How to use "modicum" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "modicum" in popular movie and book plots

  • Nath falls into the lake, where he realizes that he will never be able to understand Lydia's death and achieves a modicum of closure.  - Everything I Never Told You
  • He brings a modicum of civilization to a barbaric world mired in alcoholism and violence.  - Wild Field
  • Back in Chicago, Edith Carson, who had gained a modicum of wealth through her shrewd business dealings, loans McGregor the money necessary for him to quit working full-time and attend school to become a lawyer, his long-time ambition.  - Marching Men
  • The two play a game of chess on the tarmac, placing their handguns on a utility cart, Reese revealing that he is now carrying a Desert Eagle pistol and earning another modicum of admiration from his new partner.  - From Paris with Love (film)
  • He marries and appears to find a modicum of contentment until his wife Edith (Christine Kaufmann) dies in the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic.  - Egon Schiele – Exzess und Bestrafung
  • In the Labyrinth, the dragon-snakes still loom, but there is a modicum of peace.  - The Seventh Gate
  • It is written for someone with a modicum of project management background.  - Critical Chain (novel)
  • Finally they escape by blowing "a modicum of snuff" out into the sea creature's cavernous interior, causing it to sneeze the heroes out through its whale-like blowhole.  - The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Example sentences for "modicum" in interesting articles

Meaning of "modicum" in English

  • a small or moderate or token amount

Meaning of "modicum" in Hindi

  • थोढ़ी सी मात्रा
  • थोड़ा
  • भोजन की थोडी मात्रा

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