How to use "levity" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "levity" in popular movie and book plots

  • As a young child, Hideko is taught to read by her aunt, but any errors, mistakes, or any feelings of levity from either of them results in severe physical punishment from Kouzuki.  - The Handmaiden
  • The strange optimism (Kenyon attributes it to a natural levity of mind) which he had shown up to then finally deserted him: he predicted correctly to the House of Lords that "I have confessed to that which will destroy me" (although many believed that he continued to hope in vain for a pardon right up to the very end).  - Edward Colman
  • This serves to introduce some levity and ease the narrative out of the emotional climax of the scene, helping to prepare the audience for the twists and emotion of the following scene, the true climax of the play.  - Benten Kozō
  • The team eventually uses the levity of these spheres to escape to the surface.  - The Maracot Deep
  • Then there is Reverend Hugh Rattray, who assures Kitty that he is very fond of her, and that she will make a very suitable wife when her youthful levity has been tempered, for he pities the fact she is a destitute orphan, to her scorn.  - Cotillion (novel)

Example sentences for "levity" in interesting articles

  • But no single person acting in a vacuum is going to be able to solve problems so large on their own." Let's interject a bit of levity to the discussion.  - Edward Snowden: The Internet Is Broken

Meaning of "levity" in English

  • a manner lacking seriousness
  • feeling an inappropriate lack of seriousness

Meaning of "levity" in Hindi

  • हलकापन ( Halakapan, halakaapan)
  • चञ्चलता ( Chanjchalata, chanjchalataa, chanzchalata)
  • छिछोरापन ( Chhichhorapan, chhichhoraapan)
  • छिछलापन
  • ओछापन ( Ochhapan, ochhaapan)
  • लघुता ( Laghuta, laghutaa)

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