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Example sentences for "pathological" in popular movie and book plots

  • Bosco uses Minnal Simon (Biju Menon), a pathological debtor with some early insignificant experience in the field to coach Jimmy's team to fail.  - Kavi Uddheshichathu..?
  • Ronnie is a pathological liar who fabricates stories about disco groups like the Bee Gees, as well as his supposed friendship with Michael Jackson.  - The Greasy Strangler
  • Tessa's jealousy takes a pathological turn, and she will stop at nothing to turn Julia's dream into the ultimate nightmare.  - Unforgettable (2017 film)
  • Detective Beech (Karen Morley) and reporter Holt (Robert Baldwin) pursue a death ray wielding anarchist (Eduardo Cianelli) with a pathological hatred of England.  - The Girl from Scotland Yard
  • The pathological hired killer, obsessed with carrying out his mission, stalks Conrad as the frightened industrialist stays on the move.  - The Whistler (1944 film)
  • While Diana is left alone in the doctor's office, she happens to look into Curtis' records and finds out that he is a pathological liar and two-timer.  - Isle of Missing Men
  • Pilch is a pathological egomaniac who develops a terrible hatred for a coffee machine Kottan has set up, as well as for Kottan himself.  - Kottan ermittelt
  • Borges, however, states his belief that Bart is not the killer, but a pathological liar.  - Murder Rock
  • The troubled lives of three young robbers are a college dropout and draft dodger who plans to rob a supermarket so he can purchase a boat and escape his problems, an indebted man who is responsible for the high medical bills of a con woman who hurt herself while on a date with him, and a pathological liar who cannot cope with his failed marriage and writing career.  - No Time to Be Young
  • Each character presents a pathological deviation, all linked to the habit of collecting something (syringes, boards, men, spiders), or fixed ideas (such as ET or famous characters in American films).  - O Dinheiro
  • Only four of the five are accounted for: Vince McCormick (Geoffrey Arend), a sleazy mattress salesman; Sarah Caraway (Bojana Novakovic), a pathological liar who plans to leave her rich husband and take his money with her; Ben Larson (Bokeem Woodbine), a temporary security guard with a history of violence; an unnamed older woman whom police mistakenly believe is named Jane Kowski (Jenny O'Hara) who is seen on video to be a thief, and another man who later introduces himself as Tony (Logan Marshall-Green), who does not appear to have signed in at the security desk.  - Devil (2010 film)
  • When Toby is thirteen, his parents are arrested by the evil corporant tyrant Joe Mitch, who has a pathological obsession with hole-digging, and thrown into a prison on a mistletoe ball called Tumble.  - Toby Alone
  • Scully arrives and reveals that Barry's frontal cortex was damaged when he was shot in the head in 1982; she thinks this injury has made Barry a psychopathic pathological liar.  - Duane Barry
  • He encounters various candidates, from a homosexual former friend, a cemetery saleswoman with a thick southern-Chinese accent, a pathological amnesiac, an ethnic minority pecking hen, an asexual widow, an expectant single mother (Hsu), and a stock-holding trader.  - If You Are the One
  • As soon as she and her daughter reach the village in question, Kolokotronitsi (Κολοκοτρωνίτσι, presumably named after Theodoros Kolokotronis) located somewhere in Arcadia, Peloponnese, they meet the mayor, Periandros Popotas (Περίανδρος Πώποτας), an old - fashioned person with a pathological hatred of everything "modern" who dislikes all "foreigners" who may disrupt the motto of the village "Order and Morality" (Τάξις και Ηθική).  - To kafe tis Charas
  • Whitacre becomes delusional and engages in pathological lying to save himself, leading the FBI to learn that he suffers from bipolar disorder.  - The Informant (book)
  • The husband, played by Yves Renier, no longer supports permanent pranks, alcoholism, grotesque and pathological irresponsibility of his ex-wife who also literally invades the house.  - Absolutely Fabulous (film)
  • Semmarai with a pathological hatred for Shankar is obstinate that he will never allow peace as long as Shankar family holds sway, and then plays dirty.  - Veeramum Eeramum
  • Bacamarte, a Brazil-born Portuguese (when Brazil was a colony), is a prominent physician whose sincere obsession for discovering a universal method to cure pathological disorders drives inhabitants of the small Brazilian town of Itaguaí to fear, conspiracy, and revolutionary attempts.  - O alienista
  • The three children are: Jake (Tyger Drew-Honey), the straight man of the family, whose teenage sarcasm and obsession with girls worries his mother, Ben (Daniel Roche), who is hyperactive, a pathological liar, does unusual things, and is always coming up with hypothetical questions like "who would win in a fight between.  - Outnumbered (British TV series)
  • Meanwhile, Leon takes his fixation with Pin to pathological extremes, first by dressing him in dr Linden's clothes and finally fitting him with latex skin and a wig.  - Pin (film)
  • She has a pathological hatred of blondes, leading to a breakup of her lesbian relationship with blonde telepath Mindfuck.  - Empowered
