How to use "lucid" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "lucid" in popular movie and book plots

  • Joe explains that he got the notes from a lucid dream that has come to him off and on since he was eleven.  - The Wailing Asteroid
  • Through some of the more lucid dreamers Tallent discovers that though they all have a mark of a turtle on them, which indicates they are 60, they are actually all well over a hundred years old.  - The People in the Trees
  • Using Alice Guy-Blachè's adapted screenplay from the Edgar Allan Poe short story, Alice built upon the lucid and dream-like piece of fiction by adding a significant amount of narrative structure to her adapted screenplay.  - The Pit and the Pendulum (1913 film)
  • Poet Anderson, a lucid dreamer, is led into an alternate universe where he meets his guardian angel, the Dream Walker, as well as his greatest fear, the Night Terror.  - Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker
  • Interested in lucid dreams, a researcher constructs a world in his mind to explore.  - Deep Sleep
  • The following day, Jessie gives Cody the journal his birth mother Andrea had kept, which shows how much she had loved him and his gift of lucid dreaming.  - Before I Wake (2016 film)
  • His job entails maintaining the Morphogenic Engine, which controls lucid dreaming in comatose individuals.  - Outlast
  • As psychotic as these two are, they’ are still lucid enough to recognize that a killing is imminent, if not two or even three.  - Singapore Sling (1990 film)
  • This film draws upon an extremely simple and lucid way of sharing a story.  - Bicycle Kick (film)
  • (Synopsis Written by Sougata Purakayastha) A standout Bengali indie feature Author: Mahadyuti Adhikary 25 September 2013 Bakita Byaktigoto (Rest is Personal) is standout film because of its endearing and lucid simplicity.  - Bakita Byaktigato
  • When Crockett and Tubbs arrive at the scene, an abandoned tenement building, they find a disturbed but lucid Weldon, who begins to tear down a plaster wall.  - Out Where the Buses Don't Run
  • Rush uses his special method of hypnosis to put Jennifer into a lucid state through which they can communicate with the spirits within the tomb below them, which they believe to be that of Narmer himself.  - The Third Gate
  • Those infected that have not undergone amplification remain lucid until the virus has time to spread through the body.  - Feed (Grant novel)
  • One of his other escapes is lucid dreaming, taught to him by his third stepfather, which also is how he can "fly" in his dreams.  - Every Soul a Star
  • Wally helps Maw Maw to get twelve hours of community service on account of her being crazy, but Virginia explains that she's never lucid that long.  - Blue Dots
  • While they eat, Nat Hamlin is found hiding within Paul's mind, and later becomes a lucid voice demanding control of his old body and memories.  - The Second Trip
  • Motorized night marches take them through Jedenspeigen (where Walmoden has a lucid dream of two young women bathing in the room he is sleeping in) and across Slovakia (at this time, a Nazi puppet state) to Trstená at the Slovak-Polish border.  - Mars in Aries
  • That night he falls asleep looking at the gleaming metal and has a lucid dream of Ettare, who is also aware that she is dreaming.  - The Cream of the Jest
  • When none work, the physician induces a barely lucid Sara to approve electroconvulsive therapy.  - Requiem for a Dream
  • However, the effects of the spell on the Ducks have worn off, and thus Scrooge is lucid enough to trick Magica into giving him the dime back.  - Forget it!
  • Aoileann is capable of having lucid conversations with other people, making complex future plans and traps, and even seems to have retained certain empathetic emotions, as she is actually horrified at the prospect of personally killing other people (though she lets her followers kill uninfected people) and attempts to hold back her followers from killing Shaky (other humans are fair game).  - Crossed (comics)
  • She decides to spend the remainder or her father's lucid moments reconciling with him and learning the things she never knew about her own family.  - Sacrifices of the Heart
  • When Spruance/Pederson stumbles upon the ward, he develops a rapport with "Guy X", who has lucid moments that no one else knows about.  - Guy X
  • This final legend is a lucid re-elaboration on the Maya legend of the Plumed Serpent in order to permit an approach to the question of identity as a social construction.  - Leyendas de Guatemala
  • As Baltar becomes less lucid due to the drug, he tells Roslin that he carried an incredible guilt which the Cylon monotheistic god has taken away from him.  - The Hub (Battlestar Galactica)
  • His dreams become both more lucid and strange, each one getting more intense and painful.  - Weird Dreams
  • With the mirror in pieces, Tommy suddenly becomes fully lucid and interactive for the first time since the age of four, and he leaves home ("I'm Free").  - The Who's Tommy
  • The study deals with lucid dreaming.  - Dreamside
