How to use "occlude" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "occlude" in popular movie and book plots

  • The team believes Maggie's symptoms might be psychological in origin, but this is proven false when she is discovered to have severe calcification of her entire skeleton, and the lymph nodes in her neck begin to swell and occlude her airway.  - It's a Wonderful Lie (House)

Example sentences for "occlude" in interesting articles

  • Such tactics would aim to subvert the emergence of a new “digital totalitarianism” that uses the power of information rather than physical force as a political control (Capurro 2011). Finally, privacy issues with SNS highlight a broader philosophical problem involving the intercultural dimensions of information ethics; Rafael Capurro (2005) has noted the way in which narrowly Western conceptions of privacy occlude other legitimate ethical concerns regarding new media practices.  - Social Networking and Ethics (2015)

Meaning of "occlude" in English

  • block passage through

Meaning of "occlude" in Hindi

  • रोकना
  • रोकना
  • अवरोध करना
  • अवरूद्ध करना

Synonyms of "occlude"

  • obturate
  • impede
  • close up
  • block
  • jam
  • obstruct

Antonyms of "occlude"

  • free
  • disengage

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