How to use "libertine" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "libertine" in popular movie and book plots

  • She is engaged with young Masetto (Max Parodi credited as Mario Parodi), soon to get married but she is very much intrigued by sex, further provoked by the antics of her libertine stepfather André (Patrick Mower).  - Monella (film)
  • Pamela had never known her mother and her late libertine father had denied her moral leadership and discipline in raising her.  - Women in War
  • Hired assassin Anwar (Ezzat El Alaili) runs from the police and, wounded, takes refuge in rich libertine Walid's (Mohsen Sarhan) mansion outside Kuwait City.  - Kuwait Connection
  • Both parties stop at Rickmansworth, where Hemel is due to meet one of his many lovers, a barmaid called Nelly (Miriam Karlin), who chases him away on learning of his libertine lifestyle.  - The Bargee
  • Books read include The Lover (by Marguerite Duras, read to the sexually frustrated businessman), and the works of Marquis de Sade (read to the judge and his libertine friends).  - The Reader (1988 film)
  • She learns, however, that the four men are libertine hedonists and sexual deviants whose four other female servants are, in fact, sex slaves.  - Marquis de Sade: Justine
  • Sabu's spoiled libertine son Xiro has gotten a mangled portion of one of Noah's messages and mistakes the announcement of apocalyptic doom as an invitation to a party cruise.  - Noah's Ark (2007 film)
  • In Paris, they go AWOL in order to follow their libertine pursuits.  - Half Shot at Sunrise
  • He is an orphan, a lively lad growing up in village in Ciociaria, under the tutelage of a maiden aunt who is filled with religious scruples, though given to libertine assignations, with which she indoctrinates him.  - Between Miracles
  • To assist him, d'Orléans enlists the aid of an atheistic and venal priest named Guillaume Dubois, who is as much of a libertine as Philippe, and unfortunately does not care for anyone except himself.  - Let Joy Reign Supreme
  • Amarillis enlists the help of the Sullen Shepherd, a libertine villain willing to go to any lengths to obtain his desires or to break the "plighted troths of mutual souls".  - The Faithful Shepherdess
  • Montraville sets his mind on seducing Charlotte and succeeds with the help of his libertine friend Belcour and Mademoiselle La Rue, a teacher at the boarding school Charlotte attends.  - Charlotte Temple
  • After a party at the couple's mansion, she is deflowered by a guest, Andrew (David Bradshaw) and Christine introduces her to libertine Me Ling (Joni Flynn).  - Felicity (film)
  • He manages to sell Ilinca, an impoverished young noblewoman, to the libertine Paşadia, but the latter is defied by Pantazi, who offers to marry Ilinca himself and thus save her family's honour.  - Craii de Curtea-Veche
  • Unable to cope with such a libertine concept in the conservatism of the early 1960s, Eddie flips out on Alison during a radio broadcast.  - Goldilocks and the Three Bares
  • But the town has changed as a number of Mormons have moved to Excellent, and the town's libertine ways are going away.  - The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon
  • But to her dismay, Becka discovered that the one who awaited her there was a dangerous, despicable libertine who called himself the Dastard.  - The Dastard
  • dr Merchant's ancestor, Phillip LeMarchand, a French toymaker, makes the Lament Configuration on commission from the libertine aristocrat Duc de L'Isle.  - Hellraiser: Bloodline
  • Michael Warden, a libertine who is about to leave the country, is thought by the barristers Snitchey and Craggs to be about to seduce the younger sister into an elopement.  - The Battle of Life
  • However, she is a sexual libertine with no intention of being monogamous, and this soon strains their relationship.  - Fleur bleue (The Apprentice)
  • At first, Doug (Joaquin Phoenix), the younger brother, admires and worships his brother's libertine lifestyle.  - Inventing the Abbotts
  • In the second story, the Devil ensures that two young peasants are killed by the arm of the Inquisition for their libertine pleasures.  - The Canterbury Tales (film)
  • She lives in constant fear of again being accosted by Lovelace who, through one of his close associates and also a libertine – John Belford – as well as through his own family members, continues to offer her marriage, to which she is determined not to accede.  - Clarissa
  • Other characters include the pompous literary hack mr Barbecue-Smith, the cynical mr Scogan (who has elements of Bertrand Russell and of Norman Douglas), the libertine Ivor Lombard, and the ascetic and melancholy Vicar and his wife.  - Crome Yellow
  • Because of her indecision and her apparent preference for the libertine Sanford, Boyer eventually gives up on her, deciding that she will not make a suitable wife.  - The Coquette
  • Jeanne approaches debauched libertine Cardinal Louis de Rohan and introduces herself as a confidante of the Queen.  - The Affair of the Necklace
  • Like most of Sade's work, Philosophy in the Boudoir features a great deal of sex as well as libertine philosophies.  - Philosophy in the Bedroom
  • In this sexually libertine society, the women and men do not marry; rather, they share each other’s partners.  - The Journey of Ibn Fattouma
  • As a disclosed libertine Simo will be willing to let him marry Glycerium rather than no one at all.  - Andria (comedy)
  • When the young Iris Murdoch (Kate Winslet) meets fellow student John Bayley (Hugh Bonneville) at the University of Oxford, he is a naive virgin easily flummoxed by her libertine spirit, arch personality, and obvious artistic talent.  - Iris (2001 film)
  • They are then tortured and murdered through methods such as branding, hanging, scalping, burning, and having their tongues and eyes cut out, as each libertine takes his turn to watch as voyeur.  - Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Example sentences for "libertine" in interesting articles

  • Presumably most couples or libertine partygoers are capable of keeping track of what articles of clothing are still in play, as it were, and which should be removed next.  - Sex Comes to the Micros (2012)

Meaning of "libertine" in English

  • unrestrained by convention or morality
    - deplorably dissipated and degraded
    - riotous living
    - fast women
  • a dissolute person; usually a man who is morally unrestrained

Meaning of "libertine" in Hindi

  • विषयी ( Vishayi, vishayee, wishayi)
  • कामुक ( Kamuk, kaamuk)
  • व्यभिचारी
  • व्यभिचारी ( Vyabhichari, vyabhichaaree, wyabhichari)
  • लम्पट ( Lampat)
  • स्वैरचारी ( Svairachari, svairachaaree, swairachari)

Synonyms of "libertine"

  • rounder
  • degraded
  • debauchee
  • debauched
  • riotous
  • fast
  • degenerate
  • profligate
  • dissolute
  • dissipated

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