How to use "nexus" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "nexus" in popular movie and book plots

  • This triggers off a series of events that uncovers the unholy nexus between politics, business and the media.  - Nagrik
  • But despite her progressive attitude she falls prey to the socio - police - politicon nexus she is married off to Rajjan, a boy from the same village who has intense crush for her from the beginning.  - Babuji Ek Ticket Bambai
  • She then witnesses the nexus between the underworld, businessmen, corrupt policemen and politicians.  - Satta (film)
  • There is a crime nexus run by Bhoopathy (Ashish Vidyarthi), his partners Naga (Kote), Mobile Nachappa (Rangayana Raghu), D'Souza and Muni in Bangalore.  - Kannadadda Kiran Bedi
  • The rest of the plot reveals the politician-criminal nexus behind Krishna Prasad's accident, the comic misadventures which lead to Krishna Prasad knowing the truth, and Bharath's retaliation over Nayak and Rudresh's political corruption.  - Power (2014 Kannada film)
  • At the same time, Jin becomes an apprentice to a fortuneteller named Oracle (Anthony Wong), who is the nexus of a list of quirky characters who reside in Ximending.  - Westgate Tango
  • Her meeting with Janaki (Seema Biswas) – the mother of one of the boys, Awadhesh – helps her understand the deeply embedded political-criminal nexus that pervades the system.  - Chaarfutiya Chhokare
  • A gripping thriller, Red Jihad explores the most feared nexus between the jihadis and the naxals.  - Red Jihad
  • The nexus is not going to come to an end with just my Uncle's death.  - Aurangzeb (film)
  • What he saw was a profound nexus of police, bureaucrats, power-brokers, and politicians - all hidden by the glittering curtain of "Rule of Law" and administrative sophistication.  - Kya Yahi Sach Hai
  • The film also shows the nexus between politicians and factory owners dumping workers for their selfish deeds.  - Adimakal Udamakal
  • The plot revolves around a politician criminal nexus and love drama.  - Mrugam
  • The dam constructed by Hazarika proved to be a farce because Muhidhar and his unholy nexus cut the base of the dam in the darkness of the downpour night.  - Jetuka Pator Dore
  • The hole is actually The Everfall, a center for the strongest monsters in the world and a nexus that connects all worlds together.  - Dragon's Dogma
  • The film tells the story of an honest journalist Vikas Pande (Shashi Kapoor) from Ghazipur in eastern Uttar Pradesh who moves to Delhi to run a newspaper, and soon uncovers a political assassination, and in the process, falls prey to a corrupt system and the nexus between politicians and media barons.  - New Delhi Times
  • Then David proposes that due to the time nexus it has somehow delayed the effects.  - Fire World
  • In each group of Mimics, there is a central nexus that can cause the day to loop, as well as several antennae, all of which signal the loop to reset; Keiji became trapped in the loop as a result of contact with one such antenna.  - All You Need Is Kill
  • Robin notices that Barney's video resume uses meaningless buzz words, such as "the Possimpible" to describe the nexus between the Possible and the Impossible.  - The Possimpible
  • It is revealed that Mohan Thomas had entrusted Saahib with the gold, which was confiscated by Bharath and is in fact the kingpin heading an unholy nexus of politicians, criminals and various officials including two high ranking cops, Rajan Felix,G.  - Commissioner (film)
  • Natalie offers to take the Galactica to the Hub, which is a nexus of operations for all Cylon "resurrection ships".  - Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
  • Dredd leads a band of Mega City Judges who "stubbed" a Mega-City transport nexus forcing East-Meg forces through to the city bottom.  - The Apocalypse War
  • Tenoctris discovers that the Queen’s mansion was a nexus of portals to many different worlds, one of which led to the Beast.  - Queen of Demons
  • It tells the story of Ana Beachcombe, a resident of the "Crossroads" universe, the nexus point where all universes meet.  - The Land of Bad Fantasy
  • This being, referred to as the Voice, tells the physicist the nature of his life after death, as a nexus of electromagnetic forces.  - The Last Answer
  • David realizes that the Police-Politician nexus has already decided to frame Annie for the crime and also comes to know of evidence fabricated for the purpose.  - Nasrani (film)
  • Kimtilal finally reveals the roots of the nexus (Sampath and Gupta), and succumbs to his injuries.  - Kala Bazaar
  • Unbeknownst to Silsila, Haji bhaijaan is part of a larger nexus of evil that comprises politicians and the larger Mafia.  - Traffic Signal (film)
  • There is a deep nexus between the local mafia, the cops and the (corrupt) politicians.  - Ardh Satya
  • Rupert, fleeing Roundheads, finds refuge in a magical inn, The Old Phoenix, which proves to be a nexus between parallel worlds.  - A Midsummer Tempest
  • Probing further reveals that the squatters are part of a property usurping nexus headed by the corrupt and powerful Kishan Khurana (Boman Irani).  - Khosla Ka Ghosla
  • They have identified a coordinator at the top of the pyramid, who acts as a nexus for communications.  - Back Burners
  • Banshee explains that Shadow King has been using Polaris as a nexus between the physical world and the Astral Plane since the time Zaladane stripped Polaris of her magnetism powers.  - Muir Island Saga
  • Salutua must have existed on a nexus point in time and space, and by passing through the bridge and interfering in the past the Doctor and his friends have changed history.  - The Eye of the Giant
  • If the human intruder disables all three brain components, and then invokes the Totem of Entropy at the Flame, which is the nexus of AM's thought patterns, all three supercomputers will be shut down, probably forever.  - I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (video game)
  • Fearing that arresting him would open the lid on the nexus between Nunwa and the Tezpur Police, he kills Nunwa and misleads Police that he was killed in an encounter.  - Gangaajal
  • Susanna has finally reached her nexus and realizes she doesn’t want to become like Lisa.  - Girl, Interrupted (film)
  • Their combined might, however, is no match for the Lifestone, the nexus of all life on Midkemia.  - A Darkness at Sethanon
  • After the Chimera destroy the last British command post in Bristol, Hale undertakes a solo mission into the tunnels, following them all the way to a nexus point in London.  - Resistance: Fall of Man
  • On Gallifrey, Vansell discovers that a female presence exists inhabiting the vortex at each of the nexus points at which the Doctor has been observed.  - The Sirens of Time
  • Constantly being manipulated while he thinks he's finding the truth, Charles soon finds himself out of control and at the nexus of certain disaster, at which point he finally begins to understand just what happened to his brother.  - Cocaine Nights
  • It is in this framework that three parallel love affairs take shape and come undone: the impossible love of Marie-Jeanne for Ziggy, a young androgynous and mythomaniac record dealer; the sensational romance of Zéro Janvier and Stella Spotlight, a sex symbol who has just said farewell to the silver screen; and the passion of Johnny Rockfort and Cristal, a true nexus of the plot.  - Starmania (musical)
  • So armed, the party enters the Rift, seeking out Exdeath at the center of the inter-dimensional nexus where they, too, fall prey to the Void.  - Final Fantasy V

