How to use "oligarchy" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "oligarchy" in popular movie and book plots

  • After a bitter secession from the authoritarian nation of OmniStat and years of conflict and violence Cascadia falls under the rule of the Conglomerate, an oligarchy comprising 13 large corporations.  - Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  • But the groups were pulled into the basement and accidentally Haido ran away to destroy Nobita, and he is accidentally caught inside the ship of pirates because of MEBA waist fall against him but Ikarosu oligarchy knows that his plot on.  - Doraemon: Nobita's Space Heroes
  • By stopping death and destabilizing the economy, the Families are now poised to take control of the banks, thereby influencing the world governments, eventually leading to a fascist oligarchy which can "decide who lives, how long, where, and why".  - The Blood Line
  • A conflict on Sirius split the governing oligarchy into the Questioners, led by the Five who want Sirius's expansion program halted, and the Conservers, who believe Sirius should continue colonising other planets.  - The Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire
  • The population is governed by an anonymous oligarchy of Unknown Fathers, with police and military omnipresent.  - Prisoners of Power
  • It is an oligarchy ruled by three self-selecting senior colonists known as Deciders, who ensure the smooth running and order of their adopted world and lay particular store on technical ability.  - Full Circle (Doctor Who)
  • The play takes place in what seems to be the present or the near future, in an unnamed Western country that is undergoing political conflict similar to what occurred in many Latin American countries during the Cold War: a ruling oligarchy with fascist tendencies, threatened by a communist guerrilla movement based in the lower class, is imprisoning and executing anyone suspected of subversion, including writers and intellectuals who have no direct connection to the guerrillas.  - The Designated Mourner
  • But, half-way across the continent of Candar, towards the East, is Fairhaven: a city-state ruled by an oligarchy of white wizards.  - The Saga of Recluce
  • There is still left the consolation that a happy end would come for humanity as a whole – though hundreds of years too late for Avis and Ernest as individuals; the cruel oligarchy would fall, and the two will be vindicated and respected by posterity as pioneers and martyrs.  - The Iron Heel
  • In parallel with this, the government has become a de facto oligarchy whose beneficiaries are members of organised crime.  - The Shockwave Rider

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Meaning of "oligarchy" in English

  • a political system governed by a few people
    - the big cities were notoriously in the hands of the oligarchy of local businessmen

Meaning of "oligarchy" in Hindi

  • वह राज्य जिस में थोडे लोग शासन करें ( Vah rajy jis men thode log shasan karen, vah raajy jis men thode log shaasan karen, wah razy zis men thode log shasan karen)
  • अल्पजनाधिपत्य ( Alpajanadhipaty, alpajanaadhipaty, alpazanadhipaty)
  • वह राज्य जिस में थोड़े लोग शासन करें ( Vah rajy jis men thode log shasan karen, vah raajy jis men thode log shaasan karen, wah razy zis men thode log shasan karen)

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