  • Hoochie and his party visits Lenus City and solves affairs with the city's arena, and at the next city they visit, Fief Carlyle, they face difficulties from a strange pathological phenomenon all over the city.  - Dragon Raja
  • At times Gould is calmly sweet and perceptive, at others he's a pathological liar and an obnoxious drunk, and he frequently experiences sudden outbursts of rage.  - Joe Gould's Secret (film)
  • We learn about life as an expat in Pankot principally by listening to Lucy’s ponderings, for it is she who is the loquacious one, in contrast to Tusker’s pathological reticence.  - Staying On
  • Bill refuses as his brothers are not allowed out of the state and he knows Dave's pathological tendencies.  - Trapped in Paradise
  • Reporter Lee Taylor (Lee Tracy) is investigating a series of pathological murders that have taken place over a series of months in New York City.  - Doctor X (film)
  • The women are forced to reevaluate their perceptions of each other as one guest turns out to be a pathological liar.  - Lying (film)
  • The social decay and presentiments of an ominous future mirror the pathological relationship between Rudolf Gurdweill, a poor Jewish intellectual and Dorothea "Thea" von Takow, an Austrian baroness who takes pleasure in humiliating him at every turn.  - Married Life (novel)
  • He becomes restless and is seized with a pathological obsession to find out the identity of the deceased.  - Amma Ariyan
  • Knowing that Enderby had a pathological fear of cats, Miss Marple becomes suspicious when she finds one in the house.  - Murder at the Gallop
  • Among those on the ward, she befriends Polly (Elisabeth Moss), who is a childlike schizophrenic who set herself on fire; Georgina (Clea DuVall), a pathological liar; and Daisy (Brittany Murphy), a sex abuse victim in an incestuous relationship with her dad who cuts herself, is obsessive-compulsive and has an eating disorder.  - Girl, Interrupted (film)
  • George, a former mental patient and pathological liar, is released from the hospital.  - Another You
  • mrs Foster has recently begun to suspect her husband of purposely exacerbating her "almost pathological fear of missing a train, a plane, a boat, or even a theatre curtain".  - The Way Up to Heaven
  • One of the memorable characters in the book is Fatgut, a pathological liar who Jonathan seems close to.  - Jonathan Troy
  • Billy (Keaton) is the most normal of the group and their unofficial leader, though he is a pathological liar with delusions of grandeur and violent tendencies.  - The Dream Team (film)
  • He soon discovers that Eris and her father were homeless and that he had abandoned her, explaining her pathological hatred of men.  - Eye of the Beholder (film)
  • He manages to return to Louise where he confronts Jeremy (aka Sebastian), a pathological sexual predator and Sandra's landlord, who has let himself into the house.  - Naked (1993 film)
  • Edgar Caswall is a slightly pathological eccentric who has Mesmer's chest which he keeps at the Castra Regis Tower.  - The Lair of the White Worm
  • Mary, who harbors a pathological hatred for her teachers, then tells her grandmother a grossly distorted version of the argument between Martha and Lily, suggesting Martha and Joe engaged in an illicit sexual affair, and she coerces Rosalie into verifying the story by threatening to reveal her theft of the bracelet.  - These Three
  • She is given to fits of pathological cleaning under emotional stress.  - Needing You...
  • In the waiting room, he meets a young woman named Sam (Portman), who is a pathological liar.  - Garden State (film)
  • He does so by fostering Farishta's pathological jealousy and thus destroying his relationship with Allie.  - The Satanic Verses
  • Skimmerhorn, a survivor of tribal wars in Minnesota, is a charismatic but mentally unbalanced leader who has a pathological hatred of all Native Americans.  - Centennial (miniseries)
  • He explains that he was a pathological liar, which destroyed an otherwise rewarding relationship with Elizabeth.  - Sex, Lies, and Videotape
  • At first Frankie openly tells him that he is too old for her ("I don't do dinners"), but then she genuinely (or so) falls in love with him and chucks Ben, who, as a consequence, turns pathological and starts following her around, declaring his love for her.  - Helpless (play)
  • While clever and beautiful, Lizzie has several character flaws; the greatest of these is an almost pathological delight in lying, even when it cannot benefit her.  - The Eustace Diamonds
  • A running joke is the way Pinchwife's pathological jealousy always leads him into supplying Margery with the very type of information he wishes her not to have.  - The Country Wife
  • Sally's attitude is revealed as pathological jealousy, which is resolved by her parents leaving her infant sister behind to visit her.  - Malory Towers
  • He avoids stepping on sidewalk cracks while walking through the city due to a superstition of bad luck, and eats breakfast at the same table in the same restaurant every day using disposable plastic utensils he brings with him due to his pathological fear of germs.  - As Good as It Gets
  • Ex-fighter pilot and taxi driver Ted Striker (Robert Hays) became traumatized during the War, leading to a pathological fear of flying.  - Airplane!

