How to use "onerous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "onerous" in popular movie and book plots

  • The agony of Kundan's mother and his family works on the mind of Kesar who takes upon herself the onerous duty of lifting Kundan up from his world of sin and in her attempt to achieve her goal, she even takes her sight and goes blind.  - Gunahon Ka Devta (1967 film)
  • The executive officer, peevishly commanded by the captain to stand the onerous morning watch on the bridge, orders Austen to stand it with him.  - The Deep Six (novel)
  • However, Sharleyan also demands that Irys agree to marry Lieutenant Hektor Aplyn-Ahrmahk (Cayleb's adoptive son) as an additional assurance of the House of Daykyn's continued faith (a demand that is not all that onerous to Irys, as she and the Hektor have grown fond of each other).  - Midst Toil and Tribulation
  • When only his crops are spared from a freak hailstorm, he ensnares his desperate neighbors with onerous financial contracts, and he slowly alienates his devoted wife Mary (Anne Shirley) and his pious mother (Jane Darwell).  - The Devil and Daniel Webster (film)
  • He feels disgruntled because of the onerous terms of a financial bond which he signed with the government in return for receiving a tertiary education.  - Wake in Fright
  • Once again, Perry discreetly records onerous events.  - A Mind Forever Voyaging

Example sentences for "onerous" in interesting articles

  • This is what we’re voting on, folks.Oops, You Broke a Law You Didn’t Know AboutHow many ways can you unintentionally violate the law if Prop F passes? So many ways! In addition to the intense, onerous registration and renewal requirements, there are all kind of compliance requirements.  - I Have Read Prop F
  • But consider the alternatives: Either the negotiation would have foundered completely or someone would have been left with onerous terms — hardly a healthy way to start a business relationship.  - Stuck in negotiations? Try Hootsuite's steak dinner clause
  • I grew up there and, despite the 18 years I have lived in the Netherlands, and the fact that I have Dutch citizenship, I still feel more American than Dutch.So why would I want to give up my US citizenship? Because of unjust, onerous US laws that treat me like a suspected criminal: entitled to fewer rights than other Americans.I used to feel blessed to have the US citizenship that so many people, including my own immigrant grandparents, were so desperate to have.  - I renounced my US citizenship
  • TechServe Alliance, the lobbying organization that represents technology labor brokers, took credit on its website for blocking “the most onerous proposals” in the 1998 bill, saving employers from “burdensome new regulations”. By allowing labor brokers to recoup costs incurred when workers quit, the law enabled them to disguise illegal penalties, critics say.  - Job brokers steal wages and entrap Indian tech workers in US
  • Thanks to The Great Firewall there's no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube and very onerous laws around personal privacy and anonymity.  - Lessons from Outsourcing to India, China and the Philippines
  • Unadjusted for productivity, Indian labour is dirt cheap. Of course scarce land, red tape, poor education and infrastructure, and onerous labour laws partly offset this.  - Manufacturing is taking off in India. But not in the way many hoped
  • Wet-behind the ears and inexperienced, young CEOs are probably far more likely to sign onerous term sheets out of sheer gratitude for getting funded.  - When It Comes To Founding Successful Startups, Old Guys Rule
  • "The Department of Justice would have to bring suit and win in court, or if it does end up in front of the FCC, a Trump chairman could potentially send it to an administrative law judge or propose such onerous conditions that the parties abandon the deal.  - Trump, our next president, promised to block AT&T/Time Warner merger
  • They do not impose onerous residential, registration, and community notification requirements.  - It’s Not Just the Drug War (2015)
  • A trivial search for the code snippet GUID would identify every other copy of the snippet on the web: I realize that what I'm proposing, as simple as it is, might still be an onerous requirement for copy-paste programmers.  - A Modest Proposal for the Copy and Paste School of Code Reuse

Meaning of "onerous" in English

  • not easily borne; wearing
    - my duties weren't onerous; I only had to greet the guests
    - a taxing schedule

Meaning of "onerous" in Hindi

  • भारी ( Bhari, bhaaree)
  • वजनी ( Vajani, vajanee, wazani)
  • भारी
  • कष्ट साध्य ( Kasht sadhy, kasht saadhy)
  • दुखद क्लेशकर ( Dukhad kleshakar)

Synonyms of "onerous"

  • burdensome
  • taxing

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