English types: the irascible soldier, country gull, pretentious pot-poets, surly water-bearer, and avuncular judge all make an appearance.  - Every Man in His Humour
  • He lives with his father, an irascible retired truck driver (Roberts Blossom) whose CB handle is "Papa Thermodyne".  - Handle with Care (1977 film)
  • These include the matriarch, Leonora (or Lenore) Roselli, her daughter Gemma, her son Emilio (or Emile), and the family friend Pantaleone, a rather irascible old man and retired opera singer.  - Torrents of Spring
  • Trapped in the store's pet rodent display case, G-Force meets Hurley, a laid-back guinea pig, Bucky, an irascible hamster, and three sycophantic mice.  - G-Force (film)
  • The Maggie is a typical Clyde puffer, a small, aged cargo boat with a varied, irascible and argumentative crew.  - The Maggie
  • An increase in business leads him to advertise for a third, and he hires the forlorn-looking Bartleby in the hope that his calmness will soothe the irascible temperaments of the other two.  - Bartleby, the Scrivener
  • Zuckerman and Seymour's younger brother, Jerry—who grows into a curmudgeonly, irascible heart surgeon with little empathy for the Swede—are schoolmates and close friends.  - American Pastoral
  • He hires irascible producer Martin Hannett to record Joy Division, and soon the band and label have a hit record.  - 24 Hour Party People
  • The series features the exploits and mishaps of irascible pensioner Victor Meldrew, who after being forced to retire from his job as a security guard, finds himself at war with the world and everything in it.  - One Foot in the Grave

Example sentences for "irascible" in interesting articles

Meaning of "irascible" in English

  • characterized by anger
    - an irascible response
  • quickly aroused to anger

Meaning of "irascible" in Hindi

  • क्रोधी ( Krodhi, krodhee)
  • गुस्सावर ( Gussavar, gussaavar, gussawar)
  • क्रोधी
  • चिडचिडा ( Chidachida, chidachidaa)
  • चिड़चिड़ा ( Chidachida, chidachidaa)

Synonyms of "irascible"

  • short tempered
  • hot tempered
  • quick tempered
  • hotheaded
  • choleric

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