How to use "metaphysics" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "metaphysics" in popular movie and book plots

  • This is a play on the classic problem in philosophy and metaphysics known as the Ship of Theseus.  - John Dies at the End (film)
  • It is during his sojourn in this country that Mirbeau encounters his old friend, the deranged speculator Weil-See, whose reflections on mathematics and metaphysics are among Mirbeau’s most colorful pages.  - La 628-E8
  • Given the supernatural metaphysics of this world, however, it takes the form of gnosticism, within a "Johannine Church" that is based on either an esoteric reading of the Gospel of John, or an alternative gnostic gospel version of that canonical New Testament book.  - Operation Chaos (novel)
  • After schooling together, both boys study at Halle – Adrian studies theology; Zeitblom does not, but participates in discussions with the theological students – but Adrian becomes absorbed in musical harmony, counterpoint and polyphony as a key to metaphysics and mystic numbers, and follows Kretzschmar to Leipzig to study with him.  - Doctor Faustus (novel)

Example sentences for "metaphysics" in interesting articles

  • I don’t know whether that’s true of more traditional versions. unless I learned Dzogchen for many years, or he learned what I practice, it’s very hard to know if this correspondence is accurate or misleading. Yes; so I can’t really comment either. There’s a bunch of metaphysics in the Dzogchen texts, most of which I don’t think is terribly useful, and some of which I think is outright nonsense.  - Developing ethical, social, and cognitive competence (2015)

Meaning of "metaphysics" in English

  • the philosophical study of being and knowing

Meaning of "metaphysics" in Hindi

  • तत्वमीमांसा
  • आत्मतत्त्वज्ञान
  • अध्यात्मविद्या
  • तत्वमीमांसा

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