How to use "lethargic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "lethargic" in popular movie and book plots

  • Afterwards he decides to take a taxi, driven by a lethargic looking Sikh man, to the meeting, as it is raining out.  - That Bus Is Another World
  • Leonard asks him to grow up, putting Baby Cakes in a lethargic state.  - Magical Pet
  • Dylan enters the state paper-plane championships, having to travel there by himself as Jack is too lethargic to get up early enough.  - Paper Planes (film)
  • The policemen's attitude towards this issue is lethargic and they treat them with negligence.  - Vennila Veedu
  • Moving through the building, the Superior Spider-Man notices that the residents are strangely lethargic and realizes that whatever is draining power from electronics is also draining energy from people.  - Inhumanity (comics)
  • The zombies are very lethargic for the most part, have limited speech and short memories, and are notably illiterate.  - Warm Bodies
  • And not only that, knowing that they can just die and go on, one can become lethargic and just kill themselves, so they can go on to another life.  - Memories (The Twilight Zone)
  • The populace of the lethargic small town Fate, TX gathers for the grand opening of Consumart, a glossy new one-stop-shopping box store.  - Blood on the Highway
  • The game is set in Tokyo in 2032, and follows four protagonists: , a lethargic high school student who is investigating the disappearance of his twin sister ; , a woman who is the leader of the hacking group Criminal; a second Ishtar, who is searching for something important; and a man who goes by the nickname "He", who does not have any friends, and who is opposing an organization.  - I/O (visual novel)
  • Even though their family suffers from financial difficulties, they find a former marathon champion, Jung-wook — now a lethargic older man with an alcohol problem.  - Marathon (2005 film)
  • Set in Toronto's Portuguese-Canadian community, Monica lives with her mother Icelia (Brigitte Bako) and lethargic uncle Albert (Maurizio Terrazzano) in a basement suite.  - Saint Monica (film)
  • Tanen has lethargic sperm).  - How Betty Got Her Grieve Back
  • In the present, Carter has become a shadow of his former promise, a lethargic teacher, an alcoholic, excessive smoker, lacking the ability to sustain relationships.  - Mentor (film)
  • Growing increasingly lethargic and listless, she believes her mother does not care for her anymore, especially after witnessing her mother and dr Deberle exchange silent, knowing glances while planning a family excursion to Italy.  - Une page d'amour
  • On seeing the lethargic attitude of the police, he takes matters into his own hands and goes in search of the kidnappers.  - Vaaranam Aayiram
  • He has been lethargic lately.  - Morality for Beautiful Girls
  • The story digresses into a depiction of the Tsar Nicholas I of Russia, which reveals his lethargic and bitter nature and his egotistical complacency, as well as his contempt towards women, his brother-in-law Frederick William IV of Prussia, and Russian students.  - Hadji Murat (novel)
  • Frustrated with the side-effects of the antipsychotic medication he is taking, which make him lethargic and unresponsive, he secretly stops taking it.  - A Beautiful Mind (film)
  • Daffy Duck, a talent agent, prevents him from leaving and attempts to secure an audition for his client, a lethargic child performer named "Sleepy" Lagoon (a reference to the 1942 Sleepy Lagoon murder).  - Yankee Doodle Daffy
  • While others quickly form alliances, however, Dax appears lethargic and only interested in reminiscing about the past.  - Dramatis Personae (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • Nora and Frank begin to become more and more lethargic and leave Tommy standing at the mirror one night, allowing him to wander off.  - Tommy (1975 film)
  • McCabe quickly takes a dominant position over the town's simple-minded and lethargic miners, thanks to his aggressive personality and rumors that he is a gunfighter.  - McCabe & Mrs. Miller

Example sentences for "lethargic" in interesting articles

  • Shortly afterward, Lloyd left his tropical paradise and went back to Australia, determined to figure out what the hell was happening.(Trent Parke/Magnum)What could make you sleep most of the day and still feel lethargic when awake? Lloyd consulted a sleep specialist who told him about hypersomnia, an umbrella category for excessive sleepiness.  - Wake No More – The exhausting world of the hypersomniac
  • Some days, I woke up lethargic and drained, without the energy to even get up.  - There’s no glory in overworking, it’s just imminent burnout
  • The Atom N450 is also clearly more lethargic than either the AMD Mobile Athlon or the VIA Nano L3050 systems.  - The Coming War: ARM versus x86
  • He binged on chocolate and fried chicken, putting on weight, growing too lethargic and depressed to even get on the bathroom scale.  - The Wrong Man
  • I hear them fear-monger over my security and performance vulnerabilities. I also hear those “cloud purists” that condemn me for being lethargic to adopt “real” scalable cloud technologies.  - The Enterprise: Im Not Sexy And I Know It

Meaning of "lethargic" in English

  • deficient in alertness or activity

Meaning of "lethargic" in Hindi

  • तन्द्राजनक ( Tandrajanak, tandraajanak, tandrazanak)
  • निश्चेष्ट ( Nishchesht)
  • सुस्त ( Sust)
  • अकर्मण्य ( Akarmany)
  • आलसी ( Aalasi, aalasee)
  • निष्क्रिय ( Nishkriy)

Synonyms of "lethargic"

  • unergetic

Antonyms of "lethargic"

  • energetic

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