How to use "mitigate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "mitigate" in popular movie and book plots

  • To mitigate the unrest Government declares a lucrative compensation of 2 lakhs for the families of the dead.  - Cholai (film)
  • She engages in a vivid rape scenario while attempting to mitigate his inability to perform with a consenting woman.  - Elle (film)
  • Jairo tries to mitigate damages.  - Sexy Dance Healing
  • In the mid-21st century, the international committee decided to forcefully reduce CO emission levels to mitigate the global warming crisis.  - Shangri-La (novel)
  • Suzu made efforts to get over the hard conditions and also to prepare to mitigate the bombing damage, with her family and the neighbors.  - In This Corner of the World
  • It is established in the third season premiere that changing history is possible; when Alec travels back in time to the previous week to try and save his deceased girlfriend, the timeline he left begins to collapse as it now no longer has an Alec Sadler to become the corporate head of 2077 to send Liber8 and Keira into the past, requiring Kiera to be sent back to mitigate Alec's changes.  - Continuum (TV series)
  • He determines to get the best judgement possible for Bessie in order to mitigate his guilt, even if it compromises justice.  - The Master of Man
  • In spite of the food shotage, Suzu made efforts to get over the hard conditions during the wartime and also to prepare to mitigate the bombing damage.  - Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni
  • There, he tries to mitigate the onslaught of a disease the natives term "Amok", while his past mistakes still plague him.  - Amok (1944 film)
  • Vicar Duchairn, while horrified at Clyntahn's actions, is helpless to stop it, yet feels that he must do something to mitigate the damage caused by the High Inquisitor's reign of terror.  - A Mighty Fortress (novel)
  • To mitigate the turmoil and quell the uprising, Queen Ysandre decrees that she won't acknowledge the lovers.  - Kushiel's Mercy
  • McKay (David Hewlett) and Zelenka (David Nykl) submerge the city to mitigate the effect of the beam, but this only buys them nine more hours before the city is destroyed.  - First Strike (Stargate Atlantis)
  • Mark, the son of the publisher, objects to his father, but because Mark is himself struggling with his homosexuality and attending meetings of an ex-gay group at the local church, he's limited in what he can do to mitigate the story and the resultant damage.  - It's in the Water
  • He has come to heal the wounds of his own father's suicide, to mitigate the secret shame he has always felt for having this man as a grandfather and to bring closure, one way or another, to the suffering the old man seems to have brought to everyone he has ever known.  - The Chamber (film)
  • It deals with public health and integration and dissemination of medical knowledge efforts during the end of the Confederated Principalities of Europe and early United States of Europe period, for the various Mike Stearns-led administration's have been repeatedly reminded by and Melissa Mailey how vulnerable populations are and were to diseases in the seventeenth century era—so the up-timers have been both strategically aware and taking steps from the outset within their capabilities and resources to mitigate any preventable health problems beginning in the novel 1632.  - Grantville Gazette II
  • Avoiding that path will take all sorts of resources and efforts, and Americans from both uptime and down-time act resolutely to mitigate the problems, diplomacy to head off wars headed by authoritarians threatened by the new American ideals, and a deft appreciation of when not to fight and dangle an irresistible carrot instead.  - 1634: The Ram Rebellion
  • The Wardens participated in an attempt to mitigate the damage caused by the Crusader clans.  - MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat
  • Between the finished portion of the basement and the extra bedroom upstairs, Sam figures she can take on two boarders and mitigate a large portion of the mortgage payment.  - Open House (novel)
  • Joe tells one of the men that he encounters that Liam has a four-year-old boy in an attempt to mitigate matters.  - My Name Is Joe
  • He is able to mitigate the effects of the nuclear explosion, getting rid of the pollution from the fallout and shoring up the crumbling Earth, but the aftershocks are still devastating.  - Superman (1978 film)
  • With the hanging of Hamiora, November 10, 1869, and the conclusion of Fairweather’s desperate attempts first to prevent and then to mitigate it, the book ends.  - Season of the Jew
  • Using a method called "calculus of statement," Lentz helps the team to mitigate the pressure harming the plant operators.  - Blowups Happen
  • Flying saucers appear in the skies, apparently trying to mitigate some of the disastrous effects.  - The Wanderer (Leiber novel)

