How to use "menagerie" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "menagerie" in popular movie and book plots

  • Emma and Jacob proceed to stop the draining operations, and successfully find their friends in a basement cell and free them, save for Fiona who had supposedly died when the hollows and wights invaded the loop where the peculiar menagerie were living.  - Library of Souls
  • While there, Pepito shows the girls his menagerie and attempts to scare them by dangling a white baby mouse in their face.  - Madeline (1998 film)
  • They also take on a new man, Jake, to assist Elias and help protect their menagerie against Nively.  - Employment (short story)
  • To curry his father's favor, Klaus abandons his sweetheart, circus aerialist Carlotta Martinez (Dean), to instead marry Teresa Vizzini (Mannhardt), whose father operates an animal menagerie that Bruno would like to merge with as a result.  - The Big Show (1961 film)
  • Robin’s menagerie continues to grow each year as she receives more animal pets for her birthdays.  - With (novel)
  • When the fight is over, Superman places Zod in custody in the menagerie at the Fortress of Solitude.  - Superman/Wonder Woman
  • After learning that Miss Wren, the ymbryne of this unique menagerie time loop, had flown to London to rescue her other fellow ymbrynes, the peculiar children leave in search of her, in hopes that she can turn Miss Peregrine back into a human, before her human self is lost forever.  - Hollow City (novel)
  • At the age of eight, Jaffy Brown encounters a tiger escaped from the menagerie of Charles Jamrach, wandering about London's East End.  - Jamrach's Menagerie
  • Some of the eccentric menagerie refuse to talk.  - Neurosia: 50 Years of Perversity
  • Together, this unlikely menagerie must work to help their new owner save their home from the curiosity-seekers who threaten their wacky world.  - Monster Farm
  • For beneath the cruel surface of their trailer park community lies a menagerie of odd characters, each one strange yet somehow beautiful, including Val, the blowsy bottle-blonde who shows surprising maternal instincts when the boys need it most, and El Rey del Perdito, the "Undisputed King of the Tango," a widower who dances nightly, imagining his wife in his arms, as Dough peers through the window contemplating a love that seems not to die.  - Tender as Hellfire
  • Things come to a head when the kids manage to get hold of some fireworks, at the same time accidentally releasing a menagerie of circus animals from the baggage car.  - Choo-Choo!
  • Nonetheless, Antonina Żabińska maintained a semblance of prewar life at the villa, harboring a menagerie of animals - otters, a badger, hyena pups, lynxes - as well as the secret guests.  - The Zookeeper's Wife
  • They take the elevator into the underground facility, where a menagerie of monsters, utilized by Sitterson and Hadley, are imprisoned.  - The Cabin in the Woods
  • The police go downstairs and find Danny's body, and then discover a menagerie of beastly men, all failed experiments of dr Conway.  - The Unearthly
  • The film takes place mostly in a mental institution filled with an eclectic menagerie of patients.  - I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK
  • One day, though, Etta introduces them to a small family of mermaids, part of the menagerie of exotic creatures who sought refuge on the island.  - Monster Mission
  • Specifically, Abernathy ends up with the medallion in the menagerie of Michel Ard Rhi, a cruel former prince of Landover who was banished from Landover years ago.  - Wizard at Large
  • The taming of the lions recalls Tarzan’s enlistment of a whole menagerie to his cause in the early The Beasts of Tarzan, while looking ahead to his recruiting of his ultimate lion ally, Jad-bal-ja, in Tarzan and the Golden Lion.  - Tarzan the Untamed
  • Ending up back at the veterinarian, Mooch joins a wild menagerie of animals waiting for dr Hackett.  - Mooch Goes to Hollywood
  • At the bottom, he finds a menagerie of skeletons clad in gold jewelry.  - Caltiki – The Immortal Monster
  • At nightfall, O becomes lost in the jungle and has an encounter with a menagerie of unusual creatures that nearly kill him.  - The Missing Link (film)
  • Phaeta Seven, the radioactive element that both sides fight to control, came from the deepest subterranean recesses of Earth itself, and it has brought with it, on its rise to the surface of Earth, not only the new continent itself but also a wild and voracious, bizarre menagerie of utterly horrific creatures to inhabit it.  - Sky Commanders
  • Meanwhile, after searching fruitlessly for Max, Bonnie is befriended by Augustine Herrera, an independent young man who is roaming the county in a half-futile search for a menagerie of exotic animals loosed from his deceased uncle's wildlife farm by the hurricane (these animals appear throughout the novel in various bizarre ways).  - Stormy Weather (novel)
  • Hofner and Bryce stop over at the menagerie on their way, and are attacked by Delambre, who has had a parasite attached earlier.  - Creature (1985 film)
  • The four are quickly involved in chaotic adventures, complicated by the Sawhorse's tendency to race off uncontrolled, and involving a menagerie of beings that includes "Lollies" and their "Pops," water spirits and kelpies, talking animals and a grumpy grandfather clock.  - The Scalawagons of Oz
  • His love of animals grows over the years and his household menagerie eventually scares off his human clientele, leading to loss of wealth.  - The Story of Doctor Dolittle
  • Along the way she meets a veritable menagerie of animal friends and searches to find Dream-Ups, Glamor Items, and Charms for her bracelet that will help her along her way.  - Barbie (1991 video game)
  • — The unmarried Teresina Cortez has a menagerie of nine healthy babies and children, who all live on nothing but tortillas and beans, but nevertheless are found amazingly healthy by the school doctor.  - Tortilla Flat
  • Players assume the role of Alex, who is joined by a menagerie of playable and supporting characters who aid him on his quest.  - Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
  • In and around the boat, Dinky has collected a menagerie of abandoned animals.  - Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael
  • In a drugged stupor, Coleridge frees Horrabin's twisted menagerie of monsters, allowing him and Jacky to escape.  - The Anubis Gates
  • The gardens and menagerie area includes an encounter with a "cute little bunnyoid on the stump".  - Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
  • They start to piece together what is happening to them, but the Rani lets loose her menagerie of specimens, including a Cyberman, Fifi (from The Happiness Patrol), a Sea Devil, an Ogron and a Time Lord from Gallifrey in the next time jump.  - Dimensions in Time
  • He tells his student that it was at the menagerie that he learned about human language and culture and began to think about things that he never would have pondered in the wild.  - Ishmael (novel)

