How to use "monolithic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "monolithic" in popular movie and book plots

  • The surface is ruled by the Empire, a single, monolithic power under the command of the cruel Emperor Hawthorne.  - Avernum: Escape from the Pit
  • Inside they find stone cylinders, a monolithic statue of a humanoid head, and the decapitated corpse of a large alien, thought to be an Engineer; Shaw recovers its head.  - Prometheus (2012 film)
  • The hangout of choice for these big-brained innovators is Jon's Pool Hall, a modest local gaming facility that is likely to be put out of business when the monolithic "Palace of Pool" opens its doors.  - Think Tank (film)
  • These examples help reflect the insufficiency of monolithic narratives of AIDS and war.  - Koolaids: The Art of War
  • Hating the cold, the Old Ones retaliated by bringing Earth closer to the sun, once again submerging Cthulhu and his monolithic city of R'lyeh beneath the sea.  - I, Cthulhu
  • It is not actually Sarajevo and it has only two primary factions, Christians and Muslims - though they are not always monolithic in intent.  - ZOS: Zone of Separation
  • It would be otherwise uninhabitable, except for a tall monolithic mesa that rises 40 miles up into a breathable layer in the upper atmosphere.  - A Gift from Earth
  • He lives in New Edo, a hodgepodge city-state where New York City meets ancient Japan, where monolithic skyscrapers tower over ramshackle wooden huts, and salarymen and samurai walk side by side.  - Blade for Barter
  • Orta defeats Abadd's avatar and discovers that he is heading for the Cradle, an ancient monolithic artifact above the imperial city.  - Panzer Dragoon Orta
  • After a few troublesome actions, hunts and rides through the WorldWeb and the TechnoCore the main information is this: the 'Core is not as monolithic as it appears; it is fiercely divided into at least three groups which continually fight each other.  - Hyperion (Simmons novel)
  • After a nerve-wracking encounter with an adder and long hours of walking, the four find the “otter and his wife,” monolithic sculptures that were mentioned in the Terramort poem.  - Mariel of Redwall
  • As the two sub-series progress, albeit with somewhat-separate casts of characters, each is expected by Weber to carry the detailed storyline events particular to their astrographical region forward and tie together into an ongoing plotline concerning the massive and monolithic Solarian League, which foreshadowing in the most recent novels suggests is about to undergo severe disruption.  - Honorverse
  • Their greatest hatred is focused on the Glen Canyon Dam, a monolithic edifice of concrete that dams a beautiful, wild river, and which the monkeywrenchers seek to destroy.  - The Monkey Wrench Gang
  • She is at odds with Medical Mechanica, a monolithic industrial corporation.  - FLCL

Example sentences for "monolithic" in interesting articles

  • An innocent man facing a monolithic judicial system accusing him unjustly might well lie if it seemed like his best hope of exonerating himself.  - Jury Duty
  • The commercial web was all about portals—big monolithic sites that you’d visit to read your mail, view your calendar, check headline news, etc.  - Some of the work we did at Danger
  • So how does de-featuring software work?Simple answer — Not at all — At least, not todayJust ask your networking vendor for the following tailor-made software release:· IS-IS· BGP for IPv4 and IPv6· no OSPF· no LDP· no RSVP· no Spanning Tree· no PPP-over-pigeons· no nothing.Not possible? — Reason it is not possible is because things have been constructed as a monolithic system, mostly by just compiling a new feature.  - Reimagining the future of routers
  • In fact, we’ve already seen this in DeepMind’s AlphaGo that uses partial knowledge to tactically and strategically best the world-best human in the game of Go.The second intuition is that systems will not remain monolithic as they are now, but rather would involve multiple coordinating (or competing) cliques of DL systems.  - Game Theory Reveals the Future of Deep Learning
  • Design and code blended as one and the birth of the full-stack developer made them commonplace.Being a programmer was hip, at least for a while.Before Rails came along, we were in a monolithic nightmare of JSP and PHP and over-architected home-brewed frameworks left behind at your place of work by some developer who once thought he understood design patterns and decided to roll his own MVC framework.  - Today I accept that Rails is yesterday’s software
  • We also use Redis a little bit for some non-persistent caching, and things like memcached.C, Shell, Ruby — quite a simple, monolithic stack.  - GitHub: Scaling on Ruby, with a nomadic tech team
  • On these servers, we serve a monolithic Rails application as well as a handful of microservices.  - Building Analytics at 500px
  • The monolithic app must be broken into uncoupled pieces.  - Technical Debt 101
  • On these servers, we serve a monolithic Rails application as well as a handful of microservices.  - Building Analytics at 500px
  • For others, it sits right at the core of their entire business, while some see it as a framework and tool to build large applications and data management systems.This is something WordPress respects, which it has to, in order to maintain its monolithic market share — almost 25% of all websites are built using it.  - Building a better WordPress
  • It drastically changes architecture of our application.If you are still building monolithic web app in 2014, you need to fix it,or you’ll be fired soon.While design of our applications changed a lot.  - The Future of Asynchronous IO in Python
  • It is, like many temples in India, monolithic - that is to say, originally carved out of one single chunk of stone.  - The oldest "0" in India for which one can assign a definite date
  • The physicist Douglas Eardley, who works with Dyson at Jason, says: “He’s always against the big monolithic projects, the Battlestar Galacticas.  - The Global Warming Heretic - NYTimes On Freeman Dyson
  • Just to plug up a revenue stream from their game that they aren't directly tapping into, they: -destroyed a part of their community more vibrant than the game has seen in half a decade -once more condescendingly told their audience "you don't know what you want" by nuking a wildly successful private server and refusing to even consider legacy realms (at least publicly) -further damaged their already shaky PR image of a monolithic company falling behind the times.  - We are Nostalrius, a World of Warcraft fan-made game server. AMA

Meaning of "monolithic" in English

  • characterized by massiveness and rigidity and total uniformity
    - a monolithic worldwide movement
  • imposing in size or bulk or solidity
    - Moore's massive sculptures
    - the monolithic proportions of Stalinist architecture
    - a monumental scale

Meaning of "monolithic" in Hindi

  • एकाश्म ( Ekashm, ekaashm)
  • अखण्ड ( Akhand)
  • विशालकाय ( Vishalakay, vishaalakaay, wishalakay)
  • विशालकाय

Synonyms of "monolithic"

  • monumental
  • massive

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