Example sentences for "nexus" in interesting articles

  • The nexus of these errors was not apparent due to the distributed nature of Twitter’s architecture.  - Linux kernel bug delivers corrupt TCP/IP data
  • We should have predicted this, right? But look at the nexus of all the coincidences: a specific browser, a specific unusual plugin, sound on, needing to wait 10 seconds for the issue to occur.  - The bug that almost killed Google's Pac-Man doodle
  • We can not afford to let them slip through.I am a research mathematician turned educator working at the nexus of mathematics, education and innovation.Come say hello on Twitter or LinkedIn.If you liked this article you might want to check out my following pieces:These four visuals dispel the myths we’ve been fed about maths educationThe case of Nancy and Liammystudentvoices.comEdTech’s culture problemEducation is innately cultural.  - Mathematical genius is fragile
  • The nexus of industry and politics is exceedingly tight; and the media are tied into this too – without advertising from the corporates, they would not survive.  - Indias elites have a ferocious sense ofentitlement
  • Which leads to a nexus of intertwining and perpetuating blame—the US, for instance, justifies its longstanding presence in the Middle East as filling a void or as doing peacekeeping work; but it's indubitably a signal as well, to our allies as well as enemies that the war is stretching on.  - The Author of Our Best SF Military Novel Explains the Future of War
  • Last week, the police broke an alleged Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and al-Qaida nexus in the city with arrest of two persons.  - Ex-Google employee held for trying to join IS
  • (13.11.2015) The digital security-rights nexus – The delicate balance between privacy and human security DVD chairman Frank Spaeing described the law as a "data protection prevention law" and called on the Justice and Consumer Affairs Ministry, the Economics Ministry, and the Science and Research Ministry to intervene on behalf of people's civil rights.  - Germany planning to ‘massively′ limit privacy rights
  • Just search YouTube for teardown nexus 6P, or similar. Changes Since Initial Posting Like the last post, this post will likely be updated for a while based on community feedback.  - Mission Improbable: Hardening Android for Security and Privacy
  • Think of it as the nexus for Google's disparate products and your disparate online behaviors.  - Larry Page's First 100 Days as Google CEO: Focus, Focus, Focus
  • Without this crucial nexus point, the current level of agricultural production in the southern San Joaquin Valley could not be sustained, and many cities, including the three largest on the West Coast—Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose—would have to come up with radical new water-supply solutions.Too much is being asked of the Delta.  - American Aqueduct: The Great California Water Saga

Meaning of "nexus" in English

  • a connected series or group
  • the means of connection between things linked in series

Meaning of "nexus" in Hindi

  • बंधन ( Bandhan)

Synonyms of "nexus"

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