How to use "kudos" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "kudos" in popular movie and book plots

  • Against protocol, Sang-gil omits to file reports on the progress of the case, as he wants to earn all the kudos himself and thereby a promotion.  - Howling (2012 film)
  • On their date night, Homer takes Marge to an action film featuring the legendary fictional spy character Stradivarius Cain (voiced by Bryan Cranston), but Homer's endless series of humorous shout-outs during the film earn him as much contempt from Marge as they do kudos from Lenny and Carl.  - The Spy Who Learned Me
  • Unfortunately, this was a little above young Larry's head but he lived to tell the tale and won kudos from his peers.  - A Little Worm
  • Anna is an ambitious young archaeologist who desperately needs the kudos of an important find, but her work is ruined when the authorities suddenly shut down the old hospital in which she is working.  - The Sickhouse
  • As the Stooges are given kudos for a job well done, the monkey goes to the grinder and twists the handle, firing a few shots that caused the three to be hit and flee the area.  - Goofs and Saddles
  • After gaining a reasonable amount of seniority and prestige, thanks to the kudos accruing from his productive running of Colonel Jerzy, Ned is appointed as a sort of roving troubleshooter, hopping around the globe to investigate random leads or smother minor crises.  - The Secret Pilgrim
  • Trotter moves to dismiss all charges, and the film ends with kudos trading and Vinny and Lisa bantering about their future wedding plans.  - My Cousin Vinny

Example sentences for "kudos" in interesting articles

Meaning of "kudos" in English

  • an expression of approval and commendation

Meaning of "kudos" in Hindi

  • तारीफ़ ( Tarif, taareef, tariph)
  • प्रशंसा ( Prashansa, prashansaa)
  • किसी उपलब्धि के लिए प्राप्त प्रशंसा एवं सम्मान

Synonyms of "kudos"

  • extolment
  • congratulations
  • praise

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