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Example sentences for "morose" in popular movie and book plots

  • He is actually two separate hemisphere-shaped robots that can combine to roll around: the "Glad-One" is utterly exuberant and optimistic, and the "Sad-One" is utterly morose and pessimistic.  - Infinity Train
  • Pennant's crisis remains hidden and Lowther, upon reaching his 63rd birthday does not die and becomes morose because of it.  - Pastoral (2014 novel)
  • In 1952, Steele is elected to his sixth term in the presidency over Republican candidate Robert Taft with the morose Vice President John Nance Garner in tow.  - Joe Steele (novel)
  • He drunkenly digs through his pockets searching for a ring he can give her but Heejung becomes morose telling him that she doesn't have any friends.  - Right Now, Wrong Then
  • After the men see the mermaid off the morose Mark has Herb drop him off at a bar where he can drown his sorrows and try to forget the lovely Iantha.  - Nothing in the Rules
  • The newcomers are puzzled, but the locals know what's going on and watch with morose expectation.  - Faithful Ruslan
  • Prescot spends the next decades on Earth, getting involved in wars out of boredom and growing every more morose and desperate to return to Kregen.  - The Tides of Kregen
  • Jack, becoming morose again, appears indifferent.  - Paper Planes (film)
  • Ainley, devastated, becomes morose and turns to drink, causing Mead, a war widow, and best friend Tom Lawry (John Hodiak), her betrothed, to consider these telltale signs that the professor could be suicidal.  - Night into Morning
  • A distracted Daryl drives into a massive herd, forcing the group to leave their vehicle, except for a morose Tyreese.  - Isolation (The Walking Dead)
  • Devastated by career and love, he turns morose and demoralised.  - 96°C Café
  • Luke is the most studious, so he appreciates the creative class projects mr Terupt devises, while the more morose Jeffrey just hopes to be ignored.  - Because of Mr. Terupt
  • A morose and traumatized Hayes returns home, where he is proclaimed a hero and recruited to help sell war bonds to the public.  - The Outsider (1961 film)
  • Seigfried is cursed by having amphibians appear to fall from his mouth every time he speaks, while Leopold ends up with a curse that turns him to one of those morose poet-princes, who desire only to wear black, stay up at night, and write (usually bad) poetry and songs.  - The Sleeping Beauty (novel)
  • Some characters are already at the camp when Hawkeye and Duke arrive, such as the bumbling commander Henry Blake, his hyper-competent chief clerk Radar O'Reilly, the morose dentist Walter "Painless" Waldowski, the incompetent and pompous surgeon Frank Burns, and the contemplative Chaplain Father Mulcahy.  - MASH (film)
  • He wakes up in a stock before a judge and jury, where he learns that he is charged with being "cold and morose " The beagle appears in the scene and gives a testimony that the father "hit him, and then he kicked him".  - Boy Meets Dog
  • The hospital is inhabited by two mentally disturbed patients, one a silent and morose old woman and another a younger, violently hysterical woman.  - Thunderstorm (play)
  • Later, at the post-game dinner, a very morose atmosphere hangs over the proceedings.  - The Fear That Walks by Noonday
  • Hoping to find more beautiful women inside, they are greeted by a morose crowd of men and approached by a seemingly crazed vicar (Paul McGann) who believes Jimmy is a long lost descendant of a local vampire slayer.  - Lesbian Vampire Killers
  • As time passes, Laura, unlike Iris, is morose and unable to adapt to life at the school.  - Innocence (2004 film)
  • The first part introduces the four characters—the correspondent, a condescending observer detached from the rest of the group; the captain, who is injured and morose at having lost his ship, yet capable of leadership; the cook, fat and comical, but optimistic that they will be rescued; and the oiler, Billie, who is physically the strongest, and the only one in the story referred to by name.  - The Open Boat
  • embark on idiotic physical challenges at the behest of the God of Jokes (Dieudonné), to restore mirth to a morose planet".  - Les 11 commandements
