How to use "itinerary" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "itinerary" in popular movie and book plots

  • The subject portrays an extraordinary story and a fascinating itinerary of survival through unusual episodes in the progress of culture.  - Santini's Network
  • Katie Hollingston (Briana Evigan), the adored royal princess of the small country of Montsaurai, is visiting New York City during the Christmas season with her bodyguards and her overbearing aunt Margaret, who has planned an itinerary of speeches, meetings, and seasonal events.  - Once Upon a Holiday
  • Each girl, incognito, is given a chaperone of an army officer, and an itinerary to be back at Buckingham Palace by 1am.  - A Royal Night Out
  • The itinerary directs Mitty to Iceland, where O'Connell is photographing the volcano Eyjafjallajökull, and he arrives at the local village of Skógar near the volcano using a longboard, and notices O'Connell on the plane flying near the volcano.  - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013 film)
  • They dine with the family of mr B—, Jonathan's brother's wife's uncle; Jacques is taken with mr B—'s daughter, Miss Amelia, who promises to draw up an itinerary for their sightseeing to come.  - Backwards to Britain
  • Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) is surprised that Daniel's done something right for a change, until she reads the itinerary for the bra and tells Daniel that the Bra is due to be shipped to Cairo at the same time as the shoot.  - Million Dollar Smile
  • He mentions the details of her itinerary to Chyi when he next calls in, provoking confused denials.  - Help Me Eros
  • Louis provides Isabelle with a detailed itinerary (the better for De la Marck to find her).  - The Adventures of Quentin Durward
  • With the help of his assistant, Brendan, Francis draws up a strict itinerary for the trip and takes his brothers' passports to prevent them from getting off the train too early.  - The Darjeeling Limited
  • Hyung-Woo then mistakenly text messages his itinerary to his mother instead of Eun-Jae.  - Can't Lose
  • However, the plan quickly goes awry: the ship Napoleon is serving on abruptly changes its itinerary and docks in Belgium instead of France.  - The Emperor's New Clothes (2001 film)
  • Together, twins, boy, and dog set off for Nun's Lake, Idaho, the next stop on the twins' itinerary while they decide what to do next.  - One Door Away from Heaven
  • Expecting a fun time with their grandfather, they instead end up living day-to-day via an itinerary with his no-nonsense assistant, Jeremy (Matt Winston), since Edward is always too busy and has no time to spend with them.  - Passport to Paris
  • The most incriminating piece of evidence is a copy of a top secret presidential itinerary outlining, to the minute, President Bush's Chicago whereabouts on 19 October 2007.  - Death of a President (2006 film)

Example sentences for "itinerary" in interesting articles

Meaning of "itinerary" in English

  • a proposed route of travel
  • a guidebook for travelers
  • an established line of travel or access

Meaning of "itinerary" in Hindi

  • यात्राक्रम
  • यात्राविवरण
  • भ्रमणकारियों के लिये पथप्रदर्शक पुस्तक ( Bhramanakariyon ke liye pathapradarshak pustak, bhramanakaariyon ke liye pathapradarshak pustak)
  • घूमता हुआ ( Ghumata hu, ghoomataa huaa)
  • भ्रमण संबंधी ( Bhraman sanbandhi, bhraman sanbandhee)
  • यात्राक्रम ( Yatrakram, yaatraakram)

Synonyms of "itinerary"

  • route
  • travel plan
  • travel guidebook
  • path

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