Example sentences for "menagerie" in interesting articles

  • Using smaller Linux base (TinyCore, NixOS) OSes can address some of this, as can building custom linux images — but this is still a nascent practice in the Docker community.Still Insecure — Almost every ‘popular’ Docker image in the public repository still has a menagerie of latent binaries and shell executables available from bash to python, that can be accessed by expertly executed security breaches.  - After Docker: Unikernels and Immutable Infrastructure
  • It is a menagerie of home-constructed machines including boats, planes, architectural constructions, and prize-winning robots.Read: Spectacular tech 'firsts' up for auctionThe materials he uses in his creations are often technological cast-offs from family and friends, or garbage scavenged from electronics recycling facilities.  - High-school teen builds one-man submarine for $2,000
  • A menagerie of meme-speak DoggoLingo's array of words is a hodgepodge of existing Internet language.  - Dogs Are Doggos: An Internet Language Built Around Love for the Puppers
  • The first—the pseudosuchians (SOO-doh-SOO-key-erns)—gave rise to living crocodiles and their extinct kin, including a bizarre menagerie of bipedal, stilt-legged, hoof-toed, cat-toothed, duck-billed, armadillo-armored, pig-snouted oddities.  - The Long-Ignored Reptile Rewriting the Prologue to the Dinosaur Story
  • We play host to an extraordinary menagerie of bacteria and other microbes—the microbiome—and it’s frequently said that these teeming cells outnumber our own by ten to one.  - We’re Probably Not Mostly Microbes
  • A menagerie painted on the back wall—a lion, a koala, a monkey swinging from a banana tree—stood out brightly against the cinder block.Bedford Hills is home to the country’s longest-running prison nursery, which opened with the rest of the facility in 1901.  - Prison Born
  • To meet the demand fostered by millions of anxious parents, an enormous menagerie of companies sprung up around the world in the early 1980s, resulting in a sort of Cambrian explosion of home computers.  - The Golden Age of Basic

Meaning of "menagerie" in English

  • the facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition
  • a collection of live animals for study or display

Meaning of "menagerie" in Hindi

  • जन्तु समूह ( Jantu samuh, jantu samooh, zantu samuh)
  • पशु पक्षी संग्रह ( Pashu pakshi sangrah, pashu pakshee sangrah)
  • चिड़ियाघर
  • चिड़ियाघर ( Chidiyaghar, chidiyaaghar)
  • जानवरों का समूह ( Janavaron ka samuh, janavaron kaa samooh, zanawaron ka samuh)

Synonyms of "menagerie"

  • zoological garden
  • zoo

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