How to use "perfunctory" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "perfunctory" in popular movie and book plots

  • According to the perfunctory police report, he died from a falling coconut.  - Imperium (Kracht novel)
  • After the farmhand posse passes, and just as Father is recovering with the help of Millie and a passerby at the waterfall, the gypsy emerges from the barrel and bids the jilted Martha a hasty and perfunctory farewell.  - What the Daisy Said
  • Grubitz offers a perfunctory claim of sympathy and informs Dreyman that the investigation is over.  - The Lives of Others
  • After a perfunctory trial, Thompson is acquitted on the ground of self-defense/defense of another.  - Noon Wine
  • Tomas makes a perfunctory offer of help, and leaves.  - Winter Light
  • The absence of Iinuma makes that year's omiyasama festival, commemorating Kiyoaki's grandfather, more perfunctory than ever.  - Spring Snow
  • After the ceremony, Muriel and David return to David's apartment and he gives her a perfunctory tour of place.  - Muriel's Wedding

Example sentences for "perfunctory" in interesting articles

  • It feels like a perfunctory opposition to uniformity, rather than a true alternative to aesthetic integrity.  - The Post-Mac Interface
  • He stood up before the crowd and ran triumphantly through the data: “ ‘Our patients were, therefore,’ I said, savoring the dramatic conclusion, ‘in complete remission.’ ” What happened? An illustrious cancer expert named David Karnofsky made a narrow point about the appropriateness of the term “complete remission.” After that, nothing: “There were a few perfunctory questions about the severity of the side effects.  - A disturbing report from the front lines of the war on cancer
  • I got his email from his Bell Labs page, then I typed up a note on my predicament and sent it off to him. Surprisingly, he answered! It wasn't some perfunctory response, either, it was actually quite encouraging.  - Dennis Ritchie, High School Guidance Counselor
  • A polite, educated fellow with a beautiful Lower East Side apartment invited me to a perfunctory dinner right after his long-term girlfriend had left him.  - Hard Core: What Porn's Ubiquity Says About Men and Women
  • The children invented stories involving fruit, the shedding and growing of teeth, and, to the amusement of all, toilet monsters.Although the students were laughing, there was nothing superficial or perfunctory about their explanations.  - A Group of American Teens Are Excelling at Advanced Math
  • One currently has a trans kid, and another has a 7-year-old without a set gender identity who may well end up identifying as trans in the years ahead. The parents felt like they were offered only a perfunctory opportunity to defend Zucker — the report states they were given ten minutes each — and those whose children were still active GIC patients said they felt like they’d been suddenly cut off from a vital source of support for their kids.  - How the Fight Over Transgender Kids Got a Leading Sex Researcher Fired

Meaning of "perfunctory" in English

  • hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough
    - a passing glance
    - perfunctory courtesy
  • as a formality only

Meaning of "perfunctory" in Hindi

  • असावधान ( Asavadhan, asaavadhan, asawadhan)
  • अचेत ( Achet)
  • बेपरवाह ( Beparavah, beparawah)
  • उत्साहहीन
  • असावधानी से किया हुआ ( Asavadhani se kiya hu, asaavadhanee se kiyaa huaa, asawadhani se kiya hu)
  • लापरवाही से किया गया ( Laparavahi se kiya gaya, laaparavahee se kiyaa gayaa, laparawahi se kiya gaya)
  • यन्त्रवत् ( Yantravat, yantrawat)

Synonyms of "perfunctory"

  • passing
  • cursory
  • casual
  • pro forma

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