How to use "obviate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "obviate" in popular movie and book plots

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Example sentences for "obviate" in interesting articles

  • Such shifts may, in turn, make some new dependencies required, or obviate the need for others.  - So you want to write a package manager
  • It put—and still puts—America in the curious position of having to go to war to uphold the very credibility that is supposed to obviate war in the first place. If the administration’s domestic political priorities alone dictated the removal of the Cuban missiles, a solution to Kennedy’s problem would have seemed pretty obvious: instead of a public ultimatum demanding that the Soviets withdraw their missiles from Cuba, a private agreement between the superpowers to remove both Moscow’s missiles in Cuba and Washington’s missiles in Turkey.  - The Real Cuban Missile Crisis (2013)
  • One value of higher user fees would be that they would discourage excessive use of the roads, lessen wear and tear, and in many cases obviate the need for costly construction projects.And these subsidies to car travel have important spillovers that affect other aspects of the transportation system.  - The True Costs of Driving
  • Pushy parents, an asset many of them don’t have, could tell you what it takes to make that happen: a mix of enabling and persistent nudging.Lesley Leppert-McKeever, who has directed the Borough of Manhattan Community College’s ASAP program from the start, summed up the message to students this way: “Look, if you do your part, we’ll do our part, and together we’ll be able to meet your target.” The program is a two-way deal, expressly designed to obviate the disruptions that sabotage academic momentum.  - How to Escape the Community College Trap
  • The lesson here is not that IUDs obviate income transfers to the poor or inclusive housing policy in rich metros.  - The Pill, the Condom, and the American Dream
  • “I don’t necessarily believe that [the solid-state lidar] will obviate or replace the 360-degree units—it will be a complement,” Marty Neese, chief operating officer of Velodyne, told IEEE Spectrum earlier this month.  - Velodyne Announces a Solid-State Lidar

Meaning of "obviate" in English

  • prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening
    - head off a confrontation
    - avert a strike
  • do away with

Meaning of "obviate" in Hindi

  • हटाना ( Hatana, hatanaa)
  • दूर करना ( Dur karana, door karanaa)
  • निवारण करना ( Nivaran karana, nivaaran karanaa, niwaran karana)
  • निराकरण करना
  • अनावश्यक करना ( Anavashyak karana, anaavashyak karanaa, anawashyak karana)
  • जरूरी न समझना ( Jaruri n samajhana, jarooree na samajhanaa, zaruri n samazhana)

Synonyms of "obviate"

  • debar
  • avoid
  • stave off
  • eliminate
  • ward off
  • fend off
  • avert
  • head off
  • rid of
  • deflect

Antonyms of "obviate"

  • demand
  • involve
  • ask
  • postulate
  • need
  • call for
  • require
  • take
  • necessitate

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