How to use "peremptory" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "peremptory" in popular movie and book plots

  • Abbot Radulfus handles this issue with due seriousness, but with a cooler head than the peremptory canon.  - The Heretic's Apprentice
  • She picks up the shy guy again, but strikes at him in anger when he is unable to follow her peremptory commands, and throws him out of her apartment in disgust.  - Lie with Me
  • In the presence-chamber he was recognised by Louis, and the royal party were preparing for a hunting excursion, when the Count of Crèvecœur arrived with a peremptory demand for the instant surrender of the duke's ward, the Countess of Croye, who had fled from Burgundy with her aunt to escape a forced marriage; and proclaimed that his master renounced his allegiance to the crown of France.  - Quentin Durward

Example sentences for "peremptory" in interesting articles

  • One of the things I learn from Stevenson is how commonplace it has always been to exclude people of color from juries in the United States, with prosecutors still tending to use peremptory strikes to eliminate black jurors.The judge has already instructed us directly that we are not to do any research on the law while sitting on this jury.  - Jury Duty

Meaning of "peremptory" in English

  • putting an end to all debate or action
  • not allowing contradiction or refusal
    - peremptory commands
  • offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power
    - autocratic behavior
    - a bossy way of ordering others around
    - a rather aggressive and dominating character
    - managed the employees in an aloof magisterial way
    - a swaggering peremptory manner

Meaning of "peremptory" in Hindi

  • ताकीदी ( Takidi, taakeedee)
  • निश्चित ( Nishchit)
  • अटल ( Atal)
  • अनतिक्रमणीय
  • अचल ( Achal)
  • निश्चयात्मक ( Nishchayatmak, nishchayaatmak)
  • अंतिम ( Antim)
  • अनतिक्रमणीय ( Anatikramaniy, anatikramaneey)
  • अनुल्ल‌ंघनीय ( Anullanghaniy, anullanghaneey)
  • अविवाद्य ( Avivady, avivaady, awiwady)
  • आज्ञापक ( Aagyapak, aagyaapak)
  • निर्णयात्मक ( Nirnayatmak, nirnayaatmak)

Synonyms of "peremptory"

  • high and mighty
  • autocratic
  • bossy
  • dominating
  • magisterial

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