How to use "litigation" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "litigation" in popular movie and book plots

  • She later becomes an advocate for the poor and unfairly accused through the Waeji-bu, the private litigation system in Joseon.  - The Flower in Prison
  • After performing a rap about litigation with hip-hop group The Fat Boys, Trump introduces Chapter 3: The Art of Suing Those Losers at the NFL.  - Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie
  • The film cuts to a court scene where Sakthivel aka Sakthi (Udhayanidhi Stalin), an LLB (law-degree) graduate defending a surgeon against a Public interest litigation (PIL) filed against him after the surgeon had his son operate upon a pregnant woman in his pursuit of Guinness Book of World Records.  - Manithan (2016 film)
  • Meanwhile, by a quirk of fate, Tulasi has inherited her mother's ill-gotten property that was under litigation until then.  - Sankarabharanam
  • After they are both sent to the principal's office, David arrives and blackmails the principal to give Luke a month of after-school detention with threats of litigation if the principal expels him.  - The Guest (film)
  • Jake has yet to see any of the insurance money for the burnt house, which is currently tied up in litigation with his own insurance company.  - Sycamore Row
  • Jolly (Arshad Warsi), an LLB (law-degree) graduate defending a surgeon against a Public interest litigation (PIL) filed against him after the surgeon had his son operate upon a patient in his pursuit of Guinness Book of World Records.  - Jolly LLB
  • Judge Ross, on the Federal Bench, rules in favor of a large company in litigation before him, unaware that a smaller company in which he owns considerable stock has been subsumed by the larger firm, thus creating appearance of a conflict of interests.  - The Lion and the Mouse (1928 film)
  • Arriving in st Petersburg, landowner Ptitsin (Nikolai Gorodnichev) tries to achieve with the help of bribes a favorable decision of his litigation concerning a neighbor.  - The Overcoat (1926 film)
  • If either party does not cooperate, the money will be tied up in litigation by the judge.  - What Happens in Vegas
  • As soon as he can, Farrand makes a phone call to vote against the logging, and he will likely bring litigation against the company.  - The Secret (novel)
  • Richard keeps changing his mind on which career to pursue — first a physician, then a lawyer and then a soldier — but the prospect of his inheritance from the ongoing litigation begins to consume him, despite warnings from John, now his former guardian.  - Bleak House (2005 TV serial)
  • The rabbis determine to hold the litigation on the day after, and exorcise the spirit only upon discovering the truth.  - The Dybbuk

