How to use "luminous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "luminous" in popular movie and book plots

  • Rani always dreams of a very luxurious and luminous life in the outside world.  - Maharani (TV series)
  • The final scene (discussed in more detail below) shows the rings at a distance, lit up by the Sun behind them, casting a luminous glow on Saturn's nighttime cloud tops that Wernquist refers to as "ringshine".  - Wanderers (2014 film)
  • Falling in with a party of cross-breeds and a Star Lord, he helps them fight off outlaws and follows them through a pair of luminous webs to another Gorth.  - Star Gate (novel)
  • Here, she is luminous as, like the other two characters, she is transformed from baffled frustration to effective navigator, refusing to be victims, no matter how the capricious evils of Nazi occupation threaten them; they grow resourceful in protecting one another.  - So Ends Our Night
  • He is confronted by a strange creature with hypnotically luminous eyes, identified only as 'Aensa'.  - The Last Full Measure (short story)
  • After witnessing a luminous object falling into the mountains during a fireworks ceremony, they are transported to the Digital World, where they meet their Digimon partners.  - Digimon Story Lost Evolution
  • They progress under the leaden and luminous sky of the Baltic, in totally isolated landscapes.  - Mother and Son (film)
  • Batman and Robin deal with the White Knight, a luminous villain whose modus operandi is to force family members of Arkham inmates to commit suicide in order to cut off their bloodlines, thus ending what he believes to be the insanity running through their veins.  - Batman and Robin (comic book)
  • They soon encounter a boy with no signs of the luminous green substance on him.  - Medusa (The X-Files)
  • Gong Choi-King comes from a very talented background of jewellery making, therefore she was assigned the task of making a beautiful, gold hairpiece in the shape of a phoenix, with a luminous pearl as the eye and the feathers of a river kingfisher as the tail for the Empress Dowager.  - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
  • In January (about 1900, presumably), the people of Earth awaken to the notion that a strange luminous object has erupted, into the Solar System, after disturbing the normal orbit of the planet Neptune.  - The Star (Wells short story)
  • A luminous streaks past overhead, knocking out the airplane's control and causing an engine fire to erupt.  - Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell
  • Upon investigating, Wiltshire finds that these experiences are also tricks produced by imported technologies such as luminous paint and Aeolian harps.  - The Beach of Falesá
  • Oliver, then, becomes a witness to the murder, noticing the curious luminous watch on the muffled mugger's wrist.  - In the Flesh (1998 film)
  • We then jump from color to luminous black & white, and a quick glimpse of Federico Fellini's 1963 masterpiece, 8½, in which the monumentally buxom harlot, La Saraghina, is preparing to perform her rumba on the beach for a flock of fugitive schoolboys.  - Fellini: I'm a Born Liar
  • Max feels someone watching him, and turns to see a large cat with luminous yellow eyes watching him.  - The Prince of Mist
  • Unknown to Moriarty, Holmes had the real Hoffner attach an apparatus to their car that drips luminous paint (which Watson helped prepare) at regular intervals.  - Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
  • In Nightopia, distinct aspects of dreamers' personalities are represented by luminous coloured spheres known as "Ideya".  - Nights: Journey of Dreams
  • The creature infects the man's new dog with a luminous fungal disease.  - The House on the Borderland
  • Set in the future, the plot follows Zoichi Kanoe and his AI companion Fuyu Kanoe, whose luminous form is integrated into the system of his motorcycle.  - Biomega (manga)
  • One gag scene is portrayed in total darkness, with Zach wearing a luminous condom as he prepares to have sex with yet another woman he has just met, Amy.  - Skin Deep (1989 film)
  • Salia thanks him, and transforms into her natural form, a luminous figure of energy, before she is beamed down to the planet.  - The Dauphin (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • A vaguely humanoid and luminous silhouette appears in the flat, surprising both the Doctor and Rose but delighting Jackie before disappearing.  - Army of Ghosts
  • Not long after that first encounter, a school of luminous Bonefish launch themselves from the water like flying fish and attack a group of soldiers standing watch on the Yamato’s deck.  - Deep Sea Monster Reigo
  • Witnesses say that when Miss Arundell spoke, a luminous aura came from her mouth, billowing like a spirit.  - Dumb Witness
  • A luminous beam covers the boy that is absorbed into the body of the statue, which begins to move.  - God Mazinger
  • From this fabric, a suit is made—which is brilliant white because it cannot absorb dye and slightly luminous because it includes radioactive elements.  - The Man in the White Suit
  • When they roll down their car windows, however, all that is outside their automobile is a pulsing, luminous mist, though all the other windows show an apparently normal scene.  - The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag
  • They awake in a vast space-station, two halves of a bisected sphere the size of a planet, surrounded by a constantly rotating cube described by vast luminous edges.  - Les Maîtres du temps
  • laps around the luminous circle at night, for nine days.  - The Austere Academy
  • The situation focuses primarily on their futile attempts to become millionaires through questionable get rich quick schemes and by buying and selling a variety of poor-quality and illegal goods, such as Russian Army camcorders, luminous yellow paint and sex dolls filled with an explosive gas.  - Only Fools and Horses
  • In Nightopia, distinct aspects of dreamers' personalities are represented by luminous coloured spheres known as "Ideya".  - Nights into Dreams

Example sentences for "luminous" in interesting articles

  • He described how graphical marks (say, dots in a scatterplot) can represent data using planar position ⟨x, y⟩ and a luminous dimension z:Within the plane a mark can be at the top or the bottom, to the right or the left.  - Introducing d3-scale
  • Most of the Censori gazed upon a luminous depiction of Mary and Jesus.  - Pipino: Gentleman Thief
  • Her stories are known for their luminous prose and poignant portrayals of ordinary experiences. But she has also published numerous essays that offer a forcefully argued ethical vision for modern society.  - Novelist warns against utilitarian trends in higher education
  • How? Explode nuclear weapons in Earth’s magnetosphere to create a long-lived radiation belt that would degrade the missiles. The first atomic detonation set off a luminous fireball, triggering a staggering blue-green aurora that captivated its audience.  - War by any means: The story of DARPA
  • Moore pointed out the Great Rift, a cluster of dark patches caused by clouds of light-blocking interstellar dust, and the constellation Sagittarius, toward the luminous center of our galaxy.  - The Dark Side: Making War on Light Pollution (2007)
  • The young women, many fresh out of high school, would playfully paint their nails and teeth with the luminous paint, known as UnDark.  - How We Realized Putting Radium in Everything Was Not the Answer (2013)
  • \"Since we've been here all these years we help each other.\" Even with inevitable tensions in the park, he says, hardly anyone locks their doors.<\ p="">
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    Margaret Julkowski walks in, tallish and luminous in Charlie's dark house.  - The Reformation: Can Social Scientists Save Themselves?

Meaning of "luminous" in English

  • softly bright or radiant
    - glowing embers
    - lambent tongues of flame
    - the lucent moon
    - a sky luminous with stars

Meaning of "luminous" in Hindi

  • चमकीला ( Chamakila, chamakeelaa)
  • साफ ( Saph, saaph, saf)
  • चमकदार ( Chamakadar, chamakadaar)
  • निथरा ( Nithara, nitharaa)
  • जगमग ( Jagamag, zagamag)

Synonyms of "luminous"

  • aglow
  • lucent
  • lambent

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