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Example sentences for "partisan" in popular movie and book plots

  • Frank provides subtle affirmation of the choice, and convinces Vasquez that she's experienced, that she can communicate across the aisle, and above all that her nomination would prove that the administration is above partisan politics, even though she campaigned hard against Walker in presidential elections.  - Chapter 2 (House of Cards)
  • The film was set in Russia during World War II and is about a 5 year old girl searching for her partisan leader father while escaping from the Nazis.  - Girl Seeks Father
  • That is why Mirko is typically armed with MP 40, which was usually reserved for partisan commanders, while Slavko is typically armed with a regular riffle.  - Mirko and Slavko
  • A tough old farmer from southern Italy takes pride in his time served as a partisan during World War II.  - La sonrisa etrusca
  • His father Dushan is a member of the partisan forces and his uncle, Gheorgiy plays a part in the assassination of a high ranking German officer, as well as in the evacuation and transport of Jews to the free territories.  - The Liberation of Skopje (1981 film)
  • These see him collude with fellow saboteurs in the back alleys and black-market bistros of Paris, working with the underground in the tenements of Warsaw, assisting the British attack on German naval targets in the harbor of Calais, and teaming with partisan guerrillas in the frozen forests of the Ukraine.  - The Polish Officer
  • Carrol Naish), the local partisan leader.  - Fighter Attack
  • A dramatised personal testimony by a Mamma Togni, legendary woman partisan from the Upper Po valley, near Pavia.  - Mamma Togni
  • Alvaro fights during World War II against the Nazis and soon becomes a partisan leader.  - The Hunchback of Rome
  • The stolen money is found on Offitt's body, clearing Sleeny in the assault on Farnham, but the carpenter must still stand trial for the killing of Offitt, in which he is aided by partisan testimony from Maud.  - The Bread-Winners
  • Tarquin, also adopted by the Count, is a partisan of the New Republic and defends the new political system; Aurèle, the Count's natural son, supports the Royalist side.  - Chouans!
  • She finds support in Ivan (Castelnuovo), a partisan in love with her.  - Andremo in città
  • Vika leaves to find another partisan group, but promises to find Lev after the war.  - City of Thieves (novel)
  • The story follows a young boy, Elev, who is adopted by his uncle, Ioan, and his wife after Elev's father, a partisan during World War II, is killed by soldiers.  - Then I Sentenced Them All to Death
  • The unveiling of a monument to those who died during the Occupation (World War II) stirs up the village, because the name of a communist partisan who was killed was omitted.  - Learn How to Read and Write, Son
  • They have some inter-group communication; however, by-and-large, the groups are not engaged in partisan activity.  - The Divide (novel)
  • Afterwards he joins the partisan forces and then the Red Army, taking part in the capture of Berlin.  - For Those I Loved
  • Taking place in rural Missouri, 1864, the area is far from the front lines and has been torn apart by partisan and guerrilla warfare, leaving it at the mercy of outlaws.  - Renegade Girl
  • The film opens with the execution of a British spy who was sent to support partisan activities.  - They Raid by Night
  • With the peasantry mollified, the Captain, Vogel, and Graf go after Wendt but at that moment an attempted assassination of the Captain takes place by Svensen, a partisan of Korski.  - The Last Valley (novel)
  • Suffering more than most is Olga (Nataliya Uzhviy), a Soviet partisan who returns to the village to bear her child, only to endure the cruelest of arbitrary tortures at the hands of the Nazis.  - Rainbow (1944 film)
  • When her partisan brother returns he whispers to Polina to get Franz away and she passes Franz off as her deaf-mute brother.  - Franz + Polina
  • The story is the harried attempt of a Sicilian partisan (as part of the Risorgimento) to reach Garibaldi's headquarters in Northern Italy, and to petition the revered revolutionary to rescue part of his besieged land.  - 1860 (film)
  • A group of German soldiers begins to feel safe from partisan attacks while staying in a small town, far from the mountains where the fighting is taking place.  - Nevidni bataljon
  • Just as all seems lost, the Germans are assaulted from the rear by a partisan force led by Zus, who has deserted the Soviets to rejoin the group.  - Defiance (2008 film)
  • Foreseeing Germany's probable defeat, Heydrich convinces his superior to begin preparations for a possible partisan campaign should German forces lose the war.  - The Man with the Iron Heart
  • The assassins demand that the American government set aside partisan politics and restore power to the people, specifically a balanced budget amendment and term limits for all of Congress.  - Term Limits (novel)
  • I didn't want the book to be read as just a fictional form of partisan 'Bush-bashing'".  - The Execution Channel
  • Later that night, while he is sleeping, the Spaniard has his throat cut by El Matarife (Matthew Scurfield), a partisan leader.  - Sharpe's Honour (TV programme)
  • His wife, a Spanish partisan commander Teresa Moreno, rides to fetch reinforcements who arrive just in time to assist the tiring men.  - Sharpe's Enemy (novel)
  • This reaction at first angers him, but in the end he joins army engineer Ceccarelli and sergeant Fornaciari in discarding their uniforms for civilian clothes and heading southwards for a veritable odyssey along the Italian "boot", cut in two by German and Allied occupation and wracked by partisan warfare, bloody reprisals, German press-ganging and other perils.  - Everybody Go Home
  • Nicholas joins the partisan army on a mission to Kowloon where they blow up a railway bridge and weaken the position of the Japanese army.  - Music on the Bamboo Radio
  • As a partisan political crowd sweeps past, taking Italo with them, Marcello is left alone, remaining behind and separate from the passing crowd of the new movement, and having spurned his former friend.  - The Conformist (film)
