How to use "misanthrope" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "misanthrope" in popular movie and book plots

  • However, after the first few interviews, the reader realizes that Tach is an obese and obnoxious misanthrope of the worst kind: acerbic, intolerant, a provocateur and a misogynist, who cannot tolerate any questions about his private life and has the audacity to turn the interviews into a cesspool of disgust for his interviewers.  - Hygiene and the Assassin
  • The show is about Dan, a jobless misanthrope with a soft spot for animals, caught in odd misfortunes and unable to provide income for himself.  - Dan Vs.
  • SoCo, a volatile and brooding misanthrope is the most eager and first to arrive.  - The Hanged Man (2007 film)
  • This child becomes the Phantom of the Opera, a misanthrope who kills anyone who ventures into his underground chambers, just as rats are killed whenever they venture above ground.  - The Phantom of the Opera (1998 film)
  • In London, Clarissa's godmother arranges for her to meet the eponymous man in grey (after his grey clothes), Lord Rohan (James Mason), a notorious rake, misanthrope and duelist with a huge fortune.  - The Man in Grey
  • Addison and Steele are both represented as model English gentlemen, who gladly mentor Esmond in his literary career, while the equally noted Jonathan Swift is depicted in most unflattering terms as a hateful misanthrope and bully.  - The History of Henry Esmond
  • The dwarf is a profound misanthrope and generally embodies all things evil.  - The Dwarf (Lagerkvist novel)
  • Barquentine is a consummate misanthrope who only cares for the laws and traditions of Gormenghast.  - Titus Groan
  • Sostratos, although entirely preoccupied with admiring the beautiful daughter, pulls the rope to haul the misanthrope out, nearly killing the old man by his inattention.  - Dyskolos
  • Another interesting character is Peregrine's friend Cadwallader Crabtree, an old misanthrope who amuses himself by playing ingenious jokes on naive people.  - The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle
  • Melvin Udall is a misanthrope who works at home as a best-selling novelist in New York City.  - As Good as It Gets

Example sentences for "misanthrope" in interesting articles

  • This often-unemployed, romantically challenged loser can show up as a perpetual adolescent (in Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up or The 40-Year-Old Virgin), or a charmless misanthrope (in Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg), or a happy couch potato (in a Bud Light commercial).  - The End of Men
  • Ta-ra now. Lisa Mullin “You see, my dear Ms Mullin, there is no community ‘out there’…” Not for you perhaps, but most humans are social creatures and most clump together in various ways and for various reasons. If you are arguing the misanthrope position (as in ‘avoids human society’) you have to remember the majority of humans are not like that, for them social interaction is a critical part of their lives.  - The Sexual Is Political

Meaning of "misanthrope" in English

  • someone who dislikes people in general

Meaning of "misanthrope" in Hindi

  • मानव द्वेषी ( Manav dveshi, manav dveshee, manaw dweshi)

Synonyms of "misanthrope"

  • misanthropist

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