How to use "mollify" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "mollify" in popular movie and book plots

  • To mollify Mietek, Saul gives him the piece of jewellery.  - Son of Saul
  • They hide when they hear Felipe return and see him check a basement door before the others mollify him.  - The Damned (2013 film)
  • Seeing their lovers' quarrel, Papa Chibou attempts to mollify the heated language, but George and Helene rebuff his soothing words by telling him not to interfere, since as an old man he knows nothing of love.  - Seven Faces
  • George attempts to mollify the aliens by offering alien technology that he owns, but they disintegrate him.  - U.F.O. (2012 film)
  • Then, after destroying all the idols in the shop, Avraham places the mallet into the hand of a stone likeliness of Nimrod, the largest idol in the shop and attempts to mollify his father Terakh, insisting that the idol of Nimrod was the perpetrator of the iconoclasm.  - Young Abraham
  • To mollify his uncle (Leo Franklyn), Rix pretends to be the soul of religiosity, while his tough-talking manager Walter 'Wally' Burton (William Hartnell) poses as a man of the cloth.  - And the Same to You
  • " In response, Nucky has Mayor-elect Bader baldly fire Halloran and reinstate Eli to the sheriff's office as his first official act; this only humiliates Halloran and fails to mollify Eli.  - A Return to Normalcy
  • The Commodore tries to mollify Jimmy, even telling him that "the wrong man is running this town," implying that Jimmy should supplant Nucky, whom Gillian reveals was the one to bring her to the Commodore decades ago.  - Paris Green (Boardwalk Empire)
  • Arlette first tries to mollify Pierre and then flaunts her presence when the ambassador's wife shows up.  - Heartbeat (1946 film)
  • Brandon tries to mollify Rosa but is cut short when Brandon’s former mistress, gold-digging Isabel Lorrison (Ava Gardner), walks in.  - East Side, West Side (1949 film)
  • This was to mollify the sea god Poseidon after either Cepheus or his wife Cassiopeia had offended the god.  - Andromeda (play)
  • Ladies' man and amateur crime solver Gay Laurence (George Sanders), the "Gay Falcon", reluctantly agrees to give up both habits to mollify his fiancée, Elinor Benford (Nina Vale).  - The Gay Falcon
  • In order to maintain this alliance, Raina demands that Jean-Claude supply a vampire for her pornography operation, and Jean-Claude orders Robert to do so, both to mollify Raina and as punishment for allowing her to force her way in.  - The Lunatic Cafe
  • On the one hand, playing the role of a concerned friend, Langda convinces Kesu to appeal to Dolly, Omi's lover and newly wedded wife, to mollify Omi.  - Omkara (2006 film)
  • Their shared status as veterans appears to mollify Miller's suspicions and he stops using racial slurs against Traver.  - The Young One
  • To mollify XXXX, Temple gives him a "Welcome to the Layer Cake"(referring to the layers or levels anyone in business goes through in rising to the top) : a membership to the Stoke Park Country Club of which he is (and Jimmy was) a member.  - Layer Cake (film)
  • They encounter Artie, still angry, but Puss and Donkey mollify him by explaining that Shrek lied to Charming to save Artie's life.  - Shrek the Third
  • Pökler becomes increasingly paranoid that Ilse is really a series of impostors sent each year to mollify him.  - Gravity's Rainbow

Example sentences for "mollify" in interesting articles

  • The new disclosures did not mollify the agency’s critics: Newly disclosed documents describe a series of steps the world’s largest spy agency is supposed to take to keep Americans from being caught in its massive surveillance net.  - Newly disclosed papers give rules for NSA surveillance without a warrant
  • There are still many questions to be answered, but one thing is for sure — this bill allows the government to suppress truthful speech and could block access to a wealth of non-infringing speech, and the end result will do little to protect artists or mollify the industries that profit from them.  - Censorship of the Internet Takes Center Stage in "Online Infringement" Bill
  • In a memo to Nixon, he asserted that “a great deal of the crime” in the black community was really a manifestation of anti-white racism: “Hatred—revenge—against whites is now an acceptable excuse for doing what might have been done anyway.” Like his forebears who’d criminalized blacks, Moynihan claimed that education had done little to mollify the hatred.  - Examining the Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration
  • It's not like a Russian is going to fly to my hometown or hire a hometown local to steal my records. Oh, they told me, trying to mollify me and convince me it was safe, we use SSL to protect your records, they said.  - A Day in the Life of a Stolen Healthcare Record

Meaning of "mollify" in English

  • make less rigid or softer
  • make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else; moderate
  • cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of

Meaning of "mollify" in Hindi

  • मुलायम करना ( Mulayam karana, mulaayam karanaa)
  • नर्म करना ( Narm karana, narm karanaa)
  • घटाना ( Ghatana, ghatanaa)
  • मनाना
  • शांत करना ( Shant karana, shaant karanaa)
  • मनाना ( Manana, mananaa)
  • अनुकूल करना ( Anukul karana, anukool karanaa)
  • नरम करना ( Naram karana, naram karanaa)
  • रोष शान्त करना ( Rosh shant karana, rosh shant karanaa)

Synonyms of "mollify"

  • lenify
  • appease
  • placate
  • gruntle
  • temper
  • pacify
  • season
  • gentle
  • conciliate
  • assuage

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