How to use "officious" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "officious" in popular movie and book plots

  • On the train, Harold is found to be of an extremely officious turn; we see him patrolling the carriages, setting things to rights, interfering in chess games etc.  - Welcome Danger
  • The novel concerns the tension between the officious inspectors and the drivers themselves who aim to arrive early.  - The Maintenance of Headway
  • Jay and Gloria's (Sofía Vergara) vacation to Las Vegas (and a three-tower restaurant wine room) is ruined when a brutally honest e-mail is accidentally sent out by Gloria; Gloria is mad at Claire for being officious regarding an upcoming school bake sale and has Jay type out a very acerbic post which she never intended to forward.  - Caught in the Act (Modern Family)
  • Sent from their garrison at Hyderalipore to provide a show of force at a reported disturbance in Mirzabad, Brunswick and his battalion are recalled and placed under rival Colonel Groat of the 28th Hussars and his officious adjutant, Major Mercer.  - Soldiers Three (film)
  • There, Liliom is questioned by an officious commissioner who looks exactly like a police commissioner that Lilom reported to once while alive.  - Liliom (1934 film)
  • Along the way, Dobie and Pansy manage to blow up the chemistry lab, while Dobie's officious English professor Pomfritt (Hans Conried) is misled to believe that the feckless Gillis is a literary genius.  - The Affairs of Dobie Gillis
  • McAuslan's Court-Martial While Lieutenant MacNeill is acting company commander, Private McAuslan is charged with disobedience of a direct order by a newly promoted, officious corporal.  - The General Danced at Dawn
  • Hiring less than savory characters like "Dog Balls," a kung-fu obsessed buffoon, Guangrong and his men give themselves officious sounding military titles.  - Trouble Makers (2006 film)
  • The two have frequent appointments with their officious and ineffectual band manager, Murray Hewitt (Rhys Darby), a Deputy Cultural Attaché at the New Zealand Consulate.  - Flight of the Conchords (TV series)
  • After knocking out an officious sentry barring access to the base, Green extracts the Mysteron agent's oxygen-depletion device from the ventilation system before the air is adversely affected.  - Avalanche (Captain Scarlet)
  • We are introduced to his commanding officer, the officious Captain Gwatkin, and the alcoholic Lieutenant Bithel.  - The Valley of Bones
  • The officious Rimmer wants everything on ship to be spick and span and has taken Lister's cigarettes hostage to ensure his obedience.  - Balance of Power (Red Dwarf)
  • In Ithaca, Jerry's assistant invites the pilot to his comedy routine, then warns Jerry not to be nervous about it, which makes Jerry extremely nervous, causing him to perform poorly, leading the officious assistant to harangue the pilot.  - The Diplomat's Club
  • As a defense attorney, Arthur is familiar with both the courts and the minds of criminals, and he spends much of the film consulting an officious imaginary version of himself (a double played by Donegan Smith) as to the perfect scheme to rid himself of Lousie.  - Guilty Conscience (film)
  • As a result, the company's officious head of human resources (Debra Jo Rupp) fires Margaret, and management micromanages the remaining three temps.  - Clockwatchers
  • CIA Director Garson Ruttgers (Wanamaker) proves not much smarter and ultimately equally officious and presumptuous as his British counterpart, though in a distinctly — satirically — American way.  - Charlie Muffin
  • Hooper's antics and wisecracks are a trial for the egotistical director and his officious but cowardly assistant, Tony (Alfie Wise).  - Hooper (film)
  • His soul is "rescued" by 7013 (Edward Everett Horton), an officious angel who assumed that Joe could not have survived.  - Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Example sentences for "officious" in interesting articles

  • Not that it helped; various test batteries with officious names bestowed by psychologists only established that something was wrong.  - “We don’t do autism”

Meaning of "officious" in English

  • intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner
    - bustling about self-importantly making an officious nuisance of himself
    - busy about other people's business

Meaning of "officious" in Hindi

  • दस्तंदाज ( Dastandaj, dastandaaj, dastandaz)
  • अकारण हस्तक्षेप करने वाला ( Akaran hastakshep karane vala, akaaran hastakshep karane vaalaa, akaran hastakshep karane wala)
  • अकारण हस्तक्षेप करने वाली ( Akaran hastakshep karane vali, akaaran hastakshep karane vaalee, akaran hastakshep karane wali)
  • टांग अड़ाने वाला ( Tang adane vala, taang adane vaalaa, tang adane wala)

Synonyms of "officious"

  • busybodied
  • interfering
  • busy
  • meddlesome
  • meddling

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