  • To strengthen the Undreaming with dream energy, Westhouse, as "the Prophet", conspired with the corrupt officials of the Azadi Empire in Arcadia and an ambitious Starkian scientist Helena Chang to build a giant dream-storing Engine in the recently-conquered Arcadian city-state of Marcuria and to imbue it with the dream energy stolen from Stark by Chang's lucid dream-inducing inventions, the "Dreamachines".  - Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey
  • After a lucid dream, Dexter drives around Miami late one night, when he spots a refrigerated truck and begins to follow it intently.  - Darkly Dreaming Dexter
  • She trusts The Senator until the very end of her life, certain that he will save her; it is possible that, because of this, she misses out on highly important lucid moments in which she could possibly save herself.  - Black Water (novella)
  • In one lucid moment, she tells English that "He keeps calling me" and "Make him stop".  - Devil Doll (film)
  • Gary eventually discovers that he is having lucid dreams about a glamorous woman named Anna (Penélope Cruz), with whom he is deeply infatuated.  - The Good Night
  • In spite of his often lucid assessments of modern society, Iacovoni is a typically burned-out teacher whom his job (perhaps among other, undisclosed personal experiences) has imbued with bitterness and social resentment, with a sheer lack of perspective concerning human relations, and with an overbearing, holier-than-thou demeanor that is a major plot point throughout the movie.  - Caterina in the Big City
  • Malcolm is gravely injured during the incident, but is found by Gennaro and park game warden Robert Muldoon and spends the remainder of the novel slowly dying as between lucid lectures and morphine-induced rants he tries to help the others understand their predicament and survive.  - Jurassic Park (novel)
  • Michael is three days behind on his plan to free his brother, particularly with his new insomniac cell mate, Haywire (Silas Weir Mitchell), whom he witnesses take some tablets to keep him lucid but spit out when the doctors leave, describing them as "invisible handcuffs".  - Cute Poison
  • As Number 6 becomes somewhat more lucid and attempts to broadcast to the Villagers that they are free to go, he is beaten by a group of mechanics in coveralls, and Number 58, now speaking perfect English, reveals herself as the real incoming Number 2, while the previous Number 2 prepares to head out.  - Free for All (The Prisoner)
  • Vitangelo's extremely lucid reflections seek out the possible objections, confine them into an increasingly restricted space and, finally, kill them with the weapons of rigorous and stringent argumentation.  - One, No One and One Hundred Thousand
  • It is lucid that Louis L ‘Amour’s short story, “Trap of Gold”, envelops a very complex character in the adventurer, Wetherton.  - Trap of Gold
  • Chakotay uses lucid dreaming to escape the collective unconscious.  - Waking Moments
  • He begins experimenting with lucid dreaming—aided by "fuzz weed" (marijuana)—hoping to gain insight into Cantor's continuum hypothesis.  - White Light (novel)
  • Ozon has also said that the backward structure of the story was in part inspired by Jane Campion’s 1986 film Two Friends, and that it allowed for “a true, lucid reading of a couple’s story”.  - 5x2
  • A horrified Gill, now lucid enough to speak his own mind, renounces the "Final Solution", cancels the invasion of Zeon, and declares Melakon a traitor.  - Patterns of Force (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • Clinically dead, Herb experiences lucid dreams while in suspended animation and relives the last six years of his life.  - The Divine Invasion
  • Her narration concerns Project Alchera, an international conspiracy by the Japan-based toy manufacturer WATIcorp, that aims to introduce a potentially-destructive lucid dream technology ("dreamer console") to the market.  - Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
  • It is revealed that, shortly after his disfigurement, César signed a contract with Life Extension, a company specializing in cryonics, to be cryogenically preserved and to experience extremely lucid and lifelike virtual reality dreams.  - Open Your Eyes (1997 film)
  • Along the way, the film touches also upon existentialism, situationist politics, posthumanity, the film theory of André Bazin, and lucid dreaming, and makes references to various celebrated intellectual and literary figures by name.  - Waking Life
  • Those who consume it don't become psychic; instead, they're simply far more lucid than the average citizen of theS, although there are numerous hints at a group mind operating at a subconscious level.  - The Santaroga Barrier
  • The doctor suggests that Liz try an experiment in lucid dreaming, and alter one detail of the dream to undo its hold over her.  - Twenty Two (The Twilight Zone)
  • Under Curtis' and a police officer's guard, David is taken to the Life Extension offices, where the salesclerk Rebecca (Tilda Swinton) explains they freeze people just after the point of death, until a cure for their ailment is available in the future, keeping their brain active by placing them in a lucid dream state.  - Vanilla Sky