  • Insofar as Nightmare Abbey may be said to have a plot, it follows the fortunes of Christopher Glowry, Esquire, a morose widower who lives with his only son Scythrop in his semi-dilapidated family mansion Nightmare Abbey, which is situated on a strip of dry land between the sea and the fens in Lincolnshire.  - Nightmare Abbey
  • He gestures to a morose Peter, who is being comforted by a group of girls.  - Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
  • An "impossibly cheery" optimist, Charlotte rapidly becomes the foil and tormentor of the morose and vindictive Vendetta, by insisting on befriending her.  - Making Fiends (TV series)
  • A morose Edwards is still vowing revenge against Spindoe when Spindoe arrives to confront him.  - Spindoe
  • Gertrude learns of Paul's involvement with Clara, and she slips into a morose depression and physical sickness.  - Sons and Lovers (film)
  • When a brief stint as a bookie finds him abandoned by the only woman with whom he is able to relate, a fling with gold-digging floozie Laura finds him once again falling into a morose state of perpetual drunkenness and unemployment.  - Factotum (novel)
  • McVay becomes morose and the Hardys, with a couple of clues, pursue the jewel thieves to Thailand.  - The Crimson Flame
  • Only occasional assassins dispatched by the Regent disturb his morose existence.  - The Paladin
  • The lawyer has lunch with Jerry, where he continues his morose facade.  - The Visa
  • Barret soon agrees that they should put the incident behind them and continue to be friends, but Ryan becomes increasingly morose and attached to Barret.  - A Better Place
  • Rath is a quiet, morose professional who is on an assignment to kill someone when someone else gets to the 'mark' (the target) before he does.  - Assassins (film)
  • Caesar is curious as to why Vorenus is so morose and asks Antony.  - An Owl in a Thornbush
  • When Charlie Brown remains morose ("That makes me the smartest person in the world," he says), Linus assures him that he will eventually win at something.  - A Boy Named Charlie Brown
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a somewhat morose up-and-coming pop singer/dancer with the stage name "Trista".  - The Air I Breathe
  • He falls into a cavern where he meets a morose philosopher named Sollum.  - The Soddit
  • After initial problems with Vyvyan's car-engine-powered vacuum cleaner, which sweeps up a morose hippy friend of Neil's, also called Neil (who is mercilessly shoved by Rick into the refrigerator) and an unexpected visit from an eager Christian (later crushed by a giant sandwich fallen out of the sky), the party gets under way in style.  - Interesting (The Young Ones)
  • Challenger is morose as the creature leaves.  - The Lost World (1925 film)
  • Jonas has become morose after hearing that China is developing an atomic bomb.  - Winter Light
  • Beckmann gives a couplet, turning up to be a morose summary of the play up to this point, the melody taken from a popular war time song, Tapfere kleine Soldatenfrau ("brave little soldier’s wife").  - The Man Outside
  • There is no sense of recovery or security in her as there is with the other vampires, and she departs from Night Island alone, still just as morose as ever.  - Pandora (novel)
  • His personality was also changed as he was severely depressed and morose after the tragic incidents and had lived the life of a hermit ever since.  - The Phantom Lover
  • An unusually morose James Bond is assigned sniper duty to help British agent 272 escape from East Berlin.  - Octopussy and The Living Daylights
  • One of the team, a morose husky named Dave, becomes sick and eventually has to be shot to end his misery.  - The Call of the Wild
  • Despite the fact that he has throughout his life compulsively sought out aristocratic society, none of his titled friends come to see him, which makes him alternately morose and irate.  - The Razor's Edge

Example sentences for "morose" in interesting articles

Meaning of "morose" in English

  • showing a brooding ill humor
    - the proverbially dour New England Puritan
    - a glum, hopeless shrug
    - he sat in moody silence
    - a morose and unsociable manner
    - a saturnine, almost misanthropic young genius
    - a sour temper
    - a sullen crowd

Meaning of "morose" in Hindi

  • चिडचिडा ( Chidachida, chidachidaa)
  • रूखा ( Rukha, rookhaa)
  • उदास ( Udas, udaas)
  • ग्लान ( Glan)

Synonyms of "morose"

  • dark
  • sullen
  • saturnine
  • glum
  • dour
  • glowering
  • moody
  • sour

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