How to use "olfactory" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "olfactory" in popular movie and book plots

  • Her damaged brain heals in a different way than regular and compensates the sight loss by spontaneously developing an olfactory and auditory super-sense, as well as an ability to control her body temperature.  - Closer (novel)
  • Vocal organs and olfactory glands alter and sensitize respectively, to adapt for a new form of communication.  - Darwin's Radio
  • Joshua, as it turns out, is a Yherjak, an amorphous ameboid species that communicate through olfactory transmission, and smell horrifically awful, that have traveled to Earth in an asteroid to make first contact.  - Agent to the Stars
  • It is then discovered that Biotte was a Belgian olfactory chemist with an amazing sense of smell.  - Bitch (short story)

Example sentences for "olfactory" in interesting articles

  • Neither operation involved peg or a transplant—surgeons used tissue from the German woman’s abdomen and cells from the Polish man’s olfactory nerve to help their spinal cords heal—but they proved that human beings with severe spinal-cord injuries could, in certain circumstances, relearn to walk.One man who followed these developments closely was a neurosurgeon in Turin, Italy, named Sergio Canavero.  - The Plan to Save a Life by Head Transplant
  • To have these beautiful examples where smell really is elevated from the bottom of the hierarchy is great.”Jacob also thinks that the Jahai and Maniq could provide clues about the evolution of our olfactory sense.  - Why Do Most Languages Have So Few Words for Smells?

Meaning of "olfactory" in English

  • of or relating to olfaction

Meaning of "olfactory" in Hindi

  • घ्राणेंद्रिय विषयक
  • घ्राण

Synonyms of "olfactory"

  • olfactive

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