How to use "meretricious" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "meretricious" in popular movie and book plots

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Example sentences for "meretricious" in interesting articles

  • Prostitution is technically illegal in Las Vegas, but not the meretricious comfort of an “escort,” a service abetted by a legion of Latin Americans, men and women alike, wearing oversized t-shirts that make them walking billboards for GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, HOT SEXY GIRLS, or, for the impatient, GIRLS DIRECT TO YOU 10 MINUTES.  - Meeting Ayn Rand on the Las Vegas Strip

Meaning of "meretricious" in English

  • based on pretense; deceptively pleasing
    - meretricious praise
    - a meretricious argument
  • tastelessly showy
    - a flashy ring
    - garish colors
    - a gaudy costume
    - loud sport shirts
    - a meretricious yet stylish book
    - tawdry ornaments
  • like or relating to a prostitute

Meaning of "meretricious" in Hindi

  • बनावटी शोभा युक्त ( Banavati shobha yukt, banaavatee shobhaa yukt, banawati shobha yukt)
  • भड़कीला ( Bhadakila, bhadakeelaa)

Synonyms of "meretricious"

  • tatty
  • gilded
  • gimcrack
  • tawdry
  • garish
  • brassy
  • cheap
  • loud
  • flash
  • trashy
  • specious
  • flashy
  • gaudy
  • tacky

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