How to use "obsequious" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "obsequious" in popular movie and book plots

  • He enters into a decisive duel with cunning and fraudsters - Murzavetskaya and its obsequious entourage, directing for action at the right, advantageous only to him on track.  - Wolves and Sheep
  • The affair emboldens her and gives her glimpse of the good life, inspiring her to spend more and more money she doesn't have on lavish dresses and decorations from the obsequious dry-goods dealer Monsieur Lheureux (Rhys Ifans), who's all-too happy to continue extending her credit.  - Madame Bovary (2014 film)
  • The act closes with Azdak obsequious and afraid for his life, promising to restore Michael to the Governor's Wife, behead Grusha, and do whatever else the Governor's Wife wants: "It will all be arranged as you order, your Excellency.  - The Caucasian Chalk Circle
  • At dinner on their first night, Jane and Elizabeth are introduced to the gentlemen of the house: Colonel Andrews (Callis), a silly and obsequious character who seems to love his job, and mr Henry Nobley (Feild), mrs Wattlesbrook's sternly handsome—albeit unenthusiastic—nephew.  - Austenland (film)
  • These complex operations are micromanaged by thousands more elves, under the command of Malcolm's militaristic eldest son Steve and his obsequious elfin assistant Peter at mission control underneath the North Pole.  - Arthur Christmas
  • He is a very loyal, obsequious minion to Junior, and is very respectful to those whom he deems worthy.  - Mikey Palmice
  • Though she does not share his obsequious quest for British citizenship, she generally encourages him to achieve his goals.  - Hattrick (film)
  • Nicholas takes an instinctive dislike to Garcia, fearing his dead fish eyes and his tendency to appear unannounced, but Brande sees the man’s obsequious servility as recognition of his own superior qualities.  - The Spanish Gardener
  • Following a brief confrontation with her, Lime's benevolence uplifts the marionette and her personality changes to a more friendly, obsequious one.  - Saber Marionette J Again
  • She is uncomfortably overwhelmed by the high society chatter, largely incomprehensible to her, and by the obsequious affections of the men.  - Cavender Is Coming
  • Just as Dorian pleads with a friend to flaunt his newly found popularity, Nicky reunites with obsequious football friends—stealing Dorian's thunder.  - Dorian Blues
  • One of the gunnysacks contains Kosaburo Hanaya (Kagawa Teruyuki), a belligerent Japanese sergeant; the other Dong Hanchen (Yuan Ding), an obsequious Chinese interpreter working for the Japanese Army.  - Devils on the Doorstep
  • It becomes apparent, largely through the obsequious deference paid to Stark by Mayor Sargent, and the objection of old maid mrs Cassan to questions from Cunningham and his love-interest, Angela Benedict (sitting nowhere near him), that greed has possessed most of the town's citizens and they are just one step away from selling out.  - 7 Faces of Dr. Lao
  • The girl, who he nicknames Ren, is infantile and friendly, and grows obsequious and dependent upon Takeya, a responsibility he tries to disassociate himself from.  - DearS
  • A new problem has emerged, however, with the ascendancy of the obsequious and compliant Castellan Kelner, who is being far too co-operative with the Vardan occupation.  - The Invasion of Time
  • A small contingent of Indian workers are also usually found alongside the Britons: Bearer Rangi Ram, who acts as their butler and porter, displaying an outwardly obsequious nature that hides a very savvy intelligence; he is a good friend of the concert party and helps them out when they are in trouble; Muhammad, the idealistic chai wallah who, in the traditional role, carries an urn of hot tea and a box of pastries for everyone to purchase, and Rumzam, the lazy punkah wallah whose job it is to fan the officers, who is often kicked and told off by everyone.  - It Ain't Half Hot Mum
  • An obsequious businessman, Benedict Grunlich, of Hamburg, introduces himself to the family, and Tony dislikes him on sight.  - Buddenbrooks
  • Marty awakens the next morning to find his family changed: George is a self-confident, successful author, Lorraine is physically fit and happy, his brother David is a successful businessman, his sister Linda works in a boutique and has many "boyfriends" and Biff is now an obsequious auto valet.  - Back to the Future
  • He is a pompous and obsequious clergyman because he expects each of the Bennet girls to wish to marry him due to his inheritance.  - Pride and Prejudice

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Meaning of "obsequious" in English

  • attentive in an ingratiating or servile manner
  • attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery

Meaning of "obsequious" in Hindi

  • चापलूस ( Chapalus, chaapaloos)
  • खुशामदी ( Khushamadi, khushaamadee)
  • अत्यनुवर्ती ( Atyanuvarti, atyanuvartee, atyanuwarti)
  • हीनानुवर्ती ( Hinanuvarti, heenanuvartee, hinanuwarti)

Synonyms of "obsequious"

  • toadyish
  • bootlicking
  • sycophantic
  • fawning

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