Example sentences for "lucid" in interesting articles

  • Second, Deborah Shapley and Gina Kolata of Science magazine discovered that Meyer was an NSA employee.As soon as Hellman received a copy of the letter, he recognized that continuing to publish might put him and his students in legal jeopardy, so he sought advice from Stanford University counsel John Schwartz.In his memo to Schwartz, Hellman made a lucid case for the value of public-domain cryptography research.  - Keeping Secrets
  • But occasionally Zuck would have a charismatic moment of lucid greatness, and it would be stunning.From top, the LOCKDOWN sign; a Facebook workspace. From top, by Jason Kincaid, Kim Kulish/Corbis/Getty Images.The 2011 Lockdown speech didn’t promise to be one of those moments.  - How Mark Zuckerberg Led Facebook’s War on Google Plus
  • Perry himself, lucid as ever, has seen his physical frame become frail and stooped.  - How an 89-year-old cold warrior became America’s nuclear conscience
  • In the words of French President Francois Hollande, the response from Europe will need to be "calm, lucid and determined" - and it will have to last for a long time.  - Two Explosions at Brussels Airport
  • Instead, he is looking for kids with a confluence of specific abilities: strong reasoning, lucid communication, stamina.  - A Group of American Teens Are Excelling at Advanced Math
  • By high school, students will be expected to produce mature and thoughtful essays, not just in English class but in history and science classes as well. Common Core’s architect, David Coleman, says the new writing standards are meant to reverse a pedagogical pendulum that has swung too far, favoring self-­expression and emotion over lucid communication.  - The Writing Revolution
  • 19, 2013, 1:41 p.m. John James’ analysis is a real contribution to understanding the reach of death by medical error.  Marshall, you have performed a valuatble service here by asking other experts to evaluate James’ methods and to lay out James’ findings in lucid lay terms.  Thank you very much! David Baker Sep.  - How Many Die from Medical Mistakes in U.S. Hospitals? (2013)
  • If a person is woken up in N3 or REM (which NeuroOn interprets as N1, N2 or WAKE), they will suffer from sleep inertia and grogginess. This means that using NeuroOn's alarm clock - in perfect conditions, keeping it well pressed against one's forehead and while not having any sleep disorders - may result in extremely bad waking up nearly 1/3 of the times. Since lucid dream induction25 is quite complex and still discussed by many researchers, we don't feel that discussing its application in NeuroOn's app26 is within the scope of this analysis.  - NeuroOn, the smart sleep mask: not a medical device, but better than a coin toss
  • These are things like lucid dreaming, artificial intelligence, utopian movements, and Esperanto. Be that as it may, I'm mostly fine with boring the normals and living in the Vibrant True World of Beauty with its other full-on dork denizens.  - A Rough Guide to Social Skills for Awkward Smart People

Meaning of "lucid" in English

  • (of language) transparently clear; easily understandable
    - lucid directions
    - a luculent oration
    - pellucid prose
    - a crystal clear explanation
    - a perspicuous argument
  • transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity
    - crystal clear skies
    - could see the sand on the bottom of the limpid pool
    - lucid air
    - a pellucid brook
    - transparent crystal
  • capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner
    - she was more coherent than she had been just after the accident
  • having a clear mind

Meaning of "lucid" in Hindi

  • चमकीला ( Chamakila, chamakeelaa)
  • साफ ( Saph, saaph, saf)
  • सुस्पष्ट ( Suspasht)
  • सुबोध ( Subodh)
  • स्पष्ट ( Spasht)

Synonyms of "lucid"

  • crystal clear
  • transparent
  • limpid
  • logical
  • pellucid
  • perspicuous
  • luculent
  • crystalline
  • coherent

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