  • She and partisan Massimo (Renzo Avanzo), a man desperate for news of his family, risk their lives and cross into the still-occupied city through the supposedly secret Vasari Corridor, which when Rossellini filmed it was still mostly empty of its art collection.  - Paisan
  • He forms an alliance with the Spanish priest Father Hacha and his brother, the partisan El Matarife.  - Sharpe's Honour (novel)
  • Henya was once considered to be a beautiful and courageous partisan fighter, yet now she is constantly mocked by native Israelis for her erratic behavior.  - Aviya's Summer
  • The political shifts that occurred during the war, manifesting through partisan public opinion, act almost to make Athens herself a character in the novel.  - Tides of War
  • She is found and taken to the hideout of a partisan group led by Vladimir (Peck) operating behind the German lines near the city of Tula.  - Days of Glory (1944 film)
  • At their Ljubljana hotel, they survive a German aerial attack, then she insists on driving him to a partisan camp in the mountains and makes several trips to pick up more villagers and deliver them to the camp.  - The Yellow Rolls-Royce
  • Viziers lack of unity misdeeds, but their personal and partisan considerations.  - King Naresuan (film)
  • Meanwhile, men and women take to the hills to form partisan militias.  - The North Star (1943 film)
  • Over successive episodes, Ros's spontaneous approach to decision making and her promise never to deceive the electorate come under increasing pressure from the demands of government, media scrutiny, and partisan political struggles.  - The Amazing Mrs Pritchard
  • Vasil Strojanov, in his cynical and drunken way, is moved enough to recount his own experience as a partisan and member of the Dimitrov cabinet.  - The Hunting Party (comics)
  • A Jewish partisan named Ignacy does eventually manage to help her locate a working Fieseler Storch.  - Worldwar: Striking the Balance
  • He also admired "what he considered their pre-political rebelliousness"; they were separated from the partisan politics that plagued post-war modern Italy.  - Ragazzi di vita
  • believes the White House will be better served in the public eye if investigated by a partisan agent.  - Ways and Means (The West Wing)
  • Abutalip also fought in the war and had been taken prisoner by the Germans, but he escaped and fought with the Yugoslav partisan army.  - The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years
  • The player is forced to flee before the advancing Steiner and Liao forces, and are saved by resistance forces led by Baxter, a local partisan leader who wants his planet to become independent.  - MechCommander 2
  • In 1943, two Belorussian boys dig in a sand field looking for abandoned rifles in order to join the Soviet partisan forces.  - Come and See
  • She had a child named Carlo six years earlier by a Slav named Novak, who has now become a partisan leader.  - Il Cuore nel Pozzo
  • They meet the local partisan commander El Catolico, who is engaged in a bitter struggle with local French cavalry.  - Sharpe's Gold (novel)
  • His life thereafter is an odyssey through the "partisanka", the motley partisan movement, which includes Russians, Jews, Lithuanians and Poles.  - If Not Now, When? (novel)
  • He and Orestes begin to formulate a plan, in the process indicting partisan politics and leaders who manipulate the masses for results contrary to the best interest of the state.  - Orestes (play)
  • President Judson 'Judd' Hammond (Huston) (possibly a reference to Judson Harmon) is variously described as "a Hoover-like partisan hack" or "basically a do-nothing crook, based on, to some extent, Warren Harding".  - Gabriel Over the White House
  • Scheming and partisan politics, as well as the illness of King Richard the Lionheart, are placing the Crusade in danger.  - The Talisman (Scott novel)
  • Much of the narrative is also told in the form of letters between the protagonists – Marius, Sulla, Old Caesar and frequently their friend, Publius Rutilius Rufus – himself a man somewhat torn in allegiance: conservative by instinct, but partisan of Marius by friendship.  - The First Man in Rome (novel)
  • A detachment of Einsatzkommandos under the command of sadistic SD Sturmbannführer Eric Kaempffer (Gabriel Byrne) then arrives to deal with what is thought to be partisan activity, executing villagers as collective punishment.  - The Keep (film)
  • Nilfgaardian financial power is ruining northern economy, Nilfgaardian emissaries agitate aristocrats and merchants against their monarchs, elves and dwarves have formed partisan groups called Scoia'tael (Squirrels) and are conducting acts of terror against humans - and in every major city cultists are prophesying that the world will end, unless the Savior comes from the South.  - Blood of Elves
  • Far from camp, Maritza kills the Germans, revealing herself to be a partisan spy who hid the explosives before Schroeder opened the case.  - Force 10 from Navarone (film)
  • The Americans begin bombing raids on the southwest coast of England, as well as supplying men and equipment to a resurgent partisan movement.  - It Happened Here
  • After stealing a pistol from a Nazi sailor, Pin searches for an identity with a partisan group.  - The Path to the Nest of Spiders

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Meaning of "partisan" in English

  • devoted to a cause or party
  • a pike with a long tapering double-edged blade with lateral projections; 16th and 17th centuries
  • an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity
  • a fervent and even militant proponent of something

Meaning of "partisan" in Hindi

  • साथी ( Sathi, saathee)
  • लगा लिपटा ( Laga lipata, lagaa lipataa)
  • पक्षधर ( Pakshadhar)
  • पक्षपाती ( Pakshapati, pakshapaatee)
  • पक्षावलम्बी ( Pakshavalambi, pakshaavalambee, pakshawalambi)
  • समर्थक ( Samarthak)
  • गुरिल्ला ( Gurilla, gurillaa)
  • समाजी ( Samaji, samaajee, samazi)
  • दल संबंधी ( Dal sanbandhi, dal sanbandhee)

Synonyms of "partisan"

  • partizan
  • denominational
  • drumbeater
  • enthusiast
  • zealot

Antonyms of "partisan"

  • nonpartisan
  • nonpartizan

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