Example sentences for "pathological" in interesting articles

  • So, an imminent disaster.Renan CalheirosCorrupted politician as Head of Senate, a really strong political position for someone who should be at the jail.The law draft to be voted about ‘curing gay people’The Health Global Organization has already established homosexuality as a variation of human sexuality not a pathological condition almost 20 years ago.  - What is Happening in Brazil
  • Politicians and the general public talk about sex offenders as deviant pathological beasts.  - It’s Not Just the Drug War (2015)
  • NEW DELHI: Village folk may soon have access to accurate medical diagnosis at their doorstep with a miniaturised pathological laboratory packed into a suitcase capable of conducting tests which could lead to early identification of many diseases.  - IITian quits Hollywood to design lab in suitcase
  • “what should be”. He coined the term “what is deemed as pathological amongst the normal population is actually adaptive amongst the gifted”. Hyper-sensitive and acutely aware; over-exictable and passionate about what they are passionate about; intolerance for pretence and falsity; inable to conform; incapable of supporting the status quo. Drabowski’s theory is that of “positive dis-integration”. DIS-inegration.  - Why Do Schools Stigmatize "Gifted Children"?
  • This hoax and the willingness to let it pass without question takes the pathological browser wars to new depths of dirty tricks. #BrowserWars Reply zato says: June 18, 2014 at 2:49 pm “It’s well known that MS bashing, and IE bashing in particular, has long been a popular sport for Apple, Google” That’s a good one, coming from the Tech Internet’s #1 daily basher of Apple.  - Microsoft Paying Bloggers to Write about Internet Explorer
  • A study published in a 2002 issue of the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors found that online gamblers were 3 times more likely to show signs of pathological gambling.  - How the Internet Changes Our Thoughts and Behaviors for the Worse (2011)
  • That is, through a combination of excessive time spent online and that time interfering with necessary social and professional activities, Internet use would result in either mental distress or clinical impairment, akin to the type of inability to function associated with pathological gambling.  - Is Internet Addiction a Real Thing?
  • Or else they're opting out altogether and replacing love and sex with other urban pastimes. Some of Aoyama's clients are among the small minority who have taken social withdrawal to a pathological extreme.  - Have young people in Japan stopped having sex?
  • For example, if a plane is shot out of the sky, you’re more likely to believe it was an accident if your government or an ally did it, and intentional if an enemy did it. James May on 2015-11-05 at 13:59:58 said: Glyer’s pathological liars have glommed onto our comments and declared us all women-hating MRAs.  - ESR: FEMALE ADVOCACY ARE TRYING TO FRAME LINUS TORVALDS FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT
  • So he has adapted the idea of secure attachment for the realities of adolescent foster care.<\ p="">

    “You can’t just leave a child in a pathological environment and expect them to be a part of a culture that is value laden and reveres life.  - What If We Admitted to Children That Sex Is About Pleasure?

  • At this point we decided that some of this behavior was pathological and it didn’t make sense to try to salvage anything.  - A horrifying startup accelerator story
  • It is often believed that blood sugar levels will fall to pathological levels if prolonged fasts are implemented.  - The Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Human and Animal Health
  • Only 12% of truly impacted teeth are associated with pathological conditions such as cysts and damage to adjacent teeth.3,4 Most discomfort of erupting wisdom teeth is equivalent to teething and disappears on full eruption.  - The Prophylactic Extraction of Third Molars: A Public Health Hazard
  • The rules don’t apply to me/You can trust meWhile pathological narcissists who believe they are above rule-following can be found in any organization (Banja, 2005; Weber, 2004), a more subtle form of “the rules don’t apply to me” is when system operators believe they are not tempted to engage in the behavior that the rule or standard is supposed to deter.  - The normalization of deviance in healthcare delivery (2010)
  • Albert “believed that when people made a thumbs-up sign, they were giving him a secret hand signal that they were ‘in’ on the show.”<\ p="">

    All this constitutes unequivocally pathological behavior.  - The Reformation: Can Social Scientists Save Themselves?

Meaning of "pathological" in English

  • caused by or altered by or manifesting disease or pathology
    - a morbid growth
    - pathologic tissue
    - pathological bodily processes
  • caused by or evidencing a mentally disturbed condition
    - a pathological urge to succeed
  • of or relating to the practice of pathology

Meaning of "pathological" in Hindi

  • रोगात्मक ( Rogatmak, rogaatmak)
  • रोगविज्ञान ( Rogavigyan-, rogawigyan)

Synonyms of "pathological"

  • diseased
  • morbid
  • pathologic

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