Example sentences for "litigation" in interesting articles

  • Ruling in favour of the complainant, Vinay B, a resident of Shimoga, the consumer forum has directed Airtel to pay Rs 20,000 to the complainant (and pay interest at 9% per annum till date of payment), for deficiency in service and for causing mental agony, and Rs 2,000 towards litigation charges.  - Airtel, an Indian ISP, penalized for blocking a torrent site
  • So while the result of the All Writs Act litigation in San Bernardino wouldn’t directly control the outcome of any Wiretap Act case against WhatsApp, courts apply similar tests in the two contexts.  - The Next Front in the New Crypto Wars: WhatsApp
  • “The scope of the privacy laws around the world is now a very important question, and this is the beginning of what may be a lot of litigation on the question,” said Orin S.  - Microsoft fights U.S. warrant for customer e-mails held in overseas server
  • Prosecutors and lawmakers need to take a step back and think long and hard about whether we’re going down the same road with their zeal towards computer crimes. Hanni Fakhoury About Hanni Fakhoury is a former federal public defender and a current Staff Attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) who focuses on criminal law, privacy, and free speech litigation and advocacy.  - The U.S. Crackdown on Hackers Is Our New War on Drugs
  • The ruling is the latest in litigation over the government's ability to monitor Internet traffic, and how it balances national security priorities against privacy.  - Judge rules for NSA in warrantless search case
  • Samsung II ~pj Sunday, September 02 2012 @ 05:27 PM EDT I'm sure you have seen the headlines about Apple filing an amended complaint [PDF] in the *other* litigation it has going against Samsung in Northern California before the same two judges, the Honorable Lucy Koh and the magistrate, the Hon.  - The Next Step in Apple's Thermonuclear War Against Android
  • Encryption protects people from criminals, it secures our everyday communications, and enables confidentiality and privacy. The Apple-FBI litigation renewed efforts to push forward with the commission; however, lawmakers should oppose its creation.  - EFF Opposes McCaul-Warner Encryption Commission
  • \u003Ca href=\"https:\u002F\\u002F2017\u002F05\u002F13\u002Fbusiness\u002Fnoncompete-clauses.html?_r=0\"\u003E\"Signing Away The Right To Get A New Job,\"\u003C\u002Fa\u003E in the \u003Cem\u003ENew York Times\u003C\u002Fem\u003E, reports that roughly one in five employees are now bound by contracts that bar them from taking a job with a competitor and that the rate of litigation of such matters has tripled since 2000.  - Cloudflare Declares War on a Patent Troll with $50,000 Bounty
  • New money would not be flowing. “The FTC litigation has effectively shut down the [PCCare247] business,” the company complained to the federal judge overseeing its case.  - Inside the US government’s war on tech support scammers
  • The false takedowns continued even after the movie studio was repeatedly notified about the false claims. “Not only has Warner (along with four other major motion picture studios) filed this unfounded and contrived litigation against Hotfile employing overly aggressive tactics, Warner has made repeated, reckless and irresponsible misrepresentations to Hotfile falsely claiming to own copyrights in material from,” the company wrote in its complaint. Yesterday Warner Bros.  - Warner Bros. Admits Sending HotFile False Takedown Requests
  • Oracle's expert says total damages through 2011 are $1 billion, according to court filings. "The reality is that the jury may perceive the court- appointed expert to be the truly objective expert," said David Kleinfeld, an intellectual property and business litigation partner at Goodwin Procter who isn't involved in the case. Google email Oracle's original lawsuit filed in 2010 claimed Google was infringing seven patents.  - Oracle seeks ban on Android
  • That includes Garth and his family as well as ours.” He added, “So I am hoping you don’t do anything rash that would escalate the situation.” With litigation looming, he asked Etchemendy that all relevant rec­ords—i.e., communications between his wife and the dean—be preserved.  - Inside Stanford Business School’s Spiraling Sex Scandal
  • Because litigation is still litigation, and contains an outrageous amount of discovery.  - Why you shouldn't go to law school.

Meaning of "litigation" in English

  • a legal proceeding in a court; a judicial contest to determine and enforce legal rights

Meaning of "litigation" in Hindi

  • मुकद्दमा ( Mukaddama, mukaddamaa)
  • कानूनी झगडा ( Kanuni jhagada, kanoonee jhagadaa, kanuni zhagada)
  • अभियोग ( Abhiyog)
  • मुकदमेबाज़ी
  • मुकदमा लडना ( Mukadama ladana, mukadamaa ladanaa)
  • विवादकरण ( Vivadakaran, vivaadakaran, wiwadakaran)
  • मुकदमेबाजी ( Mukadamebaji, mukadamebaajee, mukadamebazi)
  • मुकदमा ( Mukadama, mukadamaa)
  • कानूनी झगड़ा ( Kanuni jhagada, kanoonee jhagadaa, kanuni zhagada)
  • मुकदमे बाजी ( Mukadame baji, mukadame baajee, mukadame bazi)
  • मुकदमेबाज़ी ( Mukadamebazi, mukadamebaazee, mukadamebaji)
  • मुकदमा लड़ना ( Mukadama ladana, mukadamaa ladanaa)
  • वादकरण ( Vadakaran, vaadakaran, wadakaran)

Synonyms of "litigation"

  • judicial proceeding

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