Example sentences for "mitigate" in interesting articles

  • Especially, when it comes to terrorism, countries do all they can to mitigate the risk.  - Yes, India is a police state - Christopher Soghoian
  • We did all of this with a tremendous amount of help and direction from SEO expert Joost de Valk and the Guardian’s excellent SEO team. But in the end we still had no guarantee that these changes would help mitigate any loss of traffic from referrers.  - How The Guardian successfully moved its domain to
  • Nevertheless, I think it’s still worth considering ways in which our meritocratic institutions – I’m looking at you, Harvard – can improve their outcomes and help mitigate the very real problem of social homogenization. The first thing to note is that homogenization happens automatically: we naturally construct our social network so that it consists mostly of people like us.  - The Secret of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Hedge funds mitigate risk in bear markets, while seeking to participate in some of a bull market.  - Ted Seides Concedes Bet with Warren Buffett
  • So I tracked down what process was spawning everything, killed all the clients, removed the malicious scripts, and emailed the server admin letting them know what happened so they could mitigate it in the future.  - Man counterhacks paypal phisher, deletes data, warns other victims via phone
  • To mitigate the negative effects of money.  - Babbage's heart-warming message for the middle-aged
  • One way to mitigate the threat they pose is to break them up into pieces and disperse them, with each piece stored in a device called a hardware security module.  - The rise of the new Crypto War
  • Laying on the ground can often mitigate this effect, as the pulse of the blast rolls over them and the shock is dissipated up and out. The sound – or report – of the blast was incredibly loud, damaging eardrums.  - Anatomy of a World War I Artillery Barrage
  • (Chillingly, to mitigate these effects, researchers have proposed creating a Siri-like user interface, a virtual copilot that anthropomorphizes the drone and lets crews shunt off the blame for whatever happens.  - Confessions of a Drone Warrior
  • And it’s precisely because it’s a force of nature that’s moving Google towards monopoly, it’s important for them to think through how to mitigate its effects. To me, the essential thing for them to do is to “draw lines in the sand,” as John Borthwick said in his outstanding post of that same name.  - O'Reilly: "We're heading into a war for control of the web."
  • But Fabio Alessandroni, a civil lawyer who represents the relatives of more than a dozen victims, said the sentence showed that it is possible to have a “culture of prevention.”“It is possible to predict a risk and to adopt measures that mitigate that risk,” Mr.  - Italy Orders Jail Terms for 7 Who Didnt Warn of Deadly Earthquake
  • A solution like that would mitigate most of the headaches that you’d have to deal with in key management," he added.  - Apple Keeps Constant Log of iPhone Calls in iCloud, Warns Cop Contractor
  • And a whopping 87 percent disregarded the messages while they were transferring information, in this case, a confirmation code. “But you can mitigate this problem simply by finessing the timing of the warnings,” said Jeff Jenkins, lead author of the study appearing in Information Systems Research, one of the premier journals of business research.  - People disregard security warnings on computers because they come at bad times
  • More research is needed to see whether policy or pedagogical innovations can mitigate the effects of middle school.  - The Middle School Plunge
  • Of course individual children will differ but when identified groups are not equal this is our barometer that more must be done both inside and outside school to mitigate the gap. The neighbourhood public school is my church.  - Why Do Schools Stigmatize "Gifted Children"?
  • They say it's the cover-up that gets you, and it appears that all the proactive work Samsung did to mitigate the Note 7 fiasco has been undone by being slower to acknowledge that the devices are still dangerous.  - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners told to turn off device

Meaning of "mitigate" in English

  • make less severe or harsh
  • lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of

Meaning of "mitigate" in Hindi

  • घटाना ( Ghatana, ghatanaa)
  • कम करना ( Kam karana, kam karanaa)
  • मुलायम करना ( Mulayam karana, mulaayam karanaa)
  • कम करना
  • धीमा करना ( Dhima karana, dheemaa karanaa)
  • हलका करना ( Halaka karana, halakaa karanaa)
  • हल्का करना ( Halka karana, halkaa karanaa)
  • गम्भीरता कम करना ( Gambhirata kam karana, gambheerataa kam karanaa)
  • कमी होना ( Kami hona, kamee honaa)
  • न्यूनीकरण करना ( Nyunikaran karana, nyooneekaran karanaa)
  • कमी करना ( Kami karana, kamee karanaa)
  • प्रशमित करना ( Prashamit karana, prashamit karanaa)
  • अल्पीकरण करना ( Alpikaran karana, alpeekaran karanaa)

Synonyms of "mitigate"

  • extenuate
  • palliate

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