How to use "malleable" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "malleable" in popular movie and book plots

  • She also ended the engagement of the young Constantine to a daughter of Charlemagne and arranged a loveless marriage with a beautiful but malleable Greek girl.  - Count No Man Happy: A Byzantine Fantasy
  • Each Gauna has a near invulnerable core protected by a huge mass of malleable material known as.  - Knights of Sidonia
  • They find a secret room containing plans for weapon-carrying eyeborgs, plus a malleable C4 variant which was formed into the pickguard on Jarett's guitar.  - Eyeborgs
  • Edward and Elizabeth have three daughters, and Warwick rebels, attempting to put Edward's malleable younger brother George, Duke of Clarence on the throne instead.  - The White Queen (novel)
  • With him is Adolph’s new friend, Gustav, who has been visiting for a week and filling Adolph’s weak and malleable mind with ideas: Adolph was a painter, until Gustave persuaded him to be a sculptor, then Gustav persuades him that sculpting isn’t right for him after all.  - Creditors (play)
  • With Charles Xavier's mind restored to his body, Emma Frost uses Stuff's malleable body as a trick to entice Cassandra Nova back into her own body, now a mental prison for her boundless energy.  - Imperial (comics)
  • There they meet two beautiful women (Elizabeth Berkley and Jennifer Beals) who turn out to be less malleable than Roger expects.  - Roger Dodger (film)
  • O’Brien uses examples of tales from his fellow soldiers to illustrate the fact that truth is a delicate and malleable thing when it comes to telling war stories.  - The Things They Carried
  • Meritorious performance is seen to originate in the Eastern Roman Empire, and the root cause of a future that must be changed by conquest, and Malwa has a malleable society and the base power for their intervention.  - Belisarius series
  • He carefully selects the individuals he allows to enter his factories and schools, seeking to select only the most promising and least indoctrinated in medieval ideas, favoring selection of the young and malleable whenever possible.  - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
  • The Drakh, former allies of the Shadows who remained in the galaxy, take control of Regent Virini on Centauri Prime through a parasitic creature called a Keeper, then incite a war between the Centauri and the Interstellar Alliance, in order to isolate the Centauri from the Alliance and gain a malleable homeworld for themselves.  - Babylon 5

Example sentences for "malleable" in interesting articles

  • I do not.) I have no personal stake in this flag. What Apple, and millions of others are doing, is buying into a loathsomely corrupt philosophy that genuine truth, and history, is malleable based on whatever we say about it.  - Apple Removes American Civil War Games from the App Store
  • Apple can cure its concerns by training more attorneys, or by declining to share Google�s highly confidential source code with all of its attorneys; but Google can never cure � indeed, will never know � if Apple�s lawyers interpret this malleable language in a manner that harms Google.  - The Next Step in Apple's Thermonuclear War Against Android
  • One hub program, “connective media,” has largely been mapped out — though professors warn that it is subject to change as technology changes — and will deal with designing the mobile, fragmented and endlessly malleable technology that makes everyone a media creator as well as consumer.  - Building a Better Tech School
  • "That allows us to consider intervening before the behaviours of autism appear, I think there's wide consensus that that's likely to have more impact at a time when the brain is most malleable and before the symptoms have consolidated."So we find it very promising." The researchers fed the brain scan images into an artificial intelligence.  - Autism detectable in brain long before symptoms appear
  • "It's flexible, you can cast it into thin sheets, solder it into pipes."The metal was malleable and seemingly impervious to corrosion, and so - just like modern plastics - it became ubiquitous.  - The fatal attraction of lead
  • Male desire is not a malleable entity that can be constructed through politics, language, or media.  - Hard Core: What Porn's Ubiquity Says About Men and Women
  • But on the Internet, where identities are malleable and uncertain, we all might be well advised to err on the side of skepticism.  - How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit
  • In many ways, he seems better suited to the office than the malleable chump who preceded him.  - Why the British Are Better at Satire
  • Education proves not to be a factor in the daily performance of one of the most demanding decision-making jobs in America.”The implication of examples such as these is not that talent is equally distributed or that minds are limitlessly malleable or that advanced training is always destructive.  - The Case Against Credentialism (1985)
  • The diversity of individuals guarantees that society will never be remotely as malleable or as predictable as any person.Assimilating this style of thinking took me a while, but then I began seeing human society as both more complicated and less strange than before.  - Seeing Around Corners: The new science of artificial societies (2002)

Meaning of "malleable" in English

  • capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out
    - malleable metals such as gold
    - they soaked the leather to made it pliable
    - pliant molten glass
    - made of highly tensile steel alloy
  • easily influenced

Meaning of "malleable" in Hindi

  • पीटने से बढने के योग्य ( Pitane se badhane ke yogy, peetane se badhane ke yogy)
  • नर्म ( Narm)
  • धनवर्धनीय ( Dhanavardhaniy, dhanavardhaneey, dhanawardhaniy)
  • आसानी से प्रभावित होने वाला
  • नरम ( Naram)
  • लचीला ( Lachila, lacheelaa)
  • आसानी से प्रभावित होने वाला ( Aasani se prabhavit hone vala, aasanee se prabhaavit hone vaalaa, aasani se prabhawit hone wala)
  • आघातवर्धनीय ( Aaghatavardhaniy, aaghaatavardhaneey, aaghatawardhaniy)
  • लचीली ( Lachili, lacheelee)
  • सुनिर्माणनीय ( Sunirmananiy, sunirmananeey)
  • कुट्टय ( Kuttay)
  • कुटने योग्य ( Kutane yogy)
  • कूट्य ( Kuty, kooty)

Synonyms of "malleable"

  • pliable
  • tensile
  • ductile
  • tractile
  • pliant

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