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Example sentences for "libido" in popular movie and book plots

  • The result of the head trauma causes a side effect from all the 2-D art techniques which results in Souta's personality being altered and his libido increased.  - Gou-dere Sora Nagihara
  • Balachandran is an artist who has lost his libido due to his tumultuous married life; but Agnes is a phenomenon, whom no one can turn down.  - Pithavum Kanyakayum
  • Kojou and Yukina befriend various monster students, some of whom are attracted to Kojou, and whose situations drive his libido that provides the source of much of his power.  - Strike the Blood
  • In the trailer, Dell (Michael Chiklis) pumps iron while Desiree (Angela Bassett) tries to get his libido going.  - Edward Mordrake
  • This would have lowered his libido and caused erectile dysfunction.  - Better Half (House)
  • Wuwu later tells Xiaofei that she does not need to pay for the original price, but instead she merely has to pay for Naite's service costs as well as recording all emotions to be displayed in Naite's emotion ring: calm (white), happy (red), pleasure (pink), upset (blue), sad (black), and an increased libido (yellow).  - Absolute Darling
  • Taub suggests a pituitary tumor which could explain his libido and heart issues, and if the tumor's big enough, the headaches and syncope as well.  - The Choice (House)
  • Thus enters Akira, a dangerously reckless man with a perpetual evil smirk, a ridiculously flamboyant sense of style, drop-dead gorgeous looks, an endlessly annoying personality and a libido that just keeps going and going.  - Future Lovers (manga)
  • Back at his apartment, Alexandre discovers his fiancé in the bedroom dressed as an Italian call girl, hoping the charade will excite his libido and rejuvenate their relationship—but the charade does not work.  - Fanfan
  • In the present, three of the four women are married but Samantha, who at 52, is desperately trying to keep her libido alive with the help of "Suzanne Somers and her team of doctors" to keep her menopause at bay.  - Sex and the City 2
  • With his libido increased, he takes Yuki home, where she forces herself on him.  - Hatsuinu
  • That evening, Marge's libido pumped up by the male population's positive feedback on her calendar is running high, but Homer is too overworked and exhausted to satisfy her.  - The Devil Wears Nada
  • After seeking help for her raging libido problems, Chastity moves to Los Angeles to become a porn star.  - Mean Girls 2
  • Anouk herself is also blessed with a very healthy libido which leads her into the arms of many a stranger, although she is still not completely over her pilot ex-husband Tom Blaauw, with whom she has a daughter, precocious Vlinder.  - Gooische Vrouwen
  • For the most part, though, the English, both men and women, are afflicted by such a morbid decay of their libido that it has always puzzled the rest of the world how the English manage to reproduce themselves at all.  - Coasting (book)
  • Katya tells Jerry about a Romanian legend of "the comedian" – a man with great libido – and breaks up with him because he was not the otherworldly "sensual experience" she expected.  - The Gymnast (Seinfeld)
  • In one of the most ostentatious scenes of the movie, Liszt then experiences a hallucination where the women of Princess Carolyn's court assail him but then become seduced by his music which strokes his libido and gives him a 10-foot erection.  - Lisztomania (film)
  • In 17th-century Hungary, recently widowed Countess Elisabeth Nádasdy discovers that her youthful appearance and libido can be temporarily restored if she bathes in the blood of young women.  - Countess Dracula
  • This is the only story with a scene of brief libido drive which, however, quickly subsides.  - About Love
  • This has a wondrous effect on her libido as she goes into the hospital and has sex with her husband, who has recently injured his leg.  - Dumplings (film)
  • However, in his teens, Toby has gained a large libido and eventually impregnates a classmate, who unfortunately turns out to be the daughter of the local police chief.  - A Stranger in the Mirror
  • She quickly discovers that Satoru is blessed with an incredible libido and a surprising ability to perform sexually, which she takes advantage of by staying with him until morning.  - Slut Girl
  • The two fall in love, and as with most of Robbins' couples, their mutual libido is enormous, and their love quite like something out of a comedic fairy tale.  - Jitterbug Perfume
  • At the beach, Max is unable to suppress his libido and makes love to Ada in the Cuban sea.  - The Discovery of Heaven

Example sentences for "libido" in interesting articles

Meaning of "libido" in English

  • (psychoanalysis) a Freudian term for sexual urge or desire

Meaning of "libido" in Hindi

  • कामन ( Kaman, kaaman)
  • कामवृत्ति ( Kamavritti, kaamavritti